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He owned some of New York's most influential record stores (Throb!) and DJed at seminal New York City clubs including Meat, Click & Drag and others. On this overdue episode of Twerking Radio, Aldo Hernandez schools us on the olden days of the East Village (he moved here on the eve of the Tompkins Square Riots) and shares his newest tech house favorites along with stories of Johnny Dynell, Lina, Junior and Frankie Knuckles. Download HERE or HERE.


Harlot (Thee Glitz Extended Mix) - Felix da Housecat
Kansas City Clone - Scissor Sisters
Missy Queens Gonna Die - Tok Tok vs. Soffy O
Get it Off - Underground Three
Millie Vanillie - Green Velvet & Russoul
Spanish Teenager ft. Jake Shears - Casey Spooner
Baba O'Reily - London Philharmonic
Space Kundun - Hura
Miss Honey - Moi Renee
La Florentina - Peter & the Magician
Sandcastle Disco (Machinedrum Remix) - Solange Knowles
Here's your Trance Now Dance! - Omar S.
Hasta El Fin - Oliver Ton


Dim all the lights, sweet darlin', cuz that time of year has rolled around (aka midsummer) when we pay tribute to the queen that is Donna Summer at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. This year's party was called Endless Donna Summer and, as always, starred me, Michael T. and a ton of Giorgio Moroder-produced delicacies.

Natasha (right) still alleges that she's moving down to ATL at the beginning of August, which means we all need to get a photo and a grope in before she leaves. Her Good Times going away party has already been scheduled for August 3rd so you'll have your chance too.

Jordan (left) took a journey to the centre of my heart early on in the evening and stuck with my Donna set for quite some time, maybe even long enough to hear me play Lucky TWICE.

I swear that the thrupple known as Devin, Ian and Kyle (from left) only walked by to get a snapshot, though I would have love to danced to Last Dance with that doggy.

Bad girls.

Ruben's first Good Times! And we have a sneaking suspicion he'll be back for more.

Your Bel Ami moment of Zen.


Some folks have really been pushing for another Goth Good Times (aka Bauhaus night), though since I was never die-hard about painting my face white or anything like that, it's more like that we'll do an ode to Trent Reznor before we get goth again. Sorry folks!

Wednesdays are indeed Hump Day over at Eastern Bloc.

The gay Princeton posse, making the rounds and flaunting their gingerness.

And the award for the best groomed beard of the evening goes to.

These East Village sisters been sharing the same streets of Alphabet City for eons and still find a way to bring the most incredible energy to my party and nightlife in general. Heart both of you Darren and Formika.


But really, this is what Donna does to people!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID M. (left)! So happy to have you stay out one more hour each and every Wednesday. Hopefully by September, you'll be shutting the bar down with us at 4am and leading the way to the after party.

Formika was giving shows in the DJ booth during both my set and Michael T.'s. He also got to see Donna Summer perform at an intimate performance for 200 at the old Crow Bar on 10th st. and Avenue B and he says it was EVERYTHING.

Did I mention that every dude that came out on Wednesday was the hottest thing in the universe?

Macy's (center) and Matteliano (right) need to jump on this gay marriage bandwagon and throw the best East Village nightclub wedding of all time ever.


Formika as Ms. Hot Stuff herself.

Mike the teacher (right) is about to get schooled despite his hard-earned summer vacay.

It's always poppers and daddies here at Good Times, even when its not officially Poppers & Daddies (we'll do that again in September, I promise).

Heaven knows! (this party is only getting better and better. I'm already looking forward to next summer!)


Ryan has been lobbying for Natasha to perform an entire concert at her going away Good Times on August 3rd, though I think she'll just be doing one or two numbers at most. Sorry Ryan! And work that paparazzi camera Ms. Natashanista!

Someone is coming for my mankini tank top look and its the substitute doorman, who I'm pretty sure is an Eastern Bloc go-go that Darren magically "promoted" to do the door last Wednesday. Not mad at it.

After-sunset people.

Taste that furry paw, Lance, cuz its the last time you'll get to this summer, as Kevin embarks on his European tour right after next week's Good Times, which just HAPPENS to be our Third Annual Nite of Deee-Lite, with Deee-Lite know-it-all Michael Magnan.

Greggy (left) and Wedgey, who is giving new meaning to the term tank top.

Hair shows!

Our guest DJ Michael T. (left) made his grand return to the Good Times turntables for Endless Donna Summer and did an absolutely stupendous job.

My William! And my Linish!

Boys of summer.

Time for Snaxxx. So good to see Richie again too, who I welcome with a big, warm bear hug that lasted the entire 16 minutes and 52 seconds of the Love to Love You Baby 12-inch mix, because that is how much I love to love Richard King.

I feel love (for that hairdo!)

Maybe every week should just be an Endless Donna Summer. Or we should all move to Ibiza and really live out the Endless Donna Summer dream with a Donna Summer soundtrack on for life.

Sexy mens all around! Told you.

JR, "Nate," and Ritter, or as I like to call them, my alpha dogs. xoxo

Could it be magic?!

No, this is not a PBR advertisement, though it very well could be just in case anyone is looking to sponsor Good Times (wink wink nudge nudge).


Lil' Cesar and his fashion bitches.

Free mustache rides for reals, as advertised at Eastern Bloc.

It's must be that Last Dance time of the evening, as I think last call has rolled around, meaning ONLY 364 more days until the next Endless Donna Summer Good Times! (and one week till our annual Nite of Deee Lite!)

Sam & William.

Cutest picture of all time ever.

Thank you to Michael T. and everyone that came out for another amazing Donna party. I truly do feel lovvvvvvvvvvvvvVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvve. See you next week for Endless Deee Lite. xo, Sparber