Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Matt hosted his annual Memorial Day Barbecue in my backyard Sunday afternoon.

Even though most people brought beer, Sean opted for Manhattans in martini glasses.

James was like, I'm too poor to buy food. This is heaven!

Todd, Paul and Glenn, who's shirt appears twisted but apparently that's "fashion."

The host and chef extraodinaire.

Master of my domain (meaning my backyard).

MEATY! Meaty was begging for scraps even thoug he ate like, 10 pork chops.

Monique was one of two ladies crashed the men-only event.

Fernando told me he order's Matt's cakes for his birthday every single year.

Anthony brought and served the surprise party hit: Carvel ice cream saucers!

Finger lickin' good, y'all. Matt ain't mad at the saucers.

Todd got jiggy with the fresh whipped cream...

...as did Alex.

Frederico and Shino sat in the corner, observing the gay festivities.

Alex and Gweltas, who is not too fond of American traditions such as barbecues.

Jaime and Dudley, representing for the Phoenix NYC Crew.

Marc and me, now drunk off of lots of Coronas.

Doug and his hot boyfriend, who showed up only to whisk Douglas away from the rest of us.

The Burke Brothers are all smiles after an awesome barbecue.

Marc and Mickey disappeared into the night as well, never to resurface at nightspots we hit post-BBQ.

First stop, of course, was my room after it started to rain. Emily showed up and chugged like, 10 beers in 20 minutes.

The rest of the night was pretty much a big blur and I didn't take my camera out with me, which is probably a good thing. Happy Memorial Day.


Yes!!!!!!!!!! Nothing says I don't give a fuck like running errands in curlers and a tied-off pink tshirt.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Every time this year, magazines get all crazy like, WHATS GONNA BE THE SONG OF THE SUMMER?!! And seeing that Justin Timberlake and Beyonce's albums still have some steam left, the jury's still out. In mainstream music, I'm routing for Kelly Rowland and Rihanna, but in electro french computer world, my vote totally goes to Uffie for this hotness.

Uffie - First Love

Friday, May 25, 2007


My friend Johan sends this hot haircut pic courtesy of his friend who just got back from Croatia. He SWEARS that this has to be a German tourist.

Well it's better than a Britney Spears wig.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Good Times kept on rolling last night as the bearded boys drank cold brews and three dollar Svedkas. Jimmy was back from Australia sporting a new haircut and photos of kangaroos on his digicam.

Arley flew in from Colombia just to join us last night. Actually, he lives in Forest Hills but that's just as far as Colombia if you ask me (which you didn't).

David and Lucile reminisced about their days as editorial coworkers.

Jacques cozied up to two young men quite quickly after a drink or three.

Craig and friend are easy on the eyes.

Unnecessary hood-wearing action! Seriously. Someone was like, can you ask them to turn up the A/C. I don't think it was this dude though.

Ryan and Gary are like, please play that new Rihanna song "Please Don't Stop the Music" one more time, and I'm like, let's just put it on repeat and call it a night. It's sooooooo good.

Scott really is the embodiment of Good Times in this pic, whereas Dave is like, I really have to pee.

Hotness in a tank top! Do think he just happened to be flexing the moment I took this pic? I think not.

Yesterday some gay dude was telling me how he's not all that into women (whatever that means) and then he was like, except Asian women. I love them. Decipher THAT one.

True story: I'm taking a pic of this guy and he's like, let's get some inspiration first and pulls out poppers! I didn't partake cuz a) I was working and b) I faint easily.

Kevin McGarry back in the house! Kevin isn't DJing Good Times full time anymore but he still has the best black female rapper song collection around.

Benjamin broke out the big guns behind the bar last night. He also showed me a video of his favorite taxidermy shop in Paris, which explains alot about the bar's decor.

Yuki is an East Village heartthrob but I think he knows it.

I have no idea what Joe and Patches are looking at in this photo but it makes me feel warm inside.

Last night, we discovered that Patches (pictured with David) can actually photographs well ONLY when flipping off the camera.

Frank and David were trying to do a little business networking between drinks last night.

Deep-V's and Brazilians. Always the perfect mix.

Insert a bend-over pun for Chris here.

Pocket gays are sprouting up everywhere! Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon. They're like the new arab scarf.

Co-DJ Jimmy (left) showed off his new 'do while PJ told us he was packing it in and moving to San Francisco next week. He says it's a "summer move" but we shall see. Come say goodbye to him next Wednesday!


East Village "it" boy Jordan showed off his newly purchased ebay overalls earlier today.

They're not really pink and blue but it would be even hotter if they were. Go visit him at Plan B bar on 10th st. between Avenues A and B. He likes cinnamon rolls.


On Sunday, I DJed a wedding for friends of friends in Jersey City. I had never really been to Jersey city before so I didn't know what to expect.

The wedding was at the Hyatt on the ninth floor. This meant maneuvering my equipment through narrow service corridors with lots of workers running here and there. This is what the final set-up looked like.

Behind my set-up was an patio that looked out onto the whole of Manhattan. Not bad, huh?

Down on the ground floor, the couple got married on the water. Sadly, it started raining just as the cermony began. Check out the other photographer below taking photos too. I felt so Kennedy assassain.

HORA! The couple wanted to get right into the Israeli music, which was a little awkward but totally got the crowd up and circling.

Later on, I slowed things down with Ella Fitzgerald or something that old people really get into.

My favorite shot of the night, however, was this dude who was happy to dance all by his lonesome, even when everyone else was eating their yummy kosher meals.

The bride and groom were totally schvitzing by the end of the party so I knew I had done a good job.