Monday, August 31, 2009


An astute Twerking reader pointed out that summertime Good Times party goer Eric (left), now back in San Francisco, has a striking resemblance to New York's HBIC, Governor Patterson.


I haven't posted anything here about gay marriage before now but I figured this was event was pretty momentous...

NEW BEN AND JERRY'S! Actually, it's just Chubby Hubby repackaged but cutely repackaged. I haven't had new Ben and Jerry's since Mission to Marzipan, which was just so-so, especially given that I'm a die-hard marzipan fan.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Special superstar selector Michael Magnan joined us at Good Times at Eastern Bloc last Wednesday for a Deee Lite party that was a true mind melt. Party was packed, celebs showed and Nita spun an impromptu late night set. Need we say more?

Richie Moo (center, with Mark and Jamaal) took a break from his newfound holy matrimony to come out and dance to our good beats.

Magnan (left) and his west coast jew friend named Eric, who started off the evening knowing no one but seemed to make friends verrrrrrrry quickly.

Waiting for dewdrops in the garden to form so he can put in some sugar and stir it up.

Is that the power of love or the power of ecstasy on the left? (Or should I say 4MMC, the new ecstasy?)

Drool much, Heather?

Darren F. (back left) was apparently realllllllllly feeling the ESP beats. His more ginger, more sober twin Sean (front right) chose to conduct his psychic power through his mustached friend's bosom.

Solids versus stripes, none of whom seem to be all that enthused with Kelvin taking this picture.

Looks like the church of Deee-Lite was holdling an impromptu exorcism or something over in this corner.

PRAISE BE TO THE LORDS OF THE ATM for giving Eric a late night out on a Wednesday and the cashola to afford it!

Some things never change like that damn bathroom line or the fact that Steven (center) always seems to be waiting on that damn bathroom line.

Gay time, Jesus! Ironically, Damian's pink tank-topped buddy isn't a fagela at all, though you'd never have known it when he sang along to Pussycat Meow.


Loving how his friend points out that the camera/blog/big gay world is watching...

...and pole dancer dude is like, STICK IT IN MY JOCKSTRAP! You so know he was wearing a jock strap too. Business men love to get kinky under those work clothes.

Matt (left) and his Venezuelan house guest Julian, who told us that we would most certainly get mugged in Caracas if we wore the short shorts that Matt and I have been wearing all summer.

Experimenting with that age-old myth that if your hand is bigger than your face, you might have cancer...SMACK!

Paul (left), Denis (right) and gang, working the look of the summer which is apparently the backpack-on-your-back-at-a-party look. Get into it.

Totally would have won the limbo contest if we had had one.

Inside was so off the chain that the party spilled onto the sidewalk, as did the safe sex messages of Rubber Lover and Eat Her Out While She's Wearing a Dress.

New York's number one crotch grabber is headed back to Spain! Papi chulo Juanjo (right) is leaving us for Madrid but promises to book us DJ gigs at bear parties there so I suppose every cloud does have a silver, furry, spanish-speaking lining.

I bet the one on the right had a dream that he was falling through a hole in the ozone layer as this photo was snapped.

Will (left) and Steve, sweating to the oldies and by oldies I mean obscure early 90s dance remixes of Deee Lite that could only be brought by the incomparable Michael Magnan.

LADYFAG IN THE HOUSE! A party ain't a party till Lady rolls through. Trust.

Oh, and Cameron's shirt was the icing on our wildly successful cake called A Nite of Deee-Lite: A Thoroughly Obsessive Tribute. He picked this gem up when he saw Deee-Lite perform live! Guh guh guh GAG!

Adam (left) loves making jewy I-can't-help-myself faces like when he told me that everyone at Good Times is pretty much ugly but its still the best party ever. He just can't help himself folks.

Mike, Ryan, Tracy and Sarah (from left), shortly before Sarah nearly had a panic attack because Drew Barrymore was at our party!

Meanwhile, clubland celebrities Nita (left) and Nelson rolled up with beats, booze and the best belted tracksuit/handbag combo I've ever seen in my life.

The Tall Tank Top gang, or TTT's as I like to call them.

Oooooooh! Mr. Bill Coleman (left) was maybe not going to show up and relive the memories of working on Deee-Lite's World Clique album with them back in the day but in the end, he partied the night away and did his trademark hyena scream from Build a Bridge.

Vote baby vote! Vote baby vote!

Francesco, Tony and friend (from left), whose head is about to explode from the majorness of this particular party.

New York Magazine video reporter Tim Murphy (left, with Evans and Nelson) is getting his drool on since I told him that renown photographer Aaron Cobbett is playing Italo Disco records at the next Good Times.

And since Kelvin did NOT snap a photo of Drew Barrymore, who was sweet and low key and hung out at the end of the bar with her friends for a while, I magically recreated her here in the spot she was standing. Come back soon Drew!

HOUSE OF LADOSHA ADAM ON THE RIGHT AND NASTY PIG GREG ON THE LEFT! What more could a boy ask for? Oh, an impromptu, fantastical set from DJ Nita (center)? Coming right up.

Double decker pole posing.

It doesn't like to be called he or she and it told me so two weeks ago so let's just say Michael T. waltzed in and started giving face, along with Evans and Greg.

Me and Lady, apple juice kissing.

So what if Lady Miss Kier didn't show up after my personal (read: facebook) invite to her? This was one of my favorite parties of all time ever. We will most certainly be doing it again for those who missed it and those who just couldn't get enough.

Photographer Kelvin (left) and bartender Gabriel, giving the its-officially-330am glances.

And then a chicken costume appeared.

Thank you for the being the best music selector and soul reflector, Mr. Magnan. We'll see you next week for Italo Disco with Aaron Cobbett.


1. Don't Let Him Get Away Ft. Cherish - Rasheeda
2. Bumps ft. Timbuktu - Savage Skulls
3. Sha, Shtil! - Gucci Vump
4. Dreams - DJ What What
5. Peanuts Club - Brodinski & Noob
6. Like a Shaker (Shake Shake) - Busy Signal
7. Give It Up - Momma's Boy
8. Make It Take It - Amanda Blank
9. Velvet - The Big Pink
10. Cruel Intentions ft. Beth Ditto - Simian Mobile Disco

Monday, August 24, 2009


Native New Yorkers such as myself are pretty much born with a pizza slice in their mouth. With today's discovery of Slice Harvester, a Julie & Julia knock-off who aspires to sample a plain slice from every pizzeria in the five boroughs, I decided to write up a quick list of my recent escapades in pizzaland.

1. Grimaldi's (Brooklyn Heights) - my favorite pizza place in the whole wide world, and yet after queuing up for 40 minutes on Friday evening, they tried to tell me and two friend we couldn't come in because two of us were wearing tank tops! After much arguing (women and babies are allowed to wear tank tops. And probably straight men too), we were seating and satisfied, though probably not returning to this homophobic spot soon.

2. Nino's (St. Marks Place and Avenue A) - my East Village late night go-to pizzera. So greasy and so so good. I used to be a Sal's fan but their sauce got too sweet.

3. Veloce Pizzeria (103 1st Ave) - relatively new and not much on the menu besides wines and like, four pizzas but the one we tried was all foccacia like and heavenly.

4. Artichoke Pizza (328 E 14th St) - Tried it when it first opened but felt like I was having a heart attack after the megaslice of pizza topped with artichoke dip. Not as bad as the overpriced Una Pizza Napolitana which unsurprisingly closed but I'd rather go across the street to Crocodile Lounge and get a free pizza with my cocktail.

5. Mystic Pizza (Mystic, CT) - rarely do I enjoy a slice of pizza outside of New York (exception: Escape from New York, San Francisco) but Mystic not only delivered on the kitsch factor when we stopped by there for lunch last month but the meatza gave me the kind of heart attack I'd gladly go back for.


Going on the record for saying I don't really understand the appeal of this Jesus character, who now apparently DJs too.


I'm always delighted to discover the original version of a sample, cover or song reference that I previously didn't know about. This weekend, I uncovered experimental electronic artist Laurie Anderson's 1982 album Big Science, which shot to fame after John Peel played the hauntingly soothing track O Superman, which then reached No. 2 on the UK charts.

Swedish electro goddess Robyn apparently sampled from Big Science's opening track, from the air. And since both tracks are about plane crashes (which I had a dream about last night), I'm posting my favorite plane crash song of all time by Ms. Liz Phair.

Laurie Anderson - From the Air
Robyn - Bionic Woman / Crash and Burn Girl
Liz Phair - Stratford-on-Guy (demo)
Liz Phair - Stratford-on-Guy

Friday, August 21, 2009


Just as drag queens have their drag mothers, DJs have DJ mothers who might show them the ropes, book them gigs or pass along their record collections. My DJ mommy, Tim Muprhy, decided to leave his record collection on the curb for the garbage men but graciously bequeathed his Pulse speakers, Gemini mixer and primitive Denon dual CD deck (only one cd player worked) to me back in 2002.

Tim makes hilarious videos for New York mag now, including his latest, which finds him "pretend DJing" behind the decks I use regularly at David Barton Astor Place as well as groping David Barton's stomach muscles.

Oh, and mommy wasn't kidding about being a former Chelsea muscle queen. Vintage pre-silver fox photo evidence below:


Trend alert! Ladies of Hollywood have been popping up left and right at downtown gay bars of late and we're not just talking about the Real Housewives. This week alone, we've spotted:

1) Missy Elliott at the F Word last Saturday, creeping up to the DJ booth to chill with the residents and her Adidas-clad party posse.

2) Misha Barton partying at the long-running Tuesday night Beige party at B-Bar, where DJ Jon Jon Fields was majorly turning me out.

3) Drew Barrymore at our very own Good Times party at Eastern Bloc this past Wednesday! Drew was loving the Deee-Lite tunes of me and Michael Magnan at our packed out party. DJ Nita even spun an impromptu 3am set. A very major party to say the least. Come back soon Drewy!