Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Though I was never happy with the idea of downtown DJ hero Gant Johnson moving to Denver, I now realize that if he hadn't moved, he wouldn't have come back to play at last Wednesday's East Village Throwback Good Times at Eastern Bloc, where Gant invited Lina, his partner in crime from yesteryear, to join him on the decks.

I tried to get a photo of Lina and Gant's five-minute reunion hug when Gant strolled in to Good Times and even though I missed it, you can still see how much these two were beaming after not seeing each other for a hot minute.

Everyone loves an early evening show and this patron did not disappoint.

Yes, she took it there, and by there I mean she made her friends hold her in the air while she performed a split. As Dionne Warwick would say, that's what friends are for, hussy.

Once they got settled in the DJ booth, Lina and Gant started up with the shows, first with Gant slipping into sandals so Lina could grasp for his toetrix, which, as you can see, she very much did.

DONKEY (me, left and Mikey Fuentes) had a production date earlier in the evening that night to work on some original music and square away some tracks for the upcoming SESSIONS 002 mixtape we'll be putting out very very soon.

Apparently sprained ankles and foot fractures are very much in style at the moment according to Nana (left, who really knows how to work a crutch) as well as Nita and Severino. Global crutch trend!


Since we heard that some Boy Bar royalty might be passing through, we tried to get Keisha's drag mother Princess Diandra to roll through as well (I have yet to meet this mysterious Diandra) but to no avail.

Classic Linish and College cuddling, courtesy of the ORIGINAL DJ/photographer combo, Gant Johnson, whose photos you can always identify by the swirl of lights. 

The DJ/photographer snapping a photo of the DJ/photographer while being photographed. META!

Did I mention that EVERYONE came out to catch a glimpse of the dynamic duo of Gant and Lina in action, including Charles, Trani and Gant's main squeeze, Lars (on the right).

Really looking forward to seeing what House of Ladosha Dad Michael Magnan (left) has in store for the Ladosha gallery opening of The Whole House Eats this Thursday. Also really looking forward to having guest DJ Colby B. (right) on Feb. 13th for some kind of Valentine's Day lovefest Good Times.

Peter (right) says Obey! or he will hypnotize you and put you to sleep just as you're about to get your photo snapped.

I'm pretty sure that Mr. David aka Glamamore and Connie showing up at my little old Wednesday night party while Gant Johnson and Lina were DJing might be one of my crowning achievements in life. Love you both!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, in rolled Michael T. to pose for this soon-to-be super legendary photo.

A nice place to perch and watch the evening's activities unfold.

Apparently there were shows going on at both ends of the bar, but such behavior is expected when so many sensational showgirls gather together.

If you squint your eyes, it almost looks like these two are serving up some kind of Abby and Brittany conjoined realness.

Dressed in all black like the Omen. (Have your friends sayin' 'This is for my homey.')

At some point, I lost track of all the legendary friends and family of Gant and Lina's that rolled through last Wednesday but if you can't tell from the photos, love was in the air.

Stories for DAYS.

Big Scot literally started crying when Glamamore showed up at the door since apparently those two go back to the prehistoric era together.

Shalom and chai, hello, nice to see you Ari Gold.

I smell trouble with these two but I see smiles all around.


Usually I steer clear of posting "I blinked" photos, yet it somehow seems okay to post 'em when both parties are caught in the act.

Things I learned last week: Trani LOVES the Ha Dance. In fact, Trani loves lots of 90s house music, which Lina and Gant turned out in droves.

Nana really worked the crutch prop for all it was worth and goddamn did she do a good job. PS - Linish, we see you on the mic! And we love it.

Alvin and Lars seemingly waiting for a bathroom moment. Or were they just catching up about the good ol' days at the Boiler Room? The world may never know.


It's never too cold for a black tank top, especially with yet another fashion week looming right around the corner.

Our guest coat checker, Sable Scities, is one of the nicest, sweetest and most talented coat checkers I've ever met.

Nana and Sparber lovefest.

The whole evening was actually one big lovefest, with Gant introducing me to all of the most important people in his life, many of whom are also the most important people in New York nightlife.

Late night shows with Eastern Bloc owner Darren (left) and Frankie, who just had me DJ the backroom at his Westgay party and my oh my was it a good time.

"Call me!" Or just come back to Good Times next week when we celebrate all things Brazil in honor of Carnival, my upcoming trip to Sao Paolo you really need me to spell out all the reasons to celebrate Brazil? Gustavo is DJing and the atmosphere will be warm and sexy. Trust.

Charles and Danilo, getting ready to drop it low and make that ass pop.

Stay queer of here is not just a cute Eastern Bloc design elements. It's actually where bartenders like Sam (pictured) enter and exit the bar area so yeah, steer queer of here.

Late night Latin hunkiness.

It may have been torrential outside but the sun was certainly shining inside the bar that night. Thank you to Gant, Lina and everyone who passed through for our East Village throwblack party. We must just do another one real real soon. Stay tuned and see you next Wednesday with Gustavo for Brazilian Good Times. xo


In honor of Carnival, sexy men and my upcoming trip to Sao Paolo (!), we have the stellar Brazilian superstar Gustavo (of Snaxx fame) guesting to tonight's Good Times at Eastern Bloc, Brazilians Do It Better edition.