Tuesday, July 31, 2007


During another outer borough summer excursion, Twerking got the party started in Richmond Hill, Queens, aka Little Guyana. A few years back, went to the real Guyana to visit friends Craig and Celeste during their service in the Peace Corps. This month, their friends who run Guyfrog threw a Guyanese fundraiser and invite me to DJ.

The real Guyana is located on the northern coast of South America, but I'm sure you knew that.

Out in Queens, its like just like real thing: same beers, same short barmaids who want to dance with you all night long.

She also worked at the bar and kept grinding up on me during every dancehall song. And like, my whole set was dancehall. Oh, and she's totally 4'11".

Lots of volunteers for Guyfrog and Peace Corps were in attendance, which was strange, since they were like, the only white people for miles.

Everybody bonded though and the locals totally got into it.

Maybe too much so. Apart from the women who worked at the bar, all the locals were horny dudes who loved to dance up on it.

Guyanese folks tend to be of Indian (from India) or African decent. This bar was mostly Indo-Guyanese, which can sometimes be way homoerotic.

Guyfrog raffled off a bunch of stuff, including a cricket bat (Guyana was a British colony till 1966) which the barmaid one.

Everyone had a good time, or so Craig (right) told me.


Twerking took a rare trip out of the East Village two weeks ago to see Band of Horses play McCarren Pool. We were more taken with the boys than the band though and ducked out early for free burgers at Metropolitan Bar.

There were like, 25,000 boys who looked like this. Outdoor pool parties are the new gay bar (in my head).

Even though this "pool" has been dry since 1984, people still wore hot one pieces from their grandparents' wardrobe.

Yes please.

Nobody was really watching the band, to be honest. That's how Brooklyn works.

Hot boys were abound at Metropolitan as well, including Chris (pictured here) with his frozen margarita. Hello August. Let the good times roll.

Monday, July 30, 2007


I know this blog is usually upbeat and all, but I was a bit sad today so I'm posting a more mellow track than usual. This tune was my fave in 1998. Still makes me a bit teary when I hear it.

Tricky - Makes Me Wanna Die

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yes, I read Dlisted religiously and yes, I am obsessed with this. EXCUSE MY BEAUTY!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Last night, I promised to play Culture Beat's "Mr Vain," and I didn't disappoint (if you stayed late, that is). The boys didn't disappoint either. It's kind of crazy how you can go out every night of the week in NYC, or in our case, every Wednesday at Eastern Bloc, and always see new hot guys.

I swore that the guy in the middle (a friend of Cameron's, on the right) was this dude I met two weeks ago. The sad truth is that my eyesight sucks.

Marc (right) is so dependable and lovable, it's a wonder that he's still single...or is he?

VEST ALERT! Everyone's wearing them. Buy yours today.

Major midsummer cleavage is in full effect too, and I ain't mad at it.

Scott (left) finally made his Good Times debut with none other than our trusty mascot, Mr. Matt Bell.

Off-duty Eastern Bloc employees Sam (left) and Kyle, chillaxin (best word ever).

I don't know what the next step of restfulness at a bar is after chillaxin. Maybe something like sleepaxin, which is doesn't have the same ring to it. Nor is it cool to almost fall asleep at a bar.

Square jawlines rule.

Major cleavage alert number two. Like, what's the point of wearing clothes. Oh wait - Cameron is a Dazzle Dancer. He doesn't usually wear clothes when he goes out.

Cameron and Kevin (not pictured) host a fun party downstairs at the Cock on Fridays. They left these photos all around the bar with invitations to their party. Marketing geniuses.

Is this guy famous? Because my co-DJ, Jimmy, took like, 50 pictures of him.

Christian, Tommy and Andrew (from left) kept the party f.r.e.s.h.

And Andrew always complains when I post unflattering pictures of him, so this week, I figured that if I posted two, he'd have to like one of them. Though I think he looks handsome in both.

Youtube superstar Matthew Luke Sandoval (left) is soon to add another occupation to his impressive resume: hotelier. Ask him about it.

Ever camera shy James Ryan only posed for two photos last night! Blasphemy!

I tried to snap these two sucking face but instead I got the longing-for-each-other look. Do you think they met at the bar last night? I hope so.

Another cute couple. I guess summer love is in full effect. Thank god fall is around the corner.

Hot euro guys love our party, including Greg (left) and Adrian, Swiss and Swedish respectively.

Tommy's rare Good Times appearance warrants not one, but TWO photos of the handsome photographer.

Raise your hand if you're ready to get on the stripper pole?!!

Scott (right) and friend cozied up to the DJ booth, where Jimmy played Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend" and I played a bunch of Stevie Nicks jams.

Author Jen Block (right) dropped in with friends after one of many in-store readings all along the east coast. Buy her book and let's book club it.

Late night crew! Kevin (left) and Ryan confirmed that vests and rosary beads are my next big purchase, despite my jewish heritage and hairy shoulders.

Willie (right) completed the vest triad of the evening. Oh, and I totally thought Willie was my friend Ashton the other week from the DJ booth because my eyesight is as good as an 80-year-old granny.

Ann Talley insisted on a full-body photo to show off her fancy shoes while Jimmy wore backwards headphones in the background.

Is the DJ Lina? Methinks it is cuz she was cutting a rug like you wouldn't believe and looking sexy all the while.

Protein bar break! I have to get in shape for all those vests I'm gonna be rocking.


Come see me DJ this Sunday, July 29th, at the Cock! I'll also be holding down Good Times all by my lonesome next week. That's six hours of Rihanna's Please Don't Stop the Music. How can you say no?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Never mind the Jamaican gyals in the picture, Nyanda and Nailah, who make up Brick N Lace, the artists behind this week's track. These chicks would be nowhere (in my playlist anyway) without the help of mastermind DJ/producer Switch. Sure, he's been toiling away on the new M.I.A. album, but in his spare time, he's still good for gems like this, enhanced by blogger Scattermish who mashes it midway with a Basement Jaxx track.

Brick N Lace
- Never Never (Scattermish Remix of Switch's Remix)

Monday, July 23, 2007


If you're out on the isle for the rest of July and August, be sure to say Twerking's favorite non-East Vil couple, Forest (right) and Kevin. They're the best. And check out Kevin's celebrity-studded blog here.


When I used to work at the NYC health department, this tabloid extraordinaire would mysteriously appear each week near the informational pamphlets adjacent to my desk. Maybe it was aliens.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wednesday night, we celebrated the 34th birthday of Matt the Baker by making sure he got ridiculous trashed and up on the stripper pole. Once, a neighbor of a patron of Matt's bakery referred to Matt as the party bear baker. He lived up to that title last night.

Matt's roommate Kurt (not pictured) arrived with a yummy, store-bought cake. Everyone thinks bakers have really high cake standards but Matt loves trashy, sugary cakes.

David (left) schlepped in from Jersey to party with DJ Jimmy (right) and everyone before backpacking through Europe in August.

The back of Christophe's head is becoming a regular on the blog! He might want to be more careful when shaving it since it's being photographed so much.

Birthday boy's posse Dave (left) and Sean, looking forward to a night of Whitney and Mariah, as requested by the birthday boy.

Douglas (left) departed from the East Village last month for Brooklyn. He can still be found on gay.com, however, claiming to seven years younger than his actual age.

Queerty blogger Andrew (middle) was like, DONT POST ANY PICTURES OF ME! THEYRE ALL HORRIBLE! But Christian (right) looks so damn cute in this one that I'm posting it anyway. Sorry Andrew!

DOUCHE ALERT! Once the baker said hi to this guy at a bar because they had hung out previously. The dude, however, acted like he didn't know Matt and opted to call him a "fucking jew" as Matt walked away. And Matt's not even jewish!

This guy was stoked to wander into Eastern Bloc on such a ruckus night, I'm sure.

Legendary DJ Man Parrish dropped in to tell he had just bought a nearby bar. Good Times Thursdays, here we come!

Cute and new-ish East Village couple Darren (left) and Anthony made their twerking debut last night.

And then the kids started dancing...

...and drinking (well, James on the left is always drinking, but still)...

...till suddenly everyone in the bar was suddenly and completely drunk. Emily sported a new hairdo that she called very Chloe Sevigny circa 1996.

Matt started kissing everyone in the bar because he turned 34 at midnight, which meant he could do whatever he wanted. Fucking jew!

Speaking of jews, Adam (left) was in full effect with a hot group of guys I had never seen before.

Everytime I see Adam (once a year, if that), he's like, hi, I'm Adam. And I'm like, we met last year. And he's like, did we? And then he's like, ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, but I'm sure he's totally faking it.

Thomas (left) pulled that whole Clark Kent thing on me by wearing glasses. I was like, who's this handsome gentleman and then he took of the glasses and was like, ta da!

Five drinks and five shots later, Matt was giving hello hickeys to Marc (left) instead of kisses.

Another cute guy, another drink in Matt's hand.

Bartender Sammy (right) chilled with friends and asked me to please not play that song that he hates from Silence of the Lambs.

We even had a pole-off to the tune of Pop, Drop and Lock it, though I think everyone was a winner last night.

Sammy's hot mohawked friend, whose name I still do not know.

Matt, pre-make out party.

Matt, post-make out party (with Emily).

This guy on the right was so handsome and yet feared being photographed. What's that all about?

"I'm every woman! It's all in me!..."

"...anything, ya want done bay-beh. I do it naturally."

And of course, as Matt got on the stripper pole to freak Shino (right) the camera battery died, which is a sure sign that the party was too much fun. See you next week!