Thursday, July 31, 2008


Twin Cheeks made People magazine's website! Well, kind of. People is for the people (of middle America), so they decided on not mentioning the Cock or Twin Cheeks by name. But DJ Sparber did get a special shout out, maybe because I saved the juicy yet depressing detail for them that La Lohan requested Kate Perry's I Kissed a Girl while partying at the Cock Monday night. To her dismay, I do not have nor wish to ever play that song.

We're on Gawker too. And Perez Hilton. But Perez doesn't believe in linking to Twerking. Or give his "sources" any props. Lame.

UPDATE: People Magazine (the print edition) named checked DJ Sparber! In the Jolie-Pitt Twins cover issue! And New York mag's Intelligencer picked up on it too in It Happened Last Week.

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thwany said...

you were also in queerty.