Sunday, September 30, 2007


Contrary to popular belief, there are some Switch remixes that don't always blow me away. This one, however, does. I have no idea what the original version of this Radioclit track sounds like but I'm guessing it pales in comparison to Switch's rendition.

Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)


This BET show was the shit! I used to love me some animated ghettoness back in 2000. Fast forward to the 2 minute mark to get the animated ebonics.


Quote of the week, as said to me at my party by a new friend I reached out and touched via myspace: Did you hack into my myspace account and add yourself to my top 12?

Saturday, September 29, 2007


...that DJ Larry Tee who trademarked electroclash and brought the world RuPaul, has quickly parted ways with the promising Brooklyn gay venue Sugarland. Apparently the club owners were not so hot on Mr. Tee charging a cover for his weekend party. Boo to cover charges! But yay to gay dance parties!


Legendary East Village promoter, partier and high-heeled drag queen Dean Johnson died last week in Washington DC. Cause of death remains unclear. Though I mostly knew of Dean through friends (and a music video of his band Dean and the Weenies that used to loop over and over again Thursday at the Hole's Big Gulp party), Dean had major fag influence on my hood.

He worked the door at the seminal Save the Robots party, founded Rock and Roll Fag Bar and performed at numerous East Village haunts such as the Pyramid. He also ran a queer rock night at CBGBs called HomoCorps and many raunchy parties such as Magnum and XXX at various locales. More than a promoter or performer, I always admired that he was out and outspoken about his HIV. He will be missed by many.

Friday, September 28, 2007


So my promises of Iran's bi-curious president, Ahmadinejad, turning up at Eastern Bloc never came to fruition this week! Sorry! But instead, we had some other celebrity sighting of the more local, homosexual-friendly type.

Celebrity #1: Billy (left, with Christian) is the editor, publisher, sales department and marketer of queer zine Straight to Hell. And he throws gay gang signs too.

That's Billy's zine. Its a bunch of gay smut stories that will suck you in and make you forget that you're out at a bar trying to get laid.

ALEX IS IN TOWN! My London friend Alex (left) stayed with me and partied with me for seven days straight till he flew off to Folsom in San Fran yesterday.

Celebrity Queerty editor Andrew B. (center) asked me to fix him up on a date, so I proposed a Queerty "Win a Date With Andrew" contest. Andrew wasn't so hot on the idea, though Christian (left) and Jacob thought it was brilliant.

Grey is obviously the new black this season.

These two were visiting from New Delhi, India for a big jewelry summit and would have been happy if I had played the new Britney Spears song on repeat.

I think this dude got stood up for an internet date. He had that look of despair. Oh, and there's the world-famous french Manhunt celebrity Aurelien in the background!

Look who's a regular! My former sleepaway camp showerhouse buddy Eric. We'll be reminiscing about our good times at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac this Saturday. Come join us.

A panoramic of my favorite people to see, taken by my favorite baker Matt. If anyone else is interested in becoming a Good Times photographer, let me know. The position is a total resume builder.

Do I spy the August douche messed with the DJ equipment while I was spinning? I guess he sort of redeemed himself by sending me a big apology and behaving himself this week, though the incognito glasses aren't fooling anybody.

I like to think of Beau as a post-op Sally Jesse Raphael.

Ex-boyfriends, reunite! Mike (right) just moved back to NYC after a year in Beirut and then Boston. Will he and Rich (left) fall back in love?

With arms around each other like this, I'm sure Massachusetts wedding bells aren't too far off for Rich and Mike. Congratulations.

Christian (left), as I've noted previously, is the cutest, best dressed and most photogenic fag around. This week, he mysteriously disappeared from the party, though this pic may offer some answers.

Every week, someone has to get all Britney Spears on the camera guy like Aurelien this week.

JR (left) and Matt are opening up their little love nest to the general public tonight, and I, for one, cannot wait. See you on Avenue D!

Chris and I are headed to St. John in the Caribbean in two weeks. Maybe he can bring that tank top and we can be twins, since I wore a short-sleeve Def Leppard Hysteria tshirt shirt LAST WEEK.

This gurl was officially twerking the hardest to my house beats, dancing and yelling like a banshee. "Werrrrrrrk!"

Amy Winehouse sighting! Just kidding, it's only the New Delhi jewelers from behind.

I have known Sarah longer than any other friend in my life. We used to trade Christopher Pike books back in elementary school. Now we trade Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown stories.

"Baghdad, ass up." Am I missing something here?

The lovely ladies of Good Times are asking Jimmy to pass the crack rock please.

I believe EVA (left) went home with Juern, who was visiting from London. A match made in white v-neck tshirt heaven!

...and apparently, this is what white v-neck tshirt heaven looks like.

David Davis (right) and I went to Hiro on Sunday for the first and last time in two years.

Aron (left) has been the man about town all week since taking a New York holiday from his New York job. Troy (right) looks just dandy even though he thinks I only post bad pics of him.

Kyle will lick your face if you come too close to him during his Friday night pole dancing performance.

How is it that I never met the handsomeness that is Richie before this week?

Darren is a downtown celeb in his own right. Some guy even told everyone in the bar later on that Darren was his first gay crush and his reason for coming out. It was awkward.

In the vein of an Iranian-themed gay party that's NOT Habibi, Eric added his own distinct Persian flavor to the mix.

Gregor didn't speak much but I'm feeling his unbuttoned buttons, if you know what I mean.

This guy walked in like he owned the place, so I was like, duh, porn star. But it turns out he's the gay jew crooner known as Ari Gold. I felt like playing Shorty Swing My Way.

The dapperness that is Jason has rapidly entered my life and I'm not complaining.

Alex, Joe and Lil Bow Wow's number one fan, yours truly.

Sometimes when black people get tattoos, I'm like, I can't really see that. Does that make me racist?

I know he's winking, but it looks like his eye has been poked out and he forgot to wear his eye patch.

This posse of hotness hung out from 2am until we closed up at 4. Four more reasons to party at Good Times till we tell you you have to leave.

Your other DJ for the evening, Jimmy Immy (left), drank way too many Jaeger shots for his own good and left his CDs at the bar (!!!). Check out his new blog here.

I'm feeling the flannel Castro cap in a major way.

If this were the back page of HX, this would be the photo that gets blown up really big cuz you KNOW that this one's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

...and then the camera battery died, but not before snapping one shot of Valdez's sinuous body.

Magamet (right) and Aron closed out the bar with R. Kelly's Ignition bidding them adieu. See you next week!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


So far, I only know three (albeit, totally amazing) things about Soca sensation Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon:

1. She killed it with Ghetto Flex on their 2003 duet Wine and Bend Over, loosely based on Tommy James' Crimson and Clover.

2. Her nickname is Saucy Wow!

3. She crossed over into mainstream dance/house/eurotrash with Masters at Work with the unbeatable "Work." Work!

Masters at Work ft. Puppah Nas-T and Denise Belfon - Work (2007 extended mix)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My London friend Alex and I went to an after party for the Bjork concert near Madison Square Garden last night. At one point, she turned up and was pow-wowing with friends and stalkers when I snapped this pic of Alex and Baby C with Bjork in the background.

Starfuckers incorporated.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Since Yom Kippur is hardly as jubilant as Rosh Hashana, we spared the jewish tie-ins (see last week) in favor of some good ol' fashioned Wednesday night Good Times at Eastern Bloc.

As Jimmy was wrapping up his opening set, these sistahs waltzed in in search of a happy hour and ended up getting buckwild to Keyshia Cole.

School is back in session, which means the cuteness that is Greg can only grace us after he finishes his homework.

Baby C's fashionista friend Richard (right) popped back into town for fashion week. Apparently glasses without ear prongs are the latest fashion.

Warning: if you make goofy faces for a camera, they might end up on the internet.

David was bullshit that Svedka price went up a dollar. I blamed it on the federal reserve.

I know that the guy is Israeli but I have no recollection of the sorority sister.

The boobs say it all.

No Carlos, we salute you for putting up with Jimmy while he played La Bamba.

These two went home together and debated whether to do it to Arcade Fire or TV on the Radio.

How does Israeli breed such hot, gay men? Is it the mandatory military service?

Beefcake Eric Leven is an official Good Times convert. Read about his exciting times or view many, many more pictures of him over at his blog.

Hi Jesse (left). I'm sorry I didn't get to chat with you last night. Please come back next week so we can discuss your signature plaids and Kentucky. Love, Sparber.

Halloween is five weeks away but the guy in the middle is already breaking out his evil and creepy stares.

I'm such a sucker for guys with hair like Daniel's. It always reminds me of the bad guy from Karate Kid or Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink.

Someone accused me of only admiring boys with beards on this here blog, so let it be known that I find the boy on the left quite handsome. And it looks like he's struggling to even grow stubble.

Mystery solved! Ashton (right) is NOT from the middle east whatsoever. He's........COLOMBIAN.

Ludo (left) tried to make Dan (right) and me accompany him to McDonald's this past weekend.

Eric is back in town and in need of a do-nothing coatcheck-like job now that Mr. Black is dunzo.

Joe Birdsong is in rapture, even when not in his Rapture Cafe.

Did you know that Luc (right) does drag? He told me he only does it like, twice a year, and then said, "but I'll be doing it tomorrow night."

If he wasn't wearing the cap, this outfit would scream jail break.

A party ain't a party till Richie Moo gets naked for the camera.

Ken, Chaz and Jason (from left), pontificating the new M.I.A. album.

Cape Town is like, my second favorite place on earth. After Eastern Bloc Wednesdays.

Eric's friend (left) is someone that I have seen everywhere I go! Like, I'm at the supermarket and he's there. Or on the subway. Or in the video store. Or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Or the movie theatre.

Scot suggested doing an Argento-inspired Halloween theme, but I think we're gonna opt for an Eastern Bloc swim team theme.

He is totally singing the new Britney Spears song into his Corona. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

Your DJs for the evening, Sparber (left) and Jimmy Immy (right).

Business casual: always a hit with the ladies. Too bad we're in a gay bar.

David (right) and Jimmy used to date. Now they just hug alot.

Chaz and Ken, winkin' and drinkin'.

This guy came prepared for the cool fall weather AND the hotness that is Good Times.

And now, I present to you a series of late night portraits.

(I'm guessing they didn't have school the next day.)

While these pictures were being taken, not one, not two, but three separate friends requested Aaliyah. Note to requesters: multiple requests for the same artist will not make me play it any quicker. Sorry!

This is what I think of when I think of Brooklyn.

New disco balls in the DJ booth!

Thomas is way sexy but told me I should be dancing more in the DJ booth. I was like, please exit now.

Sleepy time for go-go boy Kyle.

Kevin says bye bye! See you next week at Good Times!


Come to Heathers tonight (Friday). I'm DJing with my good friend Cat from Holy Hail. And Heathers is the raddest bar ever. It's on 13th between A & B. I start at 1030pm. Laters.