Friday, June 26, 2009


So sad. At the gym today, I felt upset that there is no more Michael and even more upset that everyone else in the gym could just go about their workouts without crying that Michael Jackson is no more. When Tina Turner dies, don't try getting a hold of me for like, a week.

Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (instrumental)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Though my last dancehall-themed party wasn't as popular with the non-Jamaicans as I had hoped, last Wednesday's Diplo dance party at Eastern Bloc's Good Times was the perfect meeting ground between dancehall and dance music, much like Diplo and Switch's latest project, Major Lazer.

Unintentional bedroom eyes from Charles, Mah-Ryan, Greg and Evans (from left), who are all now pretty much obsessed with Mariah's new single, Obsessed.

Andy (right) and friend couldn't wait to get up and vibrate like a Nokia but I started off with the older stuff, like that remix Diplo did of Yaz's Don't Go.

Scarf it down, Willie.

New York's answer to Beth Ditto, since this chick looks equally as amazing as the Gossip's frontwoman. Dying for the new album, Beth.

Que tal? I've been pretending to practice my new Spanish skills Juan Diego (right), Mike (second from right) and their Latino posse, though I can't say much more than ENTONCES.

Feeling the 2004ness of my TV on the Radio and Bloc Party remix selections. If only we were staring at the sun instead of this g.d. rain every day.

Oh, the tongue of Mr. Alex F. (second from right). It somehow seems like it is out of his mouth more than it is in it be that's why we love him.

Trent (left) and Jason, who allegedly lives in London but has been making weekly trips to New York for, like, the past two months but London is so ovah.

Sex kitten on sex kitten magic going on in this corner, I see.

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it.

Bartender Darren decided to do a last-minute open vodka bar at 11 last week, which led this dude and many others to a much earlier hour of drunken disorderliness.

This is a little game we like to call posing or down syndrome?

A slow dance with Steven (right), to the tune of the remixed Gold Lion track by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Jimmy, announcing that this is the very first musically-themed evening where he'll actually play along with the theme. Cue Major Lazer: Zombi.

Andre and Andre. Andre on the left was visiting from Frisco but has a place in Battery Park City, where he keeps his essential mustache grooming supplies.

Reavis (right) came out after a day at Yankee stadium and was oh so kind enough to bequeath me a bag of cotton candy straight from the boogie down BX.

Andre (left, with Gabe) quickly got his tongue on the cotton candy, among other things.

Hug it out bitches, the diplo remix of the Disco D. track for Entourage. R.I.P. Disco D!

Nobody puts baby in a corner, even if he's wearing a suit and totally getting manhandled.

The sexiness that is Gary C. (left), telepathically begging me for Noel's Silent Morning.

Some other things Andre was getting his tongue into.

DADDY! Legendary DJ Johnny Dynell (center) dropped by to say hey and talk about his good ol' days at the Mudd Club and Jackie 60. Johnny seriously has the best stories ever.

Feeling the effects of an impromptu open vodka bar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM! (second from left.) As you can see, I was very very excited that William and Jon Jon Fields (center) popped in for a little Talking Heads' Naive Melody.

The spin-off game: drunk or down syndrome?

SHEALITA BABY (right) and CELSO! This party just got 100,000 times better, people. Trust.

Young. Innocent. Handsome. I hate these two already.

Yummy rumpsteak!

Let's go boys. Up and pon de floor, the song of the summer. Fuck that boom boom pow shit.

Evoking an Aphex Twin Come to Daddy video pose. P.S. - I just spent 15 minutes watching Aphex Twin videos. This is how my days so quickly turn to nights.


Loving these two! You she was vibrating like a Nokia for sure.

Show us your matching tattoos!

Please tell me Kelvin and/or Jimmy didn't follow this one into the bathroom. Then again, these photos don't shoot themselves.

If lips could kill. Hello Angelina Jolie, my new husband.

A very drunken Oscar (left, with Evans) visiting from Spain via Berlin. Getting him a shot of Jaeger didn't help matters either.


Subtle plug for my monthly disco dance party Love Hangover with Gant Johnson and Linda Simpson, this Sunday at Eastern Bloc, in the upper right hand corner. Get into it.

By the end of the night, everybody was dancing and shouting and shaking their bodies down to the ground (like a Nokia, of course).

Next time your beers are warm, complain to Kelvin.

Eastern Bloc next door neighbor Adam (left, with Clint Ashley), who needs to bring the leftover desserts from Sidewalk Cafe over to our Good Times party one night soon.

Matt (right) and the tenants of an apt. he rents out on the LES, who just happened to be gay and asked him to take them out and show them a (Wednesday) night on the town.

Your East Village bar and DJ staff, ready to SERVE.

And a merry night to you too. See you next week! OPEN VODKA BAR 11 -1130 AGAIN!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Thank you to everyone who voted for me for this year's HX DJ award. I lost to the fantastic and super friendly Corey Craig. Looking back at last year's winner, Xavier and then Brenda Black, who won three years in a row before Xavier (and also writes for HX), I'm pretty sure that the voters don't make it to the east side all that often.

Then again, Splash Bar won for best club night (John Blair Saturdays), lounge night (Musical Mondays) AND best gay club, which leads me to think that Danish tourists must make up the bulk of the voter contingent.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Three gayer-than-gay-pride-itself parties for you this week: Bobby O. night this Wednesday at Eastern Bloc, Sugarland Friday with guest performance by Farrad and Ladybug Stingray and then Love Hangover Sunday night.


This weekend, we learned that:

1) The Big Banana, Josh Wood and Jonny McGovern's renegade party at the former Knitting Factory space, has cut short its 12-week run.

2) In related news, Duane (below) was punched in the face at the final Big Banana, losing half a tooth and sustaining some bruises, all for telling a go-go fondler to tip!

3) HK Lounge bumped my DJ set and allegedly refused to give the promoters my DJ money. Hoping to get paid, though not hoping to ever go back to HK.

4) Mr. Black was shuttered earlier than usual Friday night when cops showed up at 345am and told staffers to kill the music, turn up the lights and clear out the club. An alleged brawl broke out out front, with Roze getting bit (!) among other disturbances.

5) Planet Zizmor at the Hose was a huge success! Yay for space disco. And we're doing Bobby "O" night this Wednesday at Good Times and Love Hangover this Sunday. Get ready to dance.