Wednesday, March 28, 2012


...with special performance by the one and only Michael T. Not to be missed.


Former Urge employee turned doorman / party boy Frankie (left) and former DJ Tekshur turned Eastern Bloc coatchecker / barman Marc.


With the annual New York City Black Party looming (it was this past Saturday), we invited our favorite gypsy bear Mark Louque, who always rolls through town to work the Black Party in as many ways as he possibly can, to come guest with us for a furry, goyishe Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. And since our buddy AK was visiting from Chicago, we asked him to host too.

Gugu may be an early bird at our party but we must say that we love her presence, even more so when we realize she's been serving it at Westway on Tuesday's and at My Chiffon is Wet on Thursdays. AND she has a day job. Work Gugu!

We finally made it to My Chiffon is Wet last Thursday at Eastern Bloc, hosted by Gugu and music by Paisley Dalton, and we must say we were quite impressed. Paisley even had everyone singing a Chorus Line at one point while Gugu gave the only pole dance show.

Backwards caps are now the new trucker cap. Learn it and learn it well.

Even though this ol' couple have only been together a year or two, I'm becoming one of those people that says, "in gay years, that's an eternity!" I love how "gay years" is even a thing.

I'm also loving that she is a thing and a gorgeous one at that.

Hi Chuckie! We will never forget the time that Chuck (left) complimented our DJ set at the Park and then begged for a Glee song. We did not oblige.

There's a new DJ on the block and his name is Jack (right) and he is handsome and has started doing monthlies out in Bed Stuy (!) and in the East Village so you know he's only moments away from stardom and heroin addiction. Welcome to the family Jack!

This season's frames forecast is looking dark yet not too thick or chunky. Personally, I'd love to see vintage Fila sports frames and Dwayne Wayne flip shades come back in style but that's just me.

A Josh Wood doppelganger on the right and I'm not mad at it in the least.

I did end up at the Black Party this weekend and thank god for that Love Lounge room where I got to hang with Dandy Lion (left) and listen to Dave Picard, Ryan Smith and my west coast DJ namesake, Jacob Sperber. Thanks boys!

One half of my Chicago crew, Michael (left) came to New York for five days of birthday celebrations and late night nonsense. He stayed with our favorite armpit connoisseur, Rob (right) though with all the partying, we're not even sure they saw much of each other.

AK (second from right) was also visiting from Chicago and I made sure he saw all the sites and met all the right people, including his posse of 20something cuties, Devin, Kyle and Ian (from right).

Frank (left, with Roger) was suppose to be in New York for one or two weeks and now he's been here one or two or three months and keeps popping to put a smile on my face by announcing, "I'm still heeeeeere!!!!!!!!"

Mikey, aka College, is rumored to be accompanying me and Lina when we fly over to London and Berlin in mid-April for some DJ gigs and European good times.

The night's guest of honor, DJ Mark Louque, was thrilled to be back in New York for the first of many week-long gigs. He also looked great, sounded great and probably smelled great too, though I didn't get a good whiff and I don't think he got shirtless this time around.

Another honorable guest was Gabe (left, with Brett), whose Raunch party at the Faultline in Los Angeles was so great when I DJed it in January that I'm coming back again for another round in mid-May. Gabe was also kind enough to share some photos he snapped of Good Times, which I've included in the set below:

This is what Good Times and Eastern Bloc and the handsomeness that is Brett (right) looks like with a proper camera and proper flash!

Dandy and his buddy, in awe of the professional-looking camera they see before them.

We hear that these two disappeared for two or three days after last week's Good Times. If you've seen them, please tell them that a week has gone by and they must get dressed and attend tonight's Good Times birthday party for the one and only Rich King, who will also guest DJ with me.

We also hear that RuPaul Drag Race contestant and Good Times' friend Dida Ritz is known around town as the legs of Chicago. If so, we can only hope that AK and Michael are gaining a reputation as the beards of Chicago.

New and interesting perspectives of the cavern where we've been throwing our weekly party for five long years.

Though these two haven't been out as much as they used to, we're still super proud of Devin (right) for his Emmy nomination with Nickelodeon and Kyle (left) for his rapid fashion rise with his Studmuffin clothing. Oh, and we want some samples too.

Since I still don't know his name, we will continue to refer to him as the Gun Show, which was still on display this past Wednesday.

Fitted cap, check. Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice, check. XL white tee, check.

Rikki (right) is a young, budding midwesterner who recorded his first hip hop track this past week and also his big tings a gwan in his near future.

And a view of the other end of the bar. With Gabe's lens, it actually looks like Eastern Bloc's capacity may be more than 10.

Digital DJ bear. Someone told me that my description of Mark as a gypsy bear was so incredibly spot on that that shall be his name from now on. Not gonna argue with it.

Thank you Gabe Ayala, aka Rolling Blackouts, for this lovely photo set. And now back to our regularly scheduled photos of Good Times taken with a crappy flash and a handheld Panasonic Lumix.

One of those photos where you pose with your friend who just G-ed out on GHB while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Greg (right) and Tim are this week's shiny happy people holding hands.

And Michael (left) is this week's Good Times heartthrob.

Since the official Welcome Back Armando! party has yet to happen, we've been treating every Armando appearance as a welcome home party minus the requisite Pinot Grigio and the Miami booty music.


I've had a growing appreciation of late for DJ Bus Station John's no cell phone rule at his weekly Thursday Tubesteak Connection party out in San Francisco.

The gang, giving you chesticles and side boob action.

THE LOOK, according to Xander. I think very very late in the night, I even played Xander VERY underrated single, The Look, and Xander even did some live performances of it at and around the bar. I live for some Xander.

If you didn't attend the Black Party, this is pretty much what it looked like minus the clothing.

Coat checker Marc, giving you a Frankie Delessio effect minus the whole body hair thing.

An East Village neighbor of mine named Panos, who informed me not only does he live on the same street as me but the S is Panos is silent, something I didn't even learn in Greece.

Luke and Denise in one of their more sober moments of life.

Though we ecstatically look forward to next week's Rich King Birthday Good Times (special PERFORMANCE by Michael T.!), we also are super eager for April 4th, when W. Jeremy (seen here sexting) and your truly give you a Very Passover Good Times, complete with matzah, matzah brei, matzah balls and of course, MANISCHEWITZ.

I think the last time I saw Scott Aviance (center) and Garrett together was when the Phoenix was still owned by its previous owners and had a kick-ass indie jukebox. RIP OLD PHOENIX BAR.

The eternally young Charlie, who still eternally asks me for free drinks via text message before he shows up at my parties.

Roberto (right) turned up with another beautiful Peruvian friend in tow last Wednesday, but by this point in the night, I'm pretty sure we were jamming out to something redonkulous rather than socializing with handsome Latin men.

SHAQUANDRE AND HER MILLION DOLLAR MONEY MAKER. She seriously needs some insurance for that thing, J. Lo 1999 style.

No photos please!

But we will take one with the DJ and host of the party thankyouverymuch.

Our buddy Alon has begun a viral marketing campaign of his musical alter ego, Alone, even though no Alone tracks have yet to surface on Facebook or Soundcloud or in the Boiler Room jukebox.

Always a delight to see my former coworker and Lower East Side playboy Stephen, who also filled me in on what he's been up to and which degree he finished, though as I previously mentioned, it was rulllllll late at this point.

Real real late.

Bootiqua wants his jacket so he can head home and wake up at 630am and make the donuts over at his baker, Big Booty Bread Company.

Valdez, no longer an East Villager but living in and loving Williamsburg Brooklyn, if you can't tell from this here photo.

Nothing says goodnight and thanks for coming like a ginger bears with an undone bowtie.

Peace up, A-Town down. (We heart Atlanta.)

Bonus footage of our 415am trip to the best deli on earth, Sunny and Annie's, where Chaz got so rowdy around the donuts that they came out and put a big plastic covering over them.

Later Gypsy Bear! See you in Provincetown or Copenhagen or San Diego or Red Hook or at Burning Man, since I'll actually be in attendance this year. Anyone with DJ connections or camps or whatever, let me know. xo, Sparber