Sunday, July 13, 2008


Vasmay Lounge, the straight watering hole that replaced the Lower East Side lesbian mecca known as Meow Mix where I once DJed a rockin' New Years Eve party, has closed. Or, according to the sign on the door this morning, has moved to 179 Essex St., which must mean Essex Ale House (previously 12-inch, which would have made for a great gay bar if in name only) has also closed. Lest we not forget what came before 12-inch bar: FILTHY MCNASTY'S, the best-named bar ever.

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Anonymous said...

Please give credit where it's due: Filthy McNasty's is simply the Horace Silver tune on his classic Blue Note LP: Doin' the Thing (live at the Village Gate)-I had the pleasure of hearing Horace perform it over the years, so don't give these bar folk any credit for creativity they haven't earned.