Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Courtney Love may have moved out of her New York City pad two years ago but has since remained in the hearts of Good Times party goers. Last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc, we celebrated all things Hole with a little Drown Soda and a lot of Boys on the Radio.

Michael won the party out of bounds award for wearing his Hole tshirt. I bet this tee went over real well back when he was a Marine.

Damian (left, with Anthony) began shedding his own tshirt but then rushed out of the bar to begin working the midnight shift (just like Donna Summer!) over at Cafeteria.

British rudeboys who wanted to hear hip hop instead of Pretty on the Inside. Two weeks too late! Shoulda been here for the Queen Latifah party!

My beautiful sons.

Speaking of beautiful, I inquired about this beau only to find out he may or may not be promoter Josh Wood's foxy boyfriend. He and Josh can hire me for any type of party they please.

Marlon (right), giving literal head to a fellow in the pole position.

Formika (right, with Buddy) used to run a legendary East Village party called Rock 'n' Roll Fag Bar and was simply overjoyed by everything Courtney, especially when I went all metal with Teenage Whore.

Friendly summertime health reminder: the safest level of sun exposure is zero sun exposure.

Ooooh. I didn't play that oldie called Retard Girl but this picture reminds me that maybe I should have.

This coming Wednesday, Good Times bids farewell to our dear friend Kyra (not pictured), who has requested the presence of lovely ladies for her to make out. Oh, and she'll make out with guys too. It's a win-win situation.

Gino! Miss Gino has been on the West coast for way too long but dropped in for a drink or five and invited me to grab and fondle his friend's boob.

Andrew, Jacob, Benji and Christian (from left) have been reliving their college days in more ways than one. Here is a special song I promised Jacob I'd post for him after telling him about in the rainyness that was our fourth of July. Lorna - Papi Chulo (club mix).

If a Flight Enters the Computer Age tshirt can get you laid by this dude, then I'm buying up the National Air and Space Museum's gift shop clothes NOW.

JEWS! I'm sure Alex, Benji and Brian (from left) were discussing the marvels of matzoh balls and whether they prefer floaters or sinkers.

STOP THE PRESSES! Charles (center) is NOT posing for a photograph! Maybe after watching all those Denise Richards episodes, he finally realized one thing about being seen on Twerking: it's complicated.


The crowd was love love loving the Courtney Love except for the harajuku girl on the right, who thought is was Gwen Stefani night.

I love me some Ross (left), who emerged from his 2008 hibernation just to hear (and touch) some Celebrity Skin.

Hi Jenna! So good seeing you twice in one week. Not sure why you're rocking the shocker but maybe it's a lady thing.

I love how he's like, oh, let me hold one button on my shirt together if we're going to be photographed. So coy.

Ladies smoking ciggies on cell phones.

That whole handlebar mustache thing really came and went and is coming back now in an ironic reference to last year's trend. Meta!

That whole carrot top trend that I referenced last week is even catching on with the ladies. This pic reminds me of Marlon's request for Be a Man, the last Hole song ever recorded which I forgot to bring out. Sorry Marlon!

Simon, Michael and Kevin (from left) looking like a human color gradient.

Smiling because they sense that next week, I'll be paying tribute to the ladies of Prince. Apollonia 6, here I come.

Quelle suprise! Rob (right) talking to a handsome young'un named Jonathan.

If Ian's out (center), he's usually single and ready to mingle. Love the canary yellow trousers. Or is that mustard?

Heaven tonight!

Did you know that Courtney Love used to pole dance to pay the bills? Or so she says. Something tells me this chap might have a more respectable job. Librarian, perhaps?

Ian and Rob, eenacting my favorite song from Courtney's solo album, But Julian I'm a Little Bit Older Than You.

James (right, with Mark) has dressed up as Courtney Love for like, the past five Halloweens. Clearly the girl with the most cake.

Hell's Kitcheners on a summer getaway to the East Village.

By 3am, the masses were well intoxicated but still going strong.

...and still handsome too!

Come 4am and everybody had lived through this long enough but still wanted more. That's why I promised to reprise Hole night for James' birthday this September, complete with a Miss World Courtney Lookalike contest. Gutless!


Knucklecrack said...

1st picture/Michael

Total fucking hottie.

Josh- Serena Paris tonight?

She's singing that to us Joshy-
"Baby, look at us..."

thwany said...

carrot top chick looks like a dude

Anonymous said...

well, hello Michael...