Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Sailors were abound in New York City this past week, though they probably changed out of uniform if they did indeed drop by Good Times at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday.

JON JON BATTLES SUPERSTAR! DJ Jon Jon and I rarely cross paths because of our hectic DJ schedules and I hadn't seen him since he ended his legendary Monday night Homeskool spot at the Cock (now Twin Cheeks!), but we agreed that we need to tag team DJ one day soon.

Oooh. Sean (center) is another superstar DJ who holds down Mondays at Eastern Bloc and then comes out to the Cock for the after party. And then the after after party.

The Dave Gronsman crew, now with dark(ish) jeans and white shoes and of course Sean (second from right) with a ginormous bag.

Who's this tall drink of water and why is he giving the universal fuck-the-pain-away signal?

Theater queens. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em reenacting La Cage Aux Follies.

The Jacob Brooks-Harris crew, with ringleader at right, cheerleader at center left and unibomber at the end.

You know these two might just be sailors who read about flannels and varsity jackets as a clever gay camouflage.

See! More plaid flannels. The place was probably teaming with 21-year-old naval newbies who were yearning for a walk on the wild side.

Ah. Steven (center left) and Richard (center right). Sometimes it seems as if we only photograph our friends here at Good Times but I say the more pics of handsome men I know, the better.

Shane (left) and Devin in the classic arm-over-shoulder gay pose. This gesture goes way back to ancient Greek bathhouse times. Trust. Its in our blood.

Who are these ice princesses sandwiching Mikey and are they so cold that their friend really needs to wear an ear muff? Or is that just a really big headband?

The other Mikey (center, last name unknown so its hard to differentiate) is totally in love and moving in with his boyfriend in Brooklyn very very shortly. Handsome friend on the left, however, is NOT his boyfriend and might still be single.

STAGED! I know Pablo (left) made out with his Spanish lover on cam solely so I'd post this but it worked, so there. Sadly, Florentino flies back to Spain this week and thus commences yet another torturous LDR. (long distance relationship.)

GOOD TIMES YOU TO SWEATY FUN TIMES IN THE SUMMER HEAT OF NYC! Dude in the green shirt, gray vest totally steamed next to me at David Barton that afternoon.

Suddently everyone looks Brooklyn or European to me. But nevermind that - CHARLES! The most amazing person on earth with the bun in the back! Don't leave me!

Speaking of summer hotness! Oh, and Cameron (center right) also throws a rad Thursday party at 95 Spring, though I haven't made it there yet because I'm always feeling the after effects of Wednesdays.

Will Marlon succeed in putting his fist in his mouth? Will he wear something better than this shirt, which reads GIANT CUM? Stay tuned next week.

Everyone was so pose-y this week. Or maybe photographer Kelvin finally stopped asking guys to grope all boobies in sight.


Slow dancing at a gay prom in matching Christmas colors.

This guy is wondering when the sailors are going to arrive. Or maybe he IS a sailor and he's all bullshit for getting his photo snapped at a gay bar. Don't ask don't tell!

So sad that this is blurry because that whole vest, tie and moustache combo is precious, as is the dude on the left.

DJ Jimmy's handsome Hell's Kitchen friend whose name I can't remember (left), with JR and some dude who jumped into the background of like, 10 consecutive photos that I didn't post.

This is what it looks like when you snap a photo and then ask the guys afterwards if they'll actually pose for a shot and they're like, no.

JR and I go way, way back to a rooftop gay pride party a couple of years ago. Actually, we've spent many gay prides together and he always insists on wearing the same booty shorts.


Joe lives with East Village gay rap sensation Cazwell and used to help film Caz's pretty penis parties at Eastern Bloc back in the day. He also owns this amazing tshirt.

I hung out with Brooklyn Mikey (with photographer Kelvin in the background) till last call. He's headed to Europe this summer and will be sorely missed, unless you're a dude in Europe who wants to host him. Then you're in luck.

DJ Jimmy, dazed and confused as to how it is already 4am. See you next week!


I don't usually snap pictures at the Cock because what happens at the Cock stays at the Cock, but our chintzy and amazing All White, All American Memorial Day party decorations needed to be recorded.

I say white party, you say Puerto Rican wedding. Bartender Chris (left) and Matt shortly after doors opened at 11.

Of course, things got jumpin' jumpin' once go-go hunk Darren jumped on the bar and the decorations began to fall.

That's a white glow stick (flash photography ruins everything!) on a very drunk Matt S. His boyfriend begged me to post this photo.

My main ho James (left), with his plastic yet punk rock shredded white lei.

It's the waiter from Banjara, my favorite Indian restaurant! Oh how I love that place. And oh how I don't believe in shedding light on thing that happen in the darkness of the Cock. You'll just have to come to Twin Cheeks one Monday and find out for yourself.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I avoided Miley mania as long as I possibly could. I never saw Hanna Montana. I could care less about her prepubescent photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair. I rejected multiple Miley requests for many months.

But now she has me. Listen to her rock 'n' roll poppiness below, but be ready to to have her stuck in your head.

Miley Cyrus - See You Again

Monday, May 26, 2008



$3 Jack Daniels, $4 Rolling Rocks all night.


password for free entry = whitechocolatespaceegg

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last night, as a favor to an event planner friend, I DJed my very first Sweet Sixteen (at a New York City club, of course). Twas good money and a good glimpse into the future of American music listeners. Here's how they stacked up:

1. They asked me to play "ghetto music" some fifteen odd times. When I played Shawnna's Gettin' Some Head, the father grew visibly uncomfortable.

2. White girls from Long Island LOVE Chris Brown. And Pitbull.

3. Cotton Eyed Joe is the new Macarena, which is still favorable to the Electric Slide, which is officially old school.

4. Sixteen year olds consider the Spice Girls "retro."

5. After all is said and done, there aren't many differences between 16-year-old girls and gay men. Both are crazy for Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, though NO ONE requested Britney Spears. But they did request Danity Kane.

(Picture above is a stock image. Picture below I snapped at the actual party during the Cha Cha Slide, when they say EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


May has been a slow music month for me since my iTunes library file became corrupted and I had to rebuild a large part of it. BOO HOO. Here are a hodgepodge of new tracks I've been playing out, as well as an Inaya Day oldie. How did I ever miss that one?

1. De Tropix - Oi
2. Miss B. - Six Inch Pumps
3. Phoenix Phenom - Boom Dynamite
4. Three 6 Mafia - I'd Rather
5. Inaya Day - Keep Pushin' (Mousse T Cut Up)

And just in case you missed Phoenix Phenom's first single, Jukebox (which you probably did. I think it only got airplay on Chicago radio), she's back with a cheerleading anthem. Oh how I miss me some ESPN cheer offs. I SAID THERE MUST BE SOME TOROS IN THE AT-MOS-PHERE!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Which usual suspect stayed in an East Village-ish hotel this week and propositioned a gay male employee to stick around and "have a cocktail" in his room even though he's never come out as a gay actor himself?


Amazingness = amazingly handsome, in a 90s gay kind of way. Call me!


Madame Tussauds' New York branch of the famous wax museum opened in 2000, long after my era of taking school field trips or family visits to New York City museums. Plus it costs $30 entry, which is why I jumped at a free event they were hosting last week.

My former coworker Lucile and I were greet by Hulk, which is probably the largest statue there.

Hi Paris. That's hot.

In the black tie evening wear room (the rooms are arranged REALLY randomly), Rupaul stands front and center atop a glitzy fountain. GAY!

Ozzy and Sharon and two of the more lifelike statues. Well, Ozzy is. Sharon could be any old 70s soap star without her suit jacket.

Once my friend went to a Spice Girls cd signing back in the day and Bette Midler cut the entire line!

Black people love posing with Biggie Smalls, who had his own room/shine.

But then Rachel Ray got her own room as well. And NOBODY likes posing with Rachel Ray.

Dictators! Dictators are my favorite thing ever, so I was ecstatic to pose with Castro and Yassar, who was apparently a real shorty.

Mahogany? Is that you?

Sometimes they grouped really random gays and lesbians near each other, like Billie Jean King and Elton John. What's THAT about?

Tina and Bono. I'm dying to see the real Tina in concert later this year.


And finally, the Spice Girls...WITHOUT GERI. WTF?