Thursday, August 30, 2007


Despite the back to school season currently underway in New York City and around the country, last night's Good Times party tended to bring out more daddies than twinkies.

Exhibit A: Daddy/twinkie duo Matt (left) and Adam. Can one be a twinkie and hairy jew at the same time? Deep thoughts.

Suzanne and friend (not pictured) were spilling drinking left and right in preparation for Brazilian dancing down the block.

Jake, Michael and Charlie (from left) on a second take, after Charlie suggested "Let's pose like sorority girls!"

Frank, Frank's friend who's name I didn't catch and Jason, cavorting around to the new M.I.A. in the background, no doubt.

I think that shirt on the right is supposed to make you feel like you're soooooooo drunk that you can't see straight or something. It's working.

Anthony was flying solo last night, looking like a daddy in training except for the fruity cocktail and lack of 50 lbs. or so.


It wasn't their Fire Island time share this week so they decided to slum it in the East Village instead.

By the looks of this picture, Willie (left) is cozying up to a Daddy of his own.

Somebody just farted.

Yes, DJ Jimmy likes to get drunk with otters. Like, real otters, not slender hairy gay men otters, though he like that too.

Andy used to live in West Hollywood but swears that he hates LA, Chelsea and Hells Kitchen. I think he was just trying to win us over.

Cute shirt on a cute boy named Kevin.

Okay, maybe we had a FEW back to schoolers in the house.

"I'm just gonna prop myself up on the DJ booth and watch."

Ohhhhhh, I get. He's studying photography and she does fashion at Parsons or something.

From the ankles up, these two are doing just fine, thanks...

...except for the toilet paper stuck to his shoe! EMBARASSING!

Christophe is like the gay East Village Yetti--everybody swears they've seen him around but no one has his picture or phone number (cuz he doesn't have a phone).

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Naughty girls need love too.

Since I DJ half the night, some friends take photos for this here blog. This one was obviously taken by Matt the Baker, who was practically screaming about this woman's hideous shoes. No comment on the dress.

" when I wouldn't let him videotape me, he said put out or get out. Can you imagine?!?!"

A nice young fella named Joe, striking a b-boy stance.

Daddy's gonna do a pole dance!

Daddy-chaser Eric Leven (right) cozied up to our new friend Andy even though Andy doesn't meet Eric's 35-and-older age requirement.

Eric (left) is quickly becoming the mascot of all things cute and fun at Good Times.

JR (right) and Christophe look like they're doing that eskimo nose kiss thing. Is that cheating, since they both have live-in boyfriends?

When did this hotness wash up on the benches of our party and why is he all set to DJ?

No one seemed too too drunk last night. Just that "it's all good" kinda drunk like this guy here.

Wait. Scratch that. Velma was pretty high on life last night or getting a really big kick out of hanging with me in the DJ booth.

Miko is back from Finland, ladies and gentlemen, and ready to model in front of the nearest air conditioner.

Valdez jumped up and gave us all a much-needed late night pole dance. At this point, the battery was running low so I can't really do his moves justice.

Barrage poster boy Kyle popped in for a hot second to steal away Jimmy and look mad at the camera.

If only Jimmy knew what he was going to miss.

While you might be distracted by the hotness that is standing in the foreground of this picture, please make note of that chap in the background, for he wins this week's...

DOUCHE OF THE WEEK! You too can win if you stand next to me in the DJ booth and mess around with the cd players WHILE CDs ARE PLAYING. Not cool.

I think Gant grabbed the camera at this point and did a nice little "fuck you" series. Fuck you pinball machine!

Fuck you ATM machine!

Fuck me Mr. Pole Dancer!

Despite hanging out with the douche of the week, I'm a sucker for this guy or anyone who wears a tank top for that matter.

Richard and the Cock. Happy Labor Day weekend. See you next Wednesday at Eastern Bloc!


Sorry for my lack of non-party pic posts. I guess I've been too busy, well, partying. So here's a track that Diplo has been playing for ages now. I feel like I've been awaiting this Bette Davis Eyes remix/mash up for years and three minutes is just too damn short for such a great track.

Bette - Hollertronix

Thursday, August 23, 2007


So my dancehall party never happened because I wasn't really feeling a dancehall vibe from last night's crowd. Boo hoo. The good news is that I'll be back at Eastern Bloc tonight (Thursday) just in case you're DYING to hear Sean Paul or something. Come say hey.

Emily dropped by fresh off her birthright trip to Israel. She tried to talk Israeli-Palestinian politics with me and I was like, ummm, I'm working.

The hotness that is Eddie made a rare Good Times appearance. Now he's en route to Miami for a week to chill with his Cuban-American hombres.

Such white teeth! Such manicured eyebrows! Such short, neat dark hair! I totally don't get the tshirt though.

Baby (Run DM) C, sporting vintage 80s couture. I was like, snazzy jacket and he was all, it's from the Gap!

Happy birthday Chris (right)! Apparently 30 is the year of the tie-dye for Chris.

Kevin is looking more and more Russian by the minute. He graciously offered to help out with photo duties last night since my co-DJ Jimmy is stuck in a hurricane or something.

Totally hunky, but why is everyone wearing a sports coat? I feel like the girl on the right could have been on Emily's birthright trip to Israel as well. Just a hunch.

Yahoo Serious.

These two look all dazed and confused, probably because they were expecting to hear Shaggy all night.

Since I didn't get to leave the DJ booth or take any pictures, there are certain people who eluded me the whole night like brown and browner here.

Michael Ackil (say that three times fast) came all the way from Canton, MA to hear me spin. We're counting down the days till he moves back to New York City this fall.

Ken, Jordan and Chaz (from left) kept me company for a good portion of the night. Chaz runs an amazing blog called Chazology (currently under construction) where I basically get all my music.

It's been pretty rainy in New York the past five days, which is maybe why people feel like they have to wear their hood up, even indoors.

Troy (right) and Ludo, discussing important topics of our time such as Manhunt.

Cheer up! The party is called Good Times, not Sour Times.

This guy has a very boy-next-door look to him in a New York kind of way.

EVA majorly saved my life with photo duties, so I can't say anything mean about his eye shadow, cut-off shirt, deep V and suspenders. Thank you EVA!

Did Kylie Minogue sneak in and out of the bar last night to post with Marc? You be the judge.

Cunts! Jaime (right) is looking svelte, maybe because he's headed up to P-Town for three weeks. We'll miss you gurl!

This one is a sweetheart but sort of threw me off with his leather gloves (not pictured) and his Daddy Yankee reggaeton request.

You know, my pictures are almost always sequential and you can always tell precisely when everyone is suddenly really really drunk, such as this picture here.


This one was standing right in front of me for like, an hour and couldn't tell if it was a cute guy or cute girl. Actually, I still can't.

EVA told me to note how creepy this guy was because he was following people around the bar or something sketchy like that. I can't remember now because I was drinking and DJing and chatting simultaneously.

Hunky and hunkier.

I'm guessing he's Swedish cuz of the long hair.

Mike (right) is like, "Dave, if you say one more thing about how I live with my parents at age 31, you'll have a drink spilled all over you for the second week in a row."

Who do these two keep calling on the phone?!!

Patrick (right) went to the same college as me and dated the same guy as me but I only met him for the first time two weeks ago when he accused me of not photographing him at my party because of his looks.


The love of my life that is Ann Talley brightened up everyone's evening , including Chaz's.

Disco balls are like the year-round version of mistletoes when you're out at a bar--everyone just wants to kiss beneath 'em.

Kevin and Kevin, cash in hand, ready to par-tayyyyyyy.

Look who it is! Former Good Times go-go boy I. Will Bone, pretending to spin on the 1's and 2's. Bone is back in party mode (with his clothes on of course) and hoping to see you out next Wednesday at Eastern Bloc.


And don't forget. I'm DJing again tonight, Thursday, at Eastern Bloc, 10pm. See you there.