Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The sounds of Anita, June and Ruth Pointer, aka the Pointer Sisters, delighted the crowds at Good Times at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday, where the gays were just burnin' doin' the neutron dance.

Ooooooh! Looks like doorguy Scot might have been a little sleepy on the job because that fresh face on the left looks like he just came from an SAT prep class.

I promised Charles (right, with Mikey and Evans) I'd play the Pointer Sisters turned Obama theme song, Yes We Can Can even though its uber funk and mixes with nothing.

What? No facial hair whatsoever? I thought this was supposed to be a disco party?!

To the tune of Bonnie Pointer's solo hit, Heaven Must Have Sent You.

Troy (right), with a handsome Diplo lookalike there in the middle. I would keel over and die if DJ Diplo ever showed up at Good Times. DIE!

Later, these two got up and did the entire choreography for Beyoncé's Single Ladies video. Who knew?

Total Top Tony and cousin, who was visiting New York City from Utah for the first time ever. Due to our lack of Utah-like liquor restrictions, she was feeling pretty toasty the entire night.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Luke needs to throw on a sequined dress for our Halloween gala October 29th and come dressed as a Pointer Sister (Ruth preferred for her horse mouth).

I do a business man in a snazzy suit. Very womanizer.

I have heard much too much about Zach (right) and his "awesome sex life" this past week. His adorable roommate Joey, however, has yet to educate me about his sex life, if you know what I mean.

Are porn star Jake Deckard (left) and Absolut hunk Brewster M. (center, with Andrew) an item? Inquiring minds want to know.

It's a fire!

Alex (left) and friend feeling the Larry Levan realness of when he remixed Taana Gardner's Heartbeat. IT MAKES ME FEEL, SO WEAK.

The uncomfortablity of when your neighbors disregard their surroundings.

Obviously so so excited, and they just can't hide it.

Johnny Dynell! (left.) And Rafael! It doesn't get much more East Village than this, folks. Why Johnny is wearing sunglasses at 130am is beyond me but he's Johnny Dynell so he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Roger, back from a stint in Mexico and collecting wheat glued posters off the street for future facebook posts.

It's official: after another outing to Mr. Black this past Friday, I can proudly say that Stuart (right) runs the best nightclub in NYC. He also keeps his shoes the whitest.

One of those let-me-take-a-pic-to-see-if-these-guys-are-hot-or-not instances.

Don't their faces scream, "Baby make your move, step across the line, touch me one more time, come on DARE ME"?

Diva "don't take my picture" poses are apparently hot right now.

Loving the long-haired turtleneck and cardigan look so so much. It makes me feel like I am back in junior high and Ace of Base is reigning supreme.

A bear for all seasons, autumn included.

Me and Tony's drunk cousin, who is looking a little bloodshot in the eyes after crying over the death of June Pointer. R.I.P. JUNE - your Diet Coke commercials will forever live on.

Ned, the cousin and Tony (from left), who all danced up a storm and then jumped for my love.

Your lovely Eastern Bloc owners Darren (left) and Gabe, who have started up a new recession special on Wednesdays: $2 vodkas and Rolling Rocks from 10 - 11pm!

Giving a high five and a low five in anticipation of next week's Peaches party. FUCK THE PAIN AWAY, Y'ALL.

Later on, DJ Will stopped by to remind us who the cutest DJ is on the (Eastern) block. He's single now too and covering for me at the Cock this Monday so come on down and get his number!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Black Bart vs. MC Hammer vs. Kid 'n' Play realness.

Monday, October 20, 2008


What's more racist than a Republican newsletter featuring Obama on a food stamp surrounded by fried chicken, Kool Aid, ribs and watermelon? Check out this CNN interview with the newsletter publisher, who somehow finds the images incidental. A must see. Watch it here.


This week we celebrate:

1) NUDITY AND RAUNCHINESS - Twin Cheeks at the Cock, Mondays after 11pm.

2) EVERYTHING PEACHES - Good Times @ Eastern Bloc, Wednesdays 10pm - 4am

3) THE FABULOUS ROISIN MURPHY, who I'll be opening for at her Friday night New York City debut concert over at Mansion. Come early for a disco dance party.

4) FEELING IRIE, since I'll be on the island of St. John Saturday - Tuesday for Baby C's 30th b-day.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hole night! Again! We did a Courtney Love reprise at Good Times at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday in honor of our good friend James' birthday, though we kind of got lazy with the camera and forgot to take any late night photos after like, 2am when James arrived. Oops.

Walker (left) and Billy got the party started with a malibu mixer in honor of the Malibu track I was playing. Someone who works for malibu liquor told me this week that its making up come back (with 16 year old girls).

TELFAR IS UP IN THE PLACE! Telfar (left, with Patrick) rolled through our party now that he no longer has parallel Wednesday night duties. We love us some Telfar! [Ed. note: Slurp co-DJ Michael Magnan, came through too but no one snapped his pic :( ]

Mike V.'s job may or may not be in jeopardy due to the credit crunch, but that's no reason to stay in on a Wednesday.

I was thoroughly convinced that Chris (center) was indeed wearing a harness till I went to grab it and realized it was silkscreened onto his shirt. Foiled again. I promise to play more Thrill Kill Kult next time Christopher!

Poltergeists are already possessing people as our Halloween party (Oct. 29th) is right around the corner.

Live through this Hole night again with me and I swear that, I will die for you.

Boobs and more boobs! Leave it to some dazzle dancers to get the nudity started.

Loving the leather cap-pornstache-tiger hoodie triple whammy on the left.

Speaking of pornstaches, who is this handsomeness under the arm and charm of Mr. Matt Bell?

Teenage whores.

More boobage! Remember when pre-Hollywood Courtney Love used to flash her boobs (and then some) at every concert? And then on David Letterman? (a MUST SEE if you missed it.)

Gary and Kevin, gnawing away in anticipation of my opening DJ slot at Roisin Murphy. I'm nervous too, y'all.

Remember when they shot Paula Abdul's Promise of a New Day video in slim-vision? I assure you that this photo was taken with the same camera as all the other photos.

Is anyone else obsessed with Onch on that horrendously amazing Paris Hilton reality show? I know it has nothing to do with this picture but I can't stop thinking about him.

Total Top Tony (right), looking adorable and delighted that Jimmy has finally eased up on the MGMT tunes.

Chinese new world order fashion realness! Very stock market crash appropriate.

Ry Ry, Danart, Kevin and Anddy (from left), who partied at Twin Cheeks with me this past Monday at the Cock since I played the new Beyonce twice and Cyndi Lauper's I Drove All Night once.

Shane (left) and Steven, hovering near that well-concealed ice machine beside the bathroom.

The beauty that is Jacob is only amplified when standing next to a lady friend.

I smell the start of a mosh pit.

Boys on the radio.

JENNA BOOBAGE! Maybe I should have stated that this post would not be so safe for work. Oh well. Too late. Go easy on the butterfly clamps Marlon.

Alan introduced himself to me once again and then requested something like Kylie Minogue, which I still play with pleasure.

Co-DJ Jimmy and his best bud Matt. Isn't it cute how Jimmy always wears his headphones backwards a la Kris Kross?

Jaime and Joe would NEVER miss a Courtney Love party, even if mayor Michael Bloomberg showed up (Jaime and Joe apparently both hate my good pal Bloomie even since he raised the cap on rent increases).

Earl (left) and friends, getting tingle tangle wit it.

What was Kelvin doing, you ask, instead of snapping photos after 2am? Here is an indicator.

And as Big Scot would say, "Shut up. Get out. Don't hang about. Finish your glasses and move your asses. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. I got plans and you're not incluuuuuud-ed." See you next week!