Friday, July 31, 2009


BREAKING! I'll be DJing on LIVE TELEVISION this Tuesday for Good Day NY from 9 - 10am on Fox 5. Right wing sellout alert! But they said I could play anything so expect to hear the Obama girl song followed by Geisha's Shit'n On You Hoe.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have no idea how google works but DJ extraordinaire Michael Magnan once pointed out to me that if you google image search "gay party," one of the first pictures that comes up is of downtown's finest go-go boy turned bartender Chase. Gay party on, Chase!

PS - The name of the jpeg is "heatherette guy in pink thong"?!?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


At the request of a few handsome and loyal Good Times attendees, I dug out my oddly abundant wig collection and called on Matt the Baker to boil up five dozen weenies for last Wednesday's sequel to our Wigs 'n' Wieners party. The party also coincided with Big Scot's birthday, hence the Siouxsie Sioux soundtrack.

Eric showed up super early just to try on whatever newest wigs I had to offer, much like he did at the last wigs 'n' wieners party. Jew tranny in the making!

Jeffrey, giving you Marilyn Monroe in front of hot dog buns realness.

Yet another wig from my extensive collection, giving Dough that au naturel look.

Chris (second from left) was such a hit on last week's blog that he couldn't resist returning just to give a blue steel stare into the camera.

Robert (left) and his yummy plantain-flavored earlobes.

Gary (center) and his hubby (left, with John) came bearing gifts of knee high socks that are supposed to look like faux cowboy boots. Expect a Cowboys 'n' Indians Good Times to follow.

Speaking of hubbies, there's my handsome one on the right, with his former clubland buddy Reavis.

Tom (right) has made a career out of year-round sunbathing between Miami and Fire Island, hence his golden sheen.

Such a believable wig! Do you think its real hair or horse hair?

Just kidding. I knew that that was his real her, much like her real hair on the second from left. If only I could be as sure that its a real her.

Mr. Dustin's beach schedule has been just as hectic as mine, considering I just saw him on Fire Island, then out in the city on a Wednesday and up in Provincetown this past weekend with his hubby and upcoming Good Times guest DJ Mark Louque.

Another tranny in the making, whose life motto is pretty much wigs 'n' wieners.

Yes, we got really really busy and no, nobody really brought or wore their own wig. What's up with that?

GRATUTIOUS COCK SHOT! Is that Matt Drudge?

Ay dios mio! Kiss them for me!

Michael and friend, sweating through this cruel, cruel summer.

Here come the wieners! I love how Mike (left) and that hot bitch on the right are just waiting for Matt to trip and send these wieners flying into the DJ booth.

I bet his Hong Kong garden is lush and ginger.

The Tom and Pammyness that is Andrew (right) and Valdez was raised to dazzling new heights when Valdez started dressing like Pamela Anderson. Is a boob job on the horizon?

Open up and say ahhhhhhhh want a hot dog!

My soul glo/jewfro wig was unexpectedly complimented by Kelvin giving Rick James effect.

Best hostess ever. Matt had the wigs AND the wieners down pat. Thank you Matt the Baker!

In the red glow of Eastern Bloc, I SWORE that that was a wig on the right. Oops!

Wyatt (second from left, with Makario Duane and Paul) and Alex Blevins (not pictured) moved out of New York City this week :( I hope you're both having fun in the rain and fog of Seattle and San Francisco!

Why don't Devin's threadbare tank tops ever break? Why didn't he wear a wig to the own party he asked me to have? Deep thoughts, by Sparber.


When will Luke's (bottom right) drag persona come out and play at Good Times? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!


Enrique's blond ambitions included deep throating a few of the wieners you see before you.

Kevin, John, Charlie and soon-to-be genius TV producer Greg (from left), whose new show is like "a Real Housewives meets crazy Floridian grandmas."

Denis (right) had to leave us after Wednesday and return to his German homeland, where he spins at Berlin's venerable institution known as Roses, which is totally my fantasy DJ job.

Hot dog phone call for Jimmy Im, line 1.

Colin's conquest of the evening.

If you stare at this picture long enough, you begin to see that Ned (left) and Casey are the same person brought here from two different planets.

Matt (left) and Jimmy were apparently doing shots long before they showed up at Eastern Bloc, since Matt texted me from Jimmy's phone an hour earlier saying "I just took a hot shit."

Greg's other wig (left), also known as his hairstyle.

Curbside skateboard love outside of Good Time.

Andre, Michael and Kevin (from left), contemplating what to wear to the next Good Times, where legendary Wonderbar DJ Sharee will be guesting. Come get your funky late 90s on.

Back dat azz up.

Things go better with ______. I can't really read the rest of his shirt so feel free to fill in the blank. I'm guessing things go better with that drink he's about to spill.

Madrid pride, the New York City version.

I have NO recollection of this happening at all, which means it must have been a good party after all.

Colin, Ru and crew, dancing along to the stawberry girl, Christiiiiine.

The it's-officially-3am pic. Save it for the underwear partying I'm DJing at the Ice Palace this Friday on Fire Island!

Otters in wigs! Almost as good as otters holding hands.

When I played Siouxsie's Israel late late at night, everyone went bonkers.

Shortly before 3:50am last call, when everyone shoved the remaing weenies in their mouths regardless of the fact that they were cold and bunless. Carb free!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOT! Hope you liked the Siouxsie. See you next week when we go Wonderbar with DJ Sharee's return to 505 East 6th street.


Where's Screech?!?!