Tuesday, January 31, 2012


And we're back! This week's photos come to you after a brief hiatus due to me being out of the country and also me being pretty much spent after Michael T.'s blowout Good Times birthday bonanza two weeks ago. As you can see from the photos, "its" birthday was a who's who of downtown nightlifers who turned up to celebrate the living legend that is the one and only Michael T.

Fritz (center) is back on the scene. Fritz (with Denise and Shaquandré) took a nightlife hiatus of his own for nearly a year after he moved back from Europe but has been out and about of late and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for the artisanal bread Denise!

Cheers to Brewster, who was out on the earlier side of things that evening but only because he started boozing at an early hour like a true Irishman.

The gorgeous glamazon that is Harriet Halloway also took a nightlife hiatus to focus on her comedy career this past winter and was also in mourning ever since Beige at B-Bar shut down but was out in full force for Ms. Michael T and all the guest performers and DJs that performed for Michael.

Convinced that they staged this in front of the DJ booth where I was taking photos (still no cameraman!) so they would end up on the blog. If not, haaaaaaay! East Village TMZ in full effect.

I met Samer (left) earlier that day at the Apple Store and invited him to the Good Times festivities that we do every Wednesday and he showed up! Not only that, but he clearly became enchanted and seduced by the blue-haired vixen known as Erickatoure Aviance.

I don't know their secrets (YET) but I can promise you that Johnny Dynell (left) and Tranny (right) have somehow discovered the fountain of youth since the two of them refuse to age. Tranny even told me that she's been in charge of organizing Michael T. birthday events for 15+ years!

We hear that Stephanie Stone (right, with Ericka) had been sick as a dog in drag all week but mustered up the energy to come and perform a showstopper in honor of Michael T.'s 45th.

After Michael T.'s birthday, I DJed in Los Angeles and vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and then traveled to Ricky's hometown of Atlanta (that's Ricky on the left, with Peter), where I learned about Stone Mountain and the mountainside laser light shows that I've been missing out on all my life.

Michael T.'s vast network of friends, DJs, freaks and more stretches far beyond the confines of gay clubs, as evidenced by Rochelle here who I used to work with at one point and has known Michael T. forever and a day, just like me.

Rob wishes! Rob (right) and Rodrigo in yet another picturesque moment from Rob's newfound organization, Daddy Chasers Anonymous. I'm a client too.

Revelers in sweaters and jackets, since the weather in New York has gone from freezing to spring time and back to freezing in the two weeks since this particular Good Times at Eastern Bloc party.

Billy (center, with Mattayish) flew back to Los Angeles too right after this party to host the magazine party I DJed for Starrfucker at the Faultline, which was bananas and I'm ready to come back to LA and DJ again as soon as Billy brings me there.


A very clothed and handsome gentleman up on the stripper pole, giving you Cab Calloway realness.

Ryan Chastity is now making a point to pose for pictures in any way possible to convince you that he is not in fact chaste or into chastity as his adopted last name suggests.

The handsome young'uns known as Lucus (right) and Ryan.

This cutie was as sweet as could be when he leaned over and told me he was headed to another gay East Village watering hole where the beers were a dollar or two cheaper. Apparently he's never seen Steph Stone or Erickatoure perform before because clearly you can not put a price on shows like that.


Now is as good a time as any to mention that the next Good Times (Feb. 1, 2012 y'all) will star me and my transcontinental DJ friend and Scissor Sister DJ superstar Sammy Jo. Sammy may or may not have access to new and unreleased Scissor material is all I have to say. I'll be playing my usual Lana Del Rey remixes and old school PJ Harvey tracks.

Say goodbye to Mikey L.'s long, luscious locks because we hear he recently chopped them off and is giving a fierce boy looks once again.

Jeremy shared some TOP SECRET info with us about his 2012 musical endeavors and let's just say that we couldn't be prouder of his hard work and determination with his Get Up record label and his House of Stank music pursuits.

Giving you purple pants for days.

I can only imagine the ruckus and mayhem that we will experience when Rainblo celebrates his 45th birthday in like, 25 more years.

Spontaneous dance party to the sounds of me, Michael T., Rich King or Nita. Yes, we all DJed and we all turned it. What else would you expect?

Instagram superstar and part time Eastern Bloc bartender and coat checker Marc.

Steph Stone, letting them HAVE IT.

And for the next surprise of the evening...

...a rare and spontaneous performance by none other than the man of the hour...


If you've ever seen Michael perform, then you know that he lights up on stage and becomes another person and this night was no exception. So much love and so many cheers for the one and only Michael T.

Of course, the final performance came from Good Times veteran and drag royalty Erickatoure Aviance, who did a Heart number of all things as per Michael's request.

Oh, and she killed it. She also evoked the Aphex Twin Come to Daddy music video for this here pose which made the entire performance all the more captivating and thrilling.

Danny (left) and Jonathan, doing a one-half nelson in the absence of the only nightlife queen not to show, Mr. One-Half Nelson.

It always feels like a three-day weekend when Ricky stays out past midnight, not that we're complaining.

This coming Sunday, I'm guest DJing for the very first time in the basement of the iconic West Village bar, The Monster, with big daddy Rich King (seen here) and tech house guru Dandylion. Rich also called Good Times the Chuck E. Cheese of gay nightlife parties since he too will be having a birthday with us on March 28 (if you can still move after black party weekend).

Heaven Campos, in what appears to be a sweatsuit onesie with a fannypack belt. There is truly only one thing you can say about this photo: SHE. BETTA. TWERK.

More TMZ, on location in the gay East Village.

Tall friends! Damian and Jeff and I are counting down the days until Fire Island 2012 even though none of us have any "insider information" about the whole rebuilding process that is happening in the Pines. Sorry!

Almost without fail, there is ALWAYS a late night show that commences around 2 or 3am by some enthusiastic Good Times volunteer patrons and this party was no exception.




When Ericka gets all dolled up, everyone and I mean EVERYONE wants to get their photo taken with her. And can you blame them?

The late night set, courtesy of Nita who was not featuring the weird Rihanna request or whatever request was made right before this photo was snapped.

Get into my Lords of Acid shirt because I'm buying 10 more. I sit on acid!

Darren came back to the DJ booth do to a time check because the friends and family of Michael T. were not exactly forthcoming with tips. He also freaked the eff out when Nita played Bela Lugosi's Dead because it was the last call song back in his hometown Oregon gay bar.

Gays who take photos of other gays in bars with iPads! Acceptable or not acceptable?

This photo pretty much sums up all of Michael T.'s ghoulish desires.

And when Michael T. is really really feeling it, she will unleash a late night, 330am runway show like none other, and that is exactly why we love her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! May you have another glorious 45 years ahead of you and then some. See you at the next Good Times when Sammy Jo guests with yours truly. xo, Sparber