Friday, July 18, 2008


On the heels of our Prince protege party, I penned an email to Ms. Denise "Vanity 6" Matthews today letting her know how much joy she continues to bring whether it be through her evangelical work or her sultry 80s pop jams. Surprisingly, she wrote back within 20 minutes:

Hey Josh, i haven't heard my music in 15 years...u must know time about seven years ago they played it and i left the building...i am with Jesus and it does not apply. Anyhow i hope to be in New York and check out My book will be ready in September.... Jesus bless you thank u for writing josh....

Can we say Vanity book release party?!! I already invited her and told her she can play whatever music she'd like off her ipod if she does a meet and greet and/or book signing with the gays. Talk about a wet dream!


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