Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Due to a rare cosmic alignment, all of the most perfect factors fell into place for last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc: Miss Sasha Fierce (aka Beyonce) was celebrated, Jiggly Caliente performed, Cazwell guest DJed and lean, green St. Patrick's Day revelers, including four sexy, gay Irish hosts of our own, brought Eastern Bloc blood-alcohol levels to a new high.

I can only imagine what the happy hour shift was like with Sammy (in the stripes) given the look on his face here. And yes to green plaid.

St. Patrick's Day is many things to many people, including a great excuse to wear clashing colors.

Magically delicious like a frosted lucky charm.

Nice touch with those green beer cups. Due to the red interior glow of Eastern Bloc, most of your color palette effort goes unnoticed until now.

Kurt (left) pretty much stood guard by this corner of the bar for the majority of the night and planned out ways to sneak patrons down to the cellar and have his way with them.

One of our lovely Irish hosts, Mr. Michael "Tommy" Callahan-Lollo (with Jeff and Hunter), giving you IRISH I WERE DRUNK Chippendale bowtied realness.

Get into that shamrock sweater! I bet she's been wearing that one on St. Paddy's Day since 1994 and it seems to do the trick each and every year. (And by trick, I mean her cute gay friends such as Paul will grope her in said sweater.)

I think it is safe to say that this was the busiest Good Times everrrrrr. Gays love a Beyonce night and a nationally sanctioned day o' drunkenness.

In the most genius move ever, Shawn (right, with Thomas and friend) actually brought a RESERVED sign for his corner booth last week just to remind you not to fuck with his VIP area. And then Kelvin didn't photograph it.

If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know.

Looks like the ladies were feeling a little too crazy in love to pose for a picture that night .

DENIM TUXEDO ALERT! Otherwise, these two can do no wrong in my book.

A somewhat separated at birth moment for Greg (left) and James, who is about to die and be reincarnated as Courtney Love's mucus after we attend the upcoming Hole show.

Andre totally did a J. Lo double-sided tape maneuver to keep that tank covering up his frankenboob.

Eddie (left) in full-on leprechaun-hunting attire.

Gustavo (left) must have had a big weekend after Wednesday with his Sugar Daddy party on Friday and the Black Party on Saturday. He has since been in bed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

These boys were jumpin' jumpin' in eager anticipation of a performance from Miss Universo Latina Plus, aka the one and only Jiggly Caliente.

Ru (right) and 500 other people trekked over to our party from an outstanding Scissor Sisters show, where Del, Jake & co. turned it out with guest vocalist Sandra Bernhardt.

The one in the plaid has got me feelin' so crazy right now.

St. Patrick's Day is the ONE day when ginger beards are pretty much the norm here in New York City.

Guest DJ Cazwell (right), with his go-go boyfriend and all around sweetheart Johnny Sanford.

New York's answer to the original lineup of Destiny's Child.

The one on the left is coming for Robyn's look and Phillipe Blonde's look all at once. PS - The new Robyn tracks are turning me out.

Josh S. (right), giving Enrico and friend mega-side eye.

Host Peter Glennon (left, with Brian) is the Irish genius that came up with the idea for us to have gay greenies host the party and boy are we glad we did. Peter and I also played a mini jungle set 315am when everyone was too sloshed to hear anything.

Daniel and me, wishing you a happy St. Patrick's Day from New York to Miami, London to Paris. You do it. You can feel it. And we can all groove with it.

Keisha with the Miss Aretha Franklin St. Patrick's Day e-FFECT!

Who is cuter than our other host for the evening, Colin Fitzpatrick, who disappeared without grabbing the urine-themed tote bag I was holding for him in the DJ booth .


Give it up for Ms. Jiggly Caliente!

Jiggly turned it out with a live version of Crazy in Love for her first number and she pretty much had the entire jam-packed bar feeling crazy in love with her from the get go.

Getting jiggly with it.

Ahmed (left) blessed me with some gorgeous 80s middle eastern music before my big trip to Turkey, Lebanon and Syria today. But fear not - Jimmy Im will keep you dancing at next week's Cheese Ball and Michael Magnan and Telfar are bringin' back Slurp the week after.

Family portrait.

Once you're done being mesmerized by the handsomeness of these three, check out that green fedora!

Tastes jewy.

It just occured to me that we should have had a Red Headed Slut drink special for St. Patrick's Day! (yes, it's a real drink: peach schnapps, Jaeger and cranberry).

Looking mischievous. Or maybe just really really excited that Jiggly is about to come back on and do another number.

This time, Jiggly broke it down and did a live medley that started out with a Beyonce love ballad...

...before breaking into the entire dance routine for Single Ladies! You betta werk, momma!

Fashion face.

How many pig tshirts does Harris (right) own?! Let us count them by the week.

BREAKING NEWS! Adam (right) and the House of Ladosha will be performing at my Friday night Sugarland party on April 9th and I am already gagggggggging!

Reenacting the Beyonce-Gaga Telephone video. "Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger."


Good times were had by all. Well all except the serious face here on the left, who is having a mini peekaboob moment of his own.

Scenes from Marquee. Or maybe they're Ruff Club kids who have nowhere else to go. RIP Ruff Club.

St. Patrick's Day goes hand in hand wih straight but not narrow antics such as this.

Suck it in, Will!

Did Ryan M. drag Yelle down to our little party that could? Je veux te voir!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody. Check out next week's Cheese Ball and the Slurp reunion on March 31 at Good Times. xoxo