Thursday, July 29, 2010


"If you live in the East Village, you basically have two choices for gyms. You can go to Dolphin, which gets its equipment from Rikers when they upgrade their facilities, or you can go to Iron and Silk."

By the way, I need a new gym membership. Hook me up!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In a departure from our weekly Wednesday disco/Deee-Lite/pop/Nicki Minaj-themed parties at Good Times at Eastern Bloc, we took a breather last Wednesday and did a seamless, themeless six-hour set of whatever worked. And boy did it work.

Though we have yet to do a true Visage tribute night, fade to (multiple shades of) grey would be the only appropriate song choice for these two.

Camera shy aka the open vodka bar has yet to commence.

Reminding you that thin is in.

That Roisin Murphy and Crookers collaboration seems to elicit happy happy joy joy from the most unsuspecting patrons.

Andy (right) and his incredibly chatty Slovenian friends, who wanted to get on the mic for a happy birthday shout out. Do you think David Guetta gets requests like that?

Michael Boob-lé.

Thank you Jools (left) for the light-up rave whistle present, which I wore for three days straight till it broke from overuse on Fire Island. And thank you Will (right) for uncovering this hot piece named Roman (center).

The gay, East Village branch of the Latin Kings. Don't step.

A strange abundance of psychedelic tee shirtery was happening at this very moment.

Mega-drool times two.

David (right) forgot to bring his matching pair of glasses.

"It was the heeeeeeeat of the moment."

One of these things is most definitely Scottish. Can you guess which one?

...and one of these things is Lebanese and really getting into her late night non-teaching schedule.

Such picturesque poses from all three!

Michael "Gandhi" DeLucia (in the stripes) is back in the States for two weeks for a brief sojourn before returning to his new homeland of India, where he says he has finally uncovered the gay Bombay scene and loves having his own cook.

Things got dancey pretty quickly and Andre (right) found yet another way to defy gravity as seen in this here picture.

Seth from Portland was giving you boddddddddy and the perfect mesh shirt to match that boddddddddy.

The Chelsea Clinton of Colombia! Which means Cesar is overdue for an extravagant wedding this weekend.

Now is as good a time as any to mention that our most regular guest DJ, Michael T., will be back with me next week to give you a Wet Hot American Donna Summer Good Times!

More gravity-defying moments, brought to you by Alan Cummings in a wife beater.

I mean a husband beater. Alan was actually lovely and stayed late enough that I dared to ask him about his role in Spice World!

Good Times Spring Break 2010!

Peter (right) partied till late into the night as well, to the point where he stopped and asked me, "is that what I'm missing on all those late Wednesday nights." To which I replied, "yes. Very much so."

Charlize (center) and her bitches from LA, wearing those sleeveless things with hoods that they love so much in LA.

Handstand therapy up in the front corner with Alan! Line forms here.

Having no theme rocks! But we'll be back to all things Donna Summer next week with the mighty Michael T. See you then!


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Seriously. Was there a casting call for this Naked Highway video at the Eagle beer blast that I was unaware of?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


What started as a little tribute to me and Michael Magnan's favorite downtown 90s dance trio, Deee-Lite, at my weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc is quickly shaping up to be the best annual party ever! At this year's installment, we had a little visit from Lady Miss Kier drag impersonator Spectra Gramm and a whole hot dudes who dropped into our garden.

Early in the evening, friends of former go go hunk Matt Bell (not pictured), including his fashion friends Mao (left), and the Blonds came by to wish him well on his year-long teaching excursion to Peru.

I think all this blondness might be a reaction to that gay ginger party that happens at the same time as our party. We're going for an all out blonds vs. gingers showdown West Side Story style.

Almost passing for straight if it weren't for that leather wrist cuff he's sporting.

This one is sure to be posted on Bears I'm Jealous Of in 5, 4, 3...

Excitement at the first sounds of a world clique.

With Matt moving to Peru for a year, big booty baker (right, as Jose so lovingly refers to himself, with Garrett) is all my his lonesome and looking to share his delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Mikey (right) in one of his rare nightlife appearance. Don't worry - she was home in bed before 11 when our weekly open vodka bar kicks in.

Our Deee-Lite-ful guest DJ Michael (left) who had the honor to spin with Kier at his monthly Thursday party, The Beat, not too long ago.

I do love how Kelvin followed these two shiny happy people aka Medo (left) and Mike into the friggin' Avenue A bodega. You can run but you can't hide from the Puerto Rican paparazzi!

Towa Tei actually came up with a really good disguise to come spy on the party he partially gave birth to.

BYE MATT! We'll miss you and all the retardo faces you've made for the camera through the years. Come back soon!

SPECTRA GRAMM! Spectra hasn't performed her Deee-Lite schtick in like, 10 years or something but she was such a hit that we're thinking of taking this show on the road and doing a Nite of Deee-Lite: Atlanta Edition!

"We'd like to conduct a fax orgy"

One of us has been in the sun longer than the others.

Of all the comments I could make about my good friends Hunter, Mikey and Andy (from right), all I can think is: his shirt says CUM!

Cookiepussercats, meow!

Won't you listen to what the DJ's spinning...oh wait, you're outside so you can't hear Michael who was turning it out at this point.

Spectra's showstopping performance to Bittersweet Loving. Actually, I think she did two numbers but things began to get a bit blurry at this point.

Heartthrob DJ W. Jeremy has signed (as if we had contracts) to do an upcoming Good Times along the lines of a DFA night. Thoughts?

Latin drama up in this corner right hurrrrrr.

Marquis (right) and friends, feeling a reeeeeeeal Good Beat.

Best couple ever! I mean, Adam (left) and Rico aren't dating but they need to. Actually, they need to take up figure skating cuz these two would be perfect together out there on the ice.

She is not coming for my cracking-the-Chinese-fan summer look!

Mikey (left) and Kevin, showing off their bodacious ta-ta's. Sadly you can't see Kevin's full-on pajama ensemble, which was ovah.

In a major DMT (dance music trance).

What? Is? Love? (commence voguing positions)

Oh how I love Michael Magnan (right), let me count the ways: 1) he has the same vintage Deee-Lite poster as me (behind us), 2) he just DJed Poland pride and 3) he'll be on Fire Island this weekend just like me. See you at high tea pumpkin.

Really feeling Wesley' WWF hat as well as Telfar's "bun."

I kissed a "girl" and I liked it. Note to Ricky in the back: why are you gagging?

Somehow I didn't see any of this go down but these two crept in, he undressed, oiled up...

...and whipped it out! Luke (left) approves.

This is the exact moment when we played Rubber Lover.

It has only been two weeks and I'm already thinking about next year's third annual Nite of Deee-Lite. Oh the shows!

Counting on Marlon (second from right) for a recap of last week's events, as I was up in Provincetown DJing the Wednesday night Fagbash party for bear week, which was MASSIVE! (in more ways than one.)

Tank you very much.

Previews of my 2011 look, with a Will S. peekboob to boot.

Kier was a no-show at this particular Nite of Deee-Lite (major frowny face) but we have hope that one day, she too will smile on with us as we prove that Deee Lite music selector is the soul reflector.

Calvin Klein billboard tryouts, this way.

Paul (right), Kevin and a fine-feathered friend, though I wish that was just his hair sticking straight up instead of a feathered headpiece.

See you next week at another installment of Good Times. Or Thursday at The Park. Or Friday at High Tea!