Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Last week's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc was a triple whammy. 1) We threw Mariah Carey a baby shower with to the soundtrack of her greatest hits and misses. 2) We celebrated Ryan McNally's 24th birthday (old!) and 3) Kelvin was MIA so I ended up snapping lots of portraits from DJ booth during extended Mariah remixes.

We also started off the evening with guest DJ Sean M., who helped fulfill all of the pop princess birthday girl's dreams and wishes.

Hunter (right, with Chris) has definitely been gone for too long now its time to bring him back, so we were overly enthused to see him out and about, especially when he gives us a fresh military buzz cut.

Kevin (left) and Gary as two cool dads in training.

Portrait of Devin M., who used the old J. Lo double-sided tape on the nipples to prevent any possible nip slips.

Fun fact: me, Malchiore and Mikey all went to David Mancuso's Loft party four days after Good Times and danced for seven hours straight thanks to an invite from DJ Will.

The original cool dad.

Mikey, giving a few Black Swan pirouettes near the DJ booth.

Patches is back in town after a three-week stay in South America, where we know he will one day retire so we can come and lounge at his beachfront villa and dive into his pool from a balcony while wearing high heels.

THE RETURN OF JONNY MCGOVERN (left)! I don't get Logo TV so I haven't seen much of Jonny's hit TV show The Big Gay Sketch Show but we're so proud of how far he's come. It seems like just yesterday that we were kiki-ing at his Happy Ending basement sex party and dancing to his electroclash comp. contribution, Soccer Practice.

Yes she did! It's Steph Stone and she's rocking a sweater dress and we are into it! Keep an ear out for her newest single too, Steph's Diner, which is pretty much one big shout out to Good Times. Good Times hearts Stephanie Stone.

Ryan (left) was looking fetching as usual but claims to always strike out at our weekly Wednesday party, which we're finding hard to believe.

Thomas is now giving you gay skinhead realness, a far cry from his long-haired days in Seattle when he looked like he was plucked from a Smashing Pumpkins video circa Gish (the best Pumpkins album, btw).

The two cuties in the front were danceasaurus rex all night long.

Andy has been quite busy between his Long Island boyfriend and his bartending shifts at the Monster but managed to make room for Mimi and RyRy. I almost mistook Steph's sweater dress for one of Casey's fierce rollneck sweaters.

THE RETURN OF ERICKATOURE AVIANCE! Ericka promised that her live performance footage from this past year will be forthcoming on youtube very very shortly.

They're grown and they do what they!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MaRYAN! You don't look a day over 28.

B. Raff (center) is back from his big gay ski weekend and big gay cruise, though he declined to tell us how many dudes he actually hooked up with since he likes to refer to as "gay OK Magazine."

Bruises are the new mesh tank top!

Ryan promised that Keisha would be performing a Mariah number at his birthday soiree, though Keisha allegedly canceled last minute and Saia (back center) was supposed to come through as an under study, which obvs didn't happen when she turned up in her boy look.

Someone's got the runs.

Brendan, left, getting into the black history month swing of things.

PARTY MOM! Totally love when a party mom shows up at 1am on a Wednesday to party with us and the cool dads.

Speaking of cool dads, Marco (left) and Erick came bearing gifts from the New York Knicks basketball game they had just attended, remind us that they are both super butch.

William (right) and Mel using our newest photo prop to smack dat ass up.

Kevin (left) and a dashing Willie, out for an evening of Honey and sweet sweet fantasies baby.

In honor of Mariah's forthcoming twins, Michael P. (right) picked up the twinnyest person he could find for a bit of smooching when we played Vision of Love.

Obstructed vision of love.

When you dip I dip we dip.


Matteo has only been back for one month but is getting all "no pictures!" on us already, which is fine because we really think his back is his best feature anyways.

"Head to toe, Jordan Fox, head to toe."

Jason (left) brought around Parisian Club Sandwich mogul Florian, who got down on his hands and knees and begged to me to come DJ Paris some time soon. Or so I wish.

Actually, I'm in London at the moment and missing my boys dearly. Note to Londoners: I'm DJing East Bloc this Friday night and a massive new party at Dalston Superstore on Saturday called BeAST and I'm ready to bring it.

Love when Larry comes out to party hearty all night long.

FYI - I'm wearing my brand new Mo' Better Blues: A Spike Lee Joint tank top in honor of black history month but without Kelvin to take a ton of pics, it went undocumented.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Brendan just a small place of his own in London, completing the full transition from New Yorker to Londoner.

Bears I'm Jealous Of.

Shalom Ladyfag! I'm not exactly sure how Lady manages to move let alone drink after hosting a plethora of parties and attending dozens of New York City fashion week events. So I've come to the only logical conclusion - Robot Ladyfag.

Looking forward to Good Times on March 2nd when house master Nita drops the beats...MOTOWN BEATS. Yup. Nita and I are turning the clock way back, to like, 1964 for our own little Good Times sock hops. We might even take requests (beforehand). Oldies suggestions?

Boo boo and boo bear, sitting in a tree.

Michael, doing a seated and abbreviated version of the choreography from the Dreamlover video.

My number one halumi cheese server from Mogador, Mr. Chris B.

Okay, so I clearly got camera happy and took way too many photos for posting. So sue me! We really need Kelvin back ASAP.

And now for my "from the DJ booth series": Matt, my twink-y across the hall neighbor.

Jermaine, my tall, down the block on Avenue C neighbor who was nice enough to accompany me after the Ace Hotel last Thursday, where I rocked another Johnny party in their basement.

Jorge, drunk with a balloon tied around his neck after a fashion party earlier in the evening.

James, giving you Blue Steel for days.

Last week's B. Raff lookalike, proving that he isn't really Brian's twin after all.

But speaking of twins, BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually when the clock strikes 3am, some folks clear out of the club...

...and some stick around to dance it off to those David Morales Mariah remixes.

Yes to EVERYTHING about this fine lady. Need huh to cut a single and go on tour with me now.



...gone. Happy Black History Month. See you in March for Motown Good Times with Nita unless you're in London, in which case come say hey at East Bloc on Friday 2/25 and Dalston Superstore 2/26. xoxo