Wednesday, December 28, 2011


And a happy Hanukkah to all! This year's Hanukkah holiday—the Jewish festival of lights (also known as Judaism's answer to Christmas)—overlapped nicely with the timing of Christmas. Though we didn't celebrate for all eight nights, we crammed all our partying into one blowout booty-themed Hannukah Hairy Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last Wednedsay and brought in guest DJ Christy Love to help everyone drop it to the flo' and "make it clap."

It seriously doesn't get more un-Jewish (aka "goyishe") than our handsome barback Rob but he has quickly learned the rituals and customs of the chosen people like pounding Manischewitz and trying to get a buy back out of the bartender (aka free liquor).

Dan (left), giving you creativity not only as one-half of the dynamic music duo that is theswimmingpools but also in his ever-changing facial hair stylings.

The other half of theswimmingpools, Christophe (right), cozying up my New York's number one Jew, Mr. Joshua "Woody" Wood.

A Nike tank top that I've never seen before! And he's super cute too. And so I begin my plan to "borrow" said tank top as soon as possible.

Since this was the second night of Hanukkah, I counted Dimitrios' pleasantly revealing deep-V and Scott's appearance at Good Times as my first two holiday presents.

Next time, I promise these boys will be covered with yarmulkes on their heads, not because they're religiously necessary but because everyone loves a Jew prop.

Winter athletic realness.

Welcome back from Bombay, Michael (left)! Michael's visit is only temporary but I'm hoping his super handsome Brazilian friend will be making many more visits to our weekly Wednesday party.

Menorah, Manischewitz and Keisha dropping it like its hot to the Miami and Detroit booty sounds Christy Love and I were spinning all evening.

And hello to all our London friends, including this chap here on the left who came to New York for a visit and stayed for the Good Times.

Sometimes the only way people will pose for me when I'm taking pictures (which I was this particular night. Thanks Kelvin!) is by making me pose with them, as evidenced by the photo above.

Absolutely up to no good.

DJ Christy Love TORE. IT. UP! We had been planning on doing a booty music party together ever since we discovered one another's love for the genre when recording my Twerking Radio podcast a few months ago (go listen!) and thank god it happened. BOOTY MUSIC 4 LYFE!

Because one photo of this handsome thing is not enough. Oh, and hi Kevin! I hope your Boiler Room after party was equally as fun as Good Times.

Deux frenchman, probably at their first Jew party EVER because you know this shit does not go down anywhere in the country of France.

This is how excited Andy is that I'm headed to his hometown of Chicago to DJ for New Year's Eve at a party called 2012: Dance Until the World Ends. It's not too late to buy a plane ticket and join in!

The second photo I snapped of Peter (left), since he was smiling in the first one and then informed me that no photo of him smiling can ever be posted anywhere. And we at Good Times aim to please.

Billy (right, with Michael) is completely bi. As in bicoastal. He's also completely homosexual and that is why we love him.

Wait. I thought Kevin was made in Jersey City. Perhaps Lids was out of the Made in Jersey City hats when he scored this one at a mall in the dirty jerz.

Resident daddy, doing resident daddy things at the daddy end of the bar.

Keisha, shaking her money maker to the tunes of DJ Assault, DJ Slugo and my favorite, DJ Deeon.

There's ALWAYS one queen listening to an iPod.

Carl actually made my Hanukkah party the most perfect party ever by gifting me an autographed copy of his awesome book, I Want My Foreskin for Giftmas. Or maybe he just gifted it to me so he'd get free publicity on the interweb (crafty!). Either way, it was one of the best Hanukkah gifts ever. Thanks Carl!

I am coming for your tank top. And I'll take a kiss too.

This guy kind of looks exactly like former Good Times regular Ryan Schleis who has been M.I.A. for months now so we'll consider the role of Ryan to now be played by this guy. Kind of like when the role of the mom on Fresh Prince of Bel Air was randomly played by a new actress.

Jason, looking super adorable in a bow tie and with a hot daddy by his side.

Walt was vehemently opposed to any paparazzi photos of him being posted beyond this one but we can tell you that he for sure had a good time that evening.

Abi also seems to love non-smiling photo poses much like Peter which might give you the impression that these men are not always smiling and joyful but trust me, they are.

Brett (right) was giving good beard as usual and is also not on Facebook for all you Good Times Facebook stalkers out there who skip out on Wednesday but then hope to meet all the handsome men by following their photo tags. SORRY! You're actually gonna have to come party with us one Wednesday soon.

More bearded tank top handsomeness. Why was the hotness factor through the roof for this particular Hanukkah hairy party? Perhaps we will never know.

Frau Darren.

Shiny coats, shiny pants! Shiny happy people holding drinks.

She is not wearing a shirt that says Things Go Better With Coke. Why not just wear a shirt that says Stop Me Now and Frisk Me. Come to think of it, I bet Damian has a shirt like that too but with other frisk-y innuendos.

My main bitches Christy and Keisha, who let us have it with booty beats and booty moves for days. I could not ask for a better Hanukkah gift than these two (except for maybe a Ferrero Rocher pyramid).

That cute little Armando in some shiny black everything. Apparently 2012 is all about shine.

Loving Greg and his Something About Mary hair. Also love that he won this really prestigious art direction / styling award and totally skipped out on the award ceremony cuz she a diva.

Pumping a look and posing for me all while waiting in line for the toilets. A man of many talents.

Christy Love groupies, or as I like to call 'em, "Love bugs."

That thing where you try to lean forward / away from being in the camera shot but you're completely in it anyway. Sorry! Patches is looking as dashing as ever.

Me and a very covered up Marc at his post in coat check. We kept telling him to shed a layer or two layers at that but for some reason, he got all shy on us this week which is the exact opposite of every photo ever taken of him before.

Tongue time, now starring Colby B. who I absolutely love love love.

More bearded handsomeness at Good Times. I hope this means many many good things to come for us in 2012 (like visitors from Greece, Spain and Brazil).

More things I learned this week: Charlie K. goes to my random Lower East Side gym.

The look of panic and excitement when I mentioned that next week, we have the Lovely Jonjo who throws a major party in London called Hot Boy Dancing Spot as our guest DJ at Good Times, or as we're calling it, Hot Boy Dancing Good Times. And if this week's photos are any indication, there will indeed be hot boys dancing.

Booty dancing and Manischewitz, a match made in heaven.

Last call for Manischewitz!

Remind Rob to take the cap off the bottle next time.

And just as we were packin' it up and packin' it in, look who came waltzing thru the door saying let me begin. (I came to win, battle me that's a sin!)

Alan actually slipped behind the bar to play bartender, which made us think he should totally bartend one Good Times soon but refrain from getting bombed with all the patrons while he's "working."

Jason (right) aka Jake missed all the booty shaking but was probably happy to have a quiet nightcap with his crew.

Actually, I'm not sure how quiet that night cap actually was. HAPPY HANUKKAH! See you next week for Hot Boy Dancing Good Times with me and the lovely Jonjo. And the Chicago for New Years Eve! xo, Sparber