Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A Tuesday alternative to Beige at B Bar! Rejoice! As much as I love Beige DJ John John Fields (left), I am brimming with pleasure at the announcement that Jon Jon Battles will return to his East Village stomping ground tonight for the debut of his friend Steffen's biweekly party Tell Tale Heart. Oh, and $3 drinks after 1am.

And before 1am, there's a new East Village gay bar conveniently wedged between The Cock and The Urge that open tonight. Tuesday gay-hem! It's called Dtox (unfortunate, I know) but they're hosting an open bar from 10 to 12 and serving up drinks named after famous rehabbers. I hope Ted Haggard is on the menu. The amazingness that is Britney Houston performs.

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Anonymous said...

Buffalo Stance means your arms are crossed and looking to the side. It's not that.