Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We packed our butchest beats at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc since guest DJs Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith, collectively known as Rocket, asked to play a night of macho disco with us. And since we love macho disco almost as much as we love macho men, we slipped a hanky into our back pocket, huffed some poppers and danced our asses off.

Disco queens Mikey and Gabriel arrived early with a gaggle of ladies who only accentuated Mikey and Gabriel's macho mustachioed looks.

Sean (left, with Ian) was giving you disco down boots, from head to black leather steel-tipped toe.

Alex (left) had a minor seizure when I played a track off the new Beth Ditto & Simian Mobile Disco EP, which we cannot get enough of and really wish it wasn't just an EP.

THE BLONDS ARE BACK! Living for these three.

Me, guest DJ Ryan Smith and my big book o' cds, which is unusually located in the DJ window since Ron and I each brought a turntable (!!!) so Ron and Ryan could spin real, genuine vinyl.

Pretending that Cameron's shirt says mononucleosis even though I'm pretty sure it says monotonous.

Jeff, Evans and Casey (from left), waiting for the break so Casey can cut a rug.

Tom (right) and Mel, giving you a Total Recall moment.

Mike Hamm (left) and friends. Yes, I occasionally use "and friends" when I'm unsure of people's names. Sorry for last week Mike! It will NEVER happen again (with you).

Meow! Daniel (left), bouncing a little kitty on his lap who may or may not be conscious. We still haven't figured it out.

Gayletter Tom (center), who has really expanded that whole Gayletter empire into hosting, DJing and product branding.

Macho macho man.

I want to be, a macho man.

Speaking of macho men, Jeff is really living out the fantasy in this brown leather jacket. Four thumbs up for this one.

It wouldn't be a proper Good Times party if my gurls from Chicago didn't roll through. Let's juke, y'all!

Two thumbs up for these two in the alterna-corner, where the dream of the 90s is still alive (just like in Portland). And guess who's headed to the pacific northwest this Friday? ME! DJing Seattle for Colby B.'s Come Back party at Chop Suey. Come say haaaaaaaaaay.

Ryan playing records! Photographic proof!

Cruisin' the Streets (and bars).

SULTANA! We are pretty much obsessed with Sultana, queen of the middle east village and diva of the night so we were thrilled when she popped into our party. She even told us about her 4am video shoot in the Jordanian desert for her newest song and video, No Show Lover, which you need to go and watch right now.

Epiphany (left, with Saya and Sultana) was looking absolutely flawless. She's been performing Wednesdays at the Queen Vic (formerly The Bar, next door to Boiler Room. Talk about macho disco from back in the day!) which is your perfect early evening precursor to Good Times.

Mononucleosis: this is how it is spread.

Willie (left) and Steven, making sure everything is a-ok in the bathroom line.

Spencer (left) broke the sad news to us that he'll be moving to Berlin in a week or so. We fear his frail body might freeze in the cold German winter, but we're also excited for him to get us Berlin DJ gigs very very soon.

We're also excited that he can almost swallow his whole fist. He'll do well in Berlin.

Macho disco dance party, courtesy of our favorite new regular Michael.

Get it gurl.


Once Ron Like Hell took the decks, it was all-out booty shaking for the rest of the night, as demonstrated by this young lady here.

So Ron and I each schlepped a turntable to Good Times but it was totes worth it to hear Ron's incredible record collection. Ron has worked in record stores for something like 20 years and is unbelievably talents. Not mad at that macho disco Gino Soccio 12" either.

Darren is the definition of macho disco. Now wipe the drool off your face and move along.

Hurricane level is somewhere between 3 and 4 at this point in the evening.

Kelvin got a bit carried away with busing glasses that evening (someone has to) so I took over photo duties for a chunk of the evening. Seems Kelvin was feeling a bit shy that night too.

Suspenders are the new tiny hat!

"No I don't want a no show lover!"

Rocket really turned the party out. I even made a secret recording of the set so I could appreciate their records at a later date and I must say, Ryan really stuck with the macho disco theme to an admirable degree.

NEXT GOOD TIMES: Rich King and I do Cool Dad, an ode to all of sexy daddy Rich King's favorites, from college radio to even more macho disco.

Thomas and Mel and lots and lots of boobies.

Can we talk about how Wesley has been in the background of like, every single photo this week? Kevin, looking handsome as always, headed to LA for some fun in the sun. I'll be up in San Francisco for a Nicki Minaj party at Big Top (!) this Saturday and Booty Call on Feb. 2. Fear not Good Timers, for Michael T. and W. Jeremy have you covered here in New York.

Woof spa!

Still waiting for a Concrete Blonde Good Times? That kind of fits in with Cool Dad college radio, no? I mean, Concrete Blonde is kind of my definition of college radio. Rich is thinking more Oingo Boingo tho.

Matteo has moved back to New York from Italy to show all these Italian Americans (like Mel) how its really done. Countdown to Matteo trimming his beard begins now.

Hi Jermaine! (on the left.) Can you tell Kelvin just got the camera back and played with all of the settings?

The Thin White Duke, aka Michael T., popped by late night after a Sullivan Room set to scope out the situation. I'm sure he will be quite upset when he sees all the victims he missed out on earlier in the evening.

Darren, his sheer tank and another one of our favorite regulars, who once told Darren that Darren just "wasn't his type." (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ooooooh. Chris Bowen (of LA's Bears in Space fame) showed up late night to geek out with me over disco tracks that have less than 100 beats per minute.

Come to next week's Good Times with me and Rich King or else Denise is gonna whip you and show you what macho really means. xo

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


From last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta.