Monday, September 29, 2008


Pop songs I CANNOT get into:

1. Rihanna - Disturbia
3. Pussy Cat Dolls - When I Grow Up
4. Madonna - Give It To Me
5. Pink - So What
2. Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

Shut up Katy Perry. You're like the Tila Tequila of music.

Pop songs I can't get enough of:

1. Danity Kane - Damaged
2. Mylie Cyrus - See You Again
3. Lindsay Lohan - Bossy
4. Lady Gaga - Just Dance
5. Jesse McCartney - Leavin'

Yes, I said Jesse McCartney, mostly for those first four measures where he doesn't sing but there's still something way catchy about that song. There's also something way creepy about him being 21 yet looking like he's 15.

And then there's Womanizer, Britney's new single which I'm on the fence about, though judging by the nonstop requests for it the day it came out, I'm guessing it's gonna be pretty big.

Britney Spears - Womanizer

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Touching video about the largest vinyl archive in the world, now for sale.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm still in Croatia and loving the newest music video from legendary East Village doorman Big Scot and his musical group Applemoes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'll be DJing in that fortress pictured here, located in Dubrovnik, Croatia this week. Back at Good Times Sept. 24. And then Rosh Hashana Good Times October 1st! Get out your yarmulke.


Three weeks ago, Nowhere barmaid and good friend Christian (we'll call him Christina) hosted a wigs and waterguns party at his Brooklyn digs. Last week at Good Times at Eastern Bloc, Christina helped import his party to our Wednesday happening, I threw in wieners (read: hot dogs and pigs in a blanket) and the results were magical.

Chistina (right) got a little hostessing help from Andre-a (left) and photographer Kelvira (center). Gorgeous ladies of wiggery much?

Roger (left) and friend had been boozing since the early evening, when I ran into them over by Western Beef. Fashion week + wigs and wieners = feeling groovy early in the night.

Oops! Somebody thought this was the headbands and handjobs. That's not until October.

Well hello boys. I cannot seem to make out the hair sitch going on with the handsomeness on the right. I want to say his wig is slipping off but I think he might just have an electroclash 'do.

Frank (right) needn't wear a wig with the mane he is already sporting (hidden from full view in this here pic).

Scotty, Christian G. and Jacob (from left) were too cool for school (Vassar, to be exact) for wig night but I think Christian got in on the borrowed wig action.

Mikey (right, with electroclash dude) is back from Europe and looking svelter than ever, maybe because his air carrier, Zoom Airlines, went out of business WHILE he was overseas and now he is too broke to eat.

MESH AND MICKEY MOUSE REALNESS! You know they were for Vogue too.

Ms. Burke opted for a clip-on pouf that matched his features quite nicely.

I also played lots of Divine (yes, she was an actress but she also had tons of italo disco hits) because she was the queen of wigs and boys like the ones pictured here need to hear You Think You're A Man But You're Only A Boy on repeat.

A little game I like to call: wig or real? I'm guessing left is real, bottom center is wig. Back center...wig?


That Latino dude from the Boiler Room! He's always quite nice and even wears leather jackets. What if he's the next Jonny McGovern and this is his harem of boys?

Say heyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Pailo hung in the DJ booth all night and helped snap some pics of the fabulousness going on all around us. Sadly, those pics were not taken on my camera.

Christina and Kelvira (from right) bid farewell to Chrissie Miller (left), who flew back to London after two action-packed weeks in New York. Come back soon Chrissie!

James B., now in school for a Masters and carrying his homework files around with him.

Hot boys who thought they were headed to Gym Bar but actually ended up at Eastern Bloc. I ain't mad at it.

Wig or real, starting from left: wig, real, real? and Pete Wentz?

Damaienne (with Jaime), evoking a Lil Kim moment, like maybe when Diana Ross grabbed Lil Kim's boob. Which would make Jaime Ms. Ross. MAHOGANY!

An old friend from high school named Justin, who I haven't seen all that much of these past 10 years. He was pretty religious about running track while I was ummm, uh, wearing wigs to high school (true story).

Matt and Christian's take on lady and the tramp. But which one is the tramp?

Chris hung around just long enough for pigs in blankets and hot dogs to be served, then peaced out faster than you can say cat-sup.

Your DJ for the evening (Jimmy was devouring chocolate in Switzerland this week), getting friendly with a frank.

Halloween is just around the corner people. Please think of something more clever than a Brooklyn hipster this year (I'm looking at you Jason Rodgers, Chaz and Ethan).

I like how this pic is so similar to the other one except Christian swapped wigs. He's definitely the tramp.

Hot dog and beer bellyache action on the dance floor.

Wig or real: REAL, but can easily be dolled up as a wig if necessary.

Andre-a, giving us an outdoor Grace Jones moment.

Valdez (left) and Kurt, awaiting a heavy metal grunge Good Times party. It's coming, boys, but first we have to do our annual Rosh Hashana party (with Michael Delucia's birthday) on October 1st.

I smell something underage and handsome.

They were loving my B-52's Legal Tender remix yet wishing I had packed Wig.

We are equal opportunists when it comes to the pole. Shake what your momma gave ya!

Oh yes she did! Jaime donned heels and a wig to officially make this the BEST, PARTY, EVER!

At a loss of word for seeing Jaime in heels and a wig.

Giving it up for the 5,429th that I played a track off of Kylie Minogue's X.

Oh how I wish this was real and not just a wig. Note the chest wig too. Just kidding.

Checking to see if he digested those wieners before going in for the kill.

Blondes, definitely having more fun.

Evans is gorgeous to begin with but even more gorgeous when he wears a blonde wig and even more gorgeous than that when giving a Charles DJ booth stance.

The Flirts.

Is he diving for the crotch or a sip of that cocktail? I mean, Svedka drinks are only $4 gurl.

I can't remember whose wig that was but it was definitely a showstopper. I'm already planning my outfit for the sequel to this party, by the way.

Wig or real? Or extensions? Or WEAVE! At least his lip gloss is poppin'.

Rumor has it that this one was "straight." Then again, don't straight guys always love wig and wiener parties?

Last call.

Eric (left) and Mark rolled up late night. Then Mark lost the wig you see here on Eric's head which I had had for 14 years. Boo hoo. No sharing wigs with Mark at the next wig party.