Sunday, July 20, 2008


Four years and three months after I first began DJing Saturday nights at a new straight bar on Second Avenue called Kabin (and often referred to as Kabin with a K), I played my last gig there this past weekend. When I started, I used to schlep two crates of records there and back, hoping a friend or boyfriend would stick around until the end of my shift so I wouldn't have to lug them up five flights of stairs all by my lonesome. Now it has become standard for customers to bring their own iPods and beg you to play Young Jeezy or Rick Ross from their library if my cd library lacks it (which it does, on purpose).

Spontaneous kickline realness!

Kabin gave me the chance to perfect my DJ craft. I held court in the back lounge, which you could only access by wading through the frat brothers and drunk girls up front. I could basically play any type of music I wanted, which tended to be lots of dancehall early on (Kabin used to be Black Star, a well known dancehall bar/club) and more hip hop and 80s of late. In the end, I had become overbooked on Saturdays with more lucrative events and there's only so many times I can handle requests for Justin Timberlake and Madonna on repeat.

My favorite Kabin-ettes, Denise (left) and Tara

I can't think of a funny story to relate at the moment except for when this drunk dude was sitting on a couch next to the DJ booth and just leaned over and vomited straight up into the booth, blocking the booth's entrance/exit with his vom. And then there was the foreign ballroom dancing couple who would always come in and request Black Eyed Peas' Shut Up and do an entire routine to it. Or this big black 21-year-old girl (if that) and her posse, who kept dutty wining for like two minutes after her boobs had totally busted out of her dress and where flapping every which way.

I liked when spontaneous dance parties would erupt. Especially when Dr. Jen (second from left) was starting or participating. I will miss Kabin and all the amazing people who braved a visit or brought their friends or dates there to make out in the corner booth. But now I am finally free to DJ bigger and better parties on Saturdays, so spread the word.

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Knucklecrack said...

What will become of your Saturday nights now?

Where will I go and who will I hang out with on low-key Saturdays now?

I liked knowing you were there-

For every season, turn, turn...

le sigh