Wednesday, November 28, 2012



When I first asked DJ and living legend Ron Like Hell if he'd DJ with me at our Thanksgiving Eve Good Times party last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc, he said, "Sure! It'll probably be quiet but cute, right?" I then informed him that Thanksgiving Eve is always a shit show since most people don't have to work the following day and we both got real excited. And rightfully so.

Even when I arrived at Eastern Bloc at 10pm, the bar was already pretty busy with happy hour folk doing happy hour things like posing for group shots, as you can see here.


Me and this one kept joking about Shazaming each and every track that Ron (left) would play since Ron is the king of un-shazamable music. And lo and behold, each and every time we tried to Shazam ANYTHING that night, we were foiled by a Ron Like Hell re-edit or something akin to that.

Hakan forbade me from snapping any photos of him, opting instead to take the pretty self-portrait you see before your eyes.

Though the bar was packed to the brim, I somehow convinced this habibi named Hilal (right) to snap some photos of the Good Times that were while I DJed and danced beside Ron for most of the night.

A very drunk Lulu and a very long-haired Mikey.

Jamil La'BEIJA, giving faaaaaaaaaaaaace.

I asked Hilal to go out into the masses and snap some photos of bearded cuties and boy did he deliver.

So an Australian and a riot grrrl walk into a bar...

I'm sure their beards were dripping with gravy about 24 hours after this photo was taken. And speaking of gravy, we postponed our annual Purple Gravy Prince and his Proteges night one week, which means this coming Wednesday is PURPLE GRAVY GOOD TIMES with me and Gag's Cameron Cooper!

Hug it out boys. The night is still young and I'm pretty sure you don't have to go into the office tomorrow.

Ron asked if I could bring along one of my turntables, and being that Ron is indeed a living legend, I had a hard time saying no. I also had a hard time schlepping it home at 430am but that's another story.

Ron Like Hell has the best groupies EVER.

And Good Times at Eastern Bloc has the best bar men ever.

At some point in the night this happened and I was loving every minute of it.

YES MAMA! Giving me poses for days.

The music was so off the chain that night that people couldn't do anything but dance, even when they looked just about ready to go out into a blizzard.

Let's play a little game with Jacon, Tony and Ricky (from left) called marry fuck kill, though I'm sure there's good reason to do each with each.


If I didn't say it 10 times already, Ron played the most stupendous set ever. He truly is a living legend and I can't wait the next installment of his monthly Wrecked party and wherever else he may turn up with vinyl in hand.

One of the best things about Thanksgiving Eve is that you get to see some folks that rarely show face on a Wednesday due that whole 9 - 5 thing such as the lovely Matty Glitterati.

I'm no longer the only ho in the DJ booth stinking the place up with my ripe armpits. Thanks William!

CHRISTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know Christeene was going to be making a late night cameo because otherwise I would have begged and pleaded for her to perform at our little party that could. Next time?

Yes to EVERYTHING about Marc's look last Wednesday, from the sweat shorts to the mesh midriff shirt to the jockstrap.

Late night dinner in the club, anyone? Thanks again to Ron Like Hell and everyone that came out last Wednesday. Be sure to come back next week when me and Cameron Cooper serve up Purple Gravy with Prince and Apollonia and Vanity and Jill Jones and the Time tracks all night long. xo, Sparber

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



In the grand scheme of DJing, there are certain DJs who pave the way for the rest of us. Victor Rodriguez is one of those DJs. He hails from Los Angeles, has been throwing parties for god knows how long and needless to say, has DJ skills and taste levels are beyond impeccable, which is why we were elated to welcome him back to our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday for a classic Victor Rodriguez set.

Like a true professional, Victor showed up early and got all set up with his high tech gear so he could kick back and catch up with his legions of friends and fans before turning us out.

It seems like Mercury was in retrograde for eons according to Colby, who had terrible luck with both Hurricane Sandy and her pooch, who was injured just as the Hurricane hit. Things should be looking up for Ms. Bartrug quite soon though since she's still a fierce DJ and still ready to let NYC have it.

Me and the cuteness that is barman Rob, who is now toying with the idea of becoming a cop! (I can't even begin to talk about how many fantasies that would open up for me and every other person with a pulse, but then again, that was last week. This week, he's probably talking about living in the Australian bush). 

Good Times, welcoming beards of all colors, shapes and sizes each and every Wednesday at Eastern Bloc.

Heartthrob coatchecker Marc is back and its a damn shame we didn't snap any other photos of him last Wednesday because he was showing VPL (visible panty line) through his sleeveless cut-off and those panties just happened to be a jockstrap.

Since last week's photo of Sam striking a diva pose behind the bar generated a slew of comments on photos, he figured he'd butch it up for his cameo in this week's photo roll.

Speaking of butching it up, why was everyone (including William, pictured here) posing like this last week? Not mad, just sayin'.

W. Jeremy (left, next to Sheki's priceless acid-wash hat) has so many tricks up his sleeve in the next few month, one of which includes a guest DJ set at Good Times on December 5th and another which includes a major 12-inch release on his record label, Warriors, produced and remixed by the most major men of women of nightlife. Stay tuned.

THE LEGENDS OF NIGHTLIFE. So honored to be in the presence of these three let alone have the privilege to DJ with each and every one of them.

Linger on, my pale blue-eyed friends.

Jersey in the house!

Frankie (pictured in prime pole position) is currently vying for a spot hosting a gay travel show and needs your youtube hits to propel him to the top of the competition. Go hear his sexy Jersey accent accent and help him snatch the prize:

It's no coincidence that my sister Nita (left, with Eastern Bloc owner and Honcho cover boy Darren) named his latest and greatest production project The Carry Nation—this bitch can CARRY. Not only did he do after hours with us but he played us some of his upcoming productions and she is ON POINT. Look for an upcoming episode of Twerking Radio with this one real real soon.

Happy birthday Hakan! We love having you in New York and we never want you to go back to Istanbul. Ever.

Next time we wanna see those pits up close and personal.

The other half of the Carry Nation, DJ Will, showed face and support for his longtime friend and DJ mentor, Victor Rodriguez, who apparently turned Will on to a slew of disco records when Will was just a baby DJ back in the 90s. (the 1890s, that is.)

Good Times under red lights.

And then this happened.

Guess who's back from Berlin, head over heels in love and ready for some more production sessions with Sparber?

I don't exactly know how the party ended like this but I'll take it as a sign of a successful party, especially with all that debris on the ground.

Photographing the photographer! Thank you Victor and everyone who came out last Wednesday (and Friday for Jizz at Metro, which was WILD!). See you next week for Thanksgiving Eve aka biggest party night of the year, where DJ legend Ron Like Hell will be guesting with me and making you dance before your Turkey feast the following day. Come get stuffed. xx, Sparber

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When our Black Queen Halloween Good Times party was cancelled due to the lack of electricity at Eastern Bloc (and in the entire East Village), we figured we'd come back bigger and badder the following week with a night of hip hop nonsense between me and my younger Long Island DJ twin Dicap (aka Anthony Dicapua). Unfortunately, mother nature and her nor'easter snowstorm had other plans for us.

Hakan trekked over to Good Times at Eastern Bloc with me and Mikey F. as it snowed down on us. Due to the inclement weather, Mikey and I decided to tag team for the opening set under our new production duo name, Donkey.

Mikey F. one the 1's and 2's.

Donkey = Sparber (left) and Sexy Mikey. Keep an eye out for our upcoming productions. You'll gag.

In the mix with the Obamas, who had won reelection the night before.

As you can see, given the snowstorm and the lack of a photographer, we didn't snap many pics beyond DJ booth portraits such as this gem of Damacio.

DJ DICAP! Dicap's set spanned years and years of house and hip hop, with a special emphasis on tracks sampling The Ha Dance and new hip hop finds like Brooke Candy, who I have already fallen madly in love with.

Even on a slow night, the sexiness of our staffers is enough to keep the party pumping.

Luxuriating as it snowed and snowed outside.

Barman Rob has also been practicing his DJ skills to wow you with his pop selections at Eastern Bloc on a Sunday and/or Monday night.

Despite the snow, we still managed to turn things into a dance party. Plus Donkey had their world debut and Dicap did his Good Times debut which sounded stellar. Come by next week when the weather will be as Los Angeles as it gets and guest DJ Victor Rodriguez (from LA) will warm with you with his sunny sounds. xo, Sparber