Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Cherry-flavored Good Times went down last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc in the form of Neneh Cherry night. Those who couldn't strike a Buffalo Stance were blown Kisses on the Wind by yours truly and asked to chug one more drink from our Homebrew.

Actually, Pailo (left, with Roger and Victor) was floored that I hadn't brought out Neneh's second album, Homebrew, which he later burned and delivered on Saturday.


So temptingly teasing us with that "I know you want me on the pole" look. I'm sure I was playing Hey Big Spender at this point too. Just kidding (but maybe I'll bring it next week).

Kelvin was a little late so Matt the Baker helped out with camera duties, hence the extreme close-ups of random hot strangers.

Pablo's back! Except he's leaving again on Wednesday for Spain, where he plans to move in January. Doesn't it look like he's entering the bar with his dad and half sister?

Eric Leven is really loving his cut-off button-down plaids this summer. Very Real World New York circa 1992. We love you Norm!

Speaking of love, here's some after work dance floor lovin' going on to the tunes of the new CSS album, which is really really good.

Timmy (right), his friend and his camera face, now in Johnny Cash colors.

Ken (center) IS the French connection. This week he brought out Ghyles, not to be confused with Yoann, whom he brought out last month. Dur dur d'etre Ken Baldwin.

Jimmy's friend Francisco (left) was in town from London and got buck wild with us all night despite his meeting the next morning at like, 7am. The Spanish know how to party.

Matt the Baker (left), showing Francisco the New York City ropes that always lead back to the bathroom.

I saw Christian (center) not once, not twice but three times last week and I still feel like it wasn't enough. He is pure pleasure and tranquility when not groping my chest.

Rumors are swirling that Jason (right) may soon become a nightlife promoter thanks to the success of his last Palms Out Sounds party.

Please remember to use suntan lotion Marlon (right)! And that goes for you too, cute latino friend on the left!

Actually, doesn't cute latino friend kind of look like Gael Garcia Bernal?


Cracked-out cross-eyed cigarette realness. Is she holding a fallen balloon or did she leave her dog outside just to get a quick drink at Good Times?

Apparently logo-less shirts are all the rage these days. Tony (left) and his true Italian colors really flourish in this weather and I'm not complaining.

NEWSFLASH! Jenna (left) lost her wallet this week and has no photo ID to get into bars! Her friend, meanwhile, doesn't care and is trying to tell us that the humpty dance is your chance to the hump.

Blue eyes, furry chest, striped tank top = sign me up.

Remember when John Kerry's daughter wore that dress to Cannes that you could totally through with flash photography. Something to think about next time you plan an outfit.

Hot for Hillary tshirts are suddenly hot for discount tshirt bins. Till she's nominated for VP, that is.


WHAT?! Armando (on the right, with the stripes) was dancing up a storm at my party and this is the only picture of him on the roll?!! Kelvin = so fired.

Hola guapo.

There was no shortage of handsome Spanish-looking men, or as Geri Halliwell once said, mi chicos latinos.

Danart, Ryan and Anddy (from left) are usually begging to hear Geri all night long (Ride It!) but were unusually calm this past Wednesday.

The handsomeness that is Ari (left) wasn't too friendly but how could I hate on those puppy dog eyes.

Oddly enough, the glass-cubed windows outside of Eastern Bloc have rarely been photographed. Thanks for striking a pose Shane (right) and friend.

Garret (second from right) is simply the toast of Brooklyn. Handsome AND charming. He's obviously a taurus.

Is it an illusion or is he totally wearing eye makeup? Michael T. is the only one allowed to do that in my book.

Getting back to the Neneh Cherry theme, why do all her songs mention manchild? Why does Raw Like Sushi sound like the perfect name for a Paul Morris porn film?

Your weekly Good Times porn, courtesy of Roger (left) and Victor, sexiest couple of the week.

Your Good Times hosts with Francisco, who is going to work on getting me a DJ gig at Horse Meat Disco. Work those international DJ connections folks! I might even be doing SF's Folsom this year.

Late night with Duane, who had a drink with us after a boots and swimsuit party over at Spit.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SCOT! You are best doorman ever! Now shut up, get out. Don't hang about. Finish your glasses and move your asses. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. I GOT PLANS, AND YOURE NOT INCLUDEDDDDDDDDDDD.

Good night and good luck. See you next week!

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