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Gaga's cover art for her latest single is just begging for some photoshop action. Send us your submissions. xo


...cuz she samples Portishead, Guns 'n' Roses and Bone Thugz!!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Two of my favorite New York downtown beauties, Amanda and Narcissister. No known relation...or is there?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The last time DJ Honey Dijon did a guest spot at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party was nearly a year ago, which meant we had to get her back behind our decks ASAP. There was also a torrential downpour last year when Honey DJed with us and, oddly enough, the same thing happened this time around too, though we were prepared with an Eurythmics theme this time so we could all chant Here Comes the Rain Again.

Natasha arrived on the earlier side of the evening because for the 20th week in a row, her phone was dead (actually, she had lost her phone five of those 20 weeks) and desperately needed to recharge it. She'll also be reprising her performance of Nicole Scherzinger's Wet at the next Good Times in honor of our newfound rainy season.

If you're en route to Chicago's International Mr. Leather event this week, you must must must hunt down the hunk named AK (right), who is equal parts charming and handsome and probably the best tour guide.

ANNIE LENNOX LOOKALIKE CONTEST! Well, not really but if we had had one (it was Eurythmics night, after all), birthday boy Greg G. (right) would have totally one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREGGY POO! Take me to Spain with you!

Chris (center), giving blue steel.

Thanks to the inclement weather, the wet look turned into THE look of the evening.

Pissin' on 'em.

In case you didn't know, Eastern Bloc owner frequents Germany where his husband is located and thus fancies himself a German (by injection), which is how we end up with lots and lots of German decorations like the one behind Scotty.

Black party part deux.

Honey didn't let a little rain slow her down. In fact, she ended up playing not only a lot of Eurythmics but everything from The Rapture (which was supposed to take place on Saturday. #fail) to the B-52s' Planet Claire. Needless to say, I gagged.


Mel (right) and Demetre, who have been trying to sync up their beard lengths of late.

Speaking of beard lengths, Mikey (left) likes to measure his man's beard length with his mouth.

Miss Stone is none to pleased that she's not the only Stone on the block and now has to compete with the rising star that is my wife, Ms. Stephanie Stone.

Kiehls Bear (right) is also quite the rising star and not just in the bear world. He suggested I look into getting a live musician ("a flutist, perhaps") but that saxophonist / clarinetist from the back from at Starlight is nowhere to be found.

Kiehl's Bear is also the new Natasha, as in everyone wants a picture with him.

Fashion frames alert.

And speaking of fashion trends, the cut of sleeveless has officially reached its cultural saturation point, as exemplified by Tim (left) and John.

Poncho y poncho.

I like to pretend that she broke out of a hospital (wristband evidence) just to come and do this at Good Times.

Honey Dijon and her fan club, to which I most certainly belong.

SURPRISE! And through the rain, Ms. Stephanie Stone appeared with a cd in hand to do a surprise performance of the Eurythmics Right By Your Side.

...and it was URR'RY-TING!

"I need to be right by your side." Literally.

Though it looks like I'm giving major side-eye to Mr. Scotty E., I'm actually in awe of the Leigh Bowery stories he shared with us that evening. Watch out for another golden oldies gay pride Good Times with Scott Ewalt, coming very very soon.

Sisters are doing it for themselves, even at East Village gay parties like ours.

Devin, Chad and Krys (from left) and an Adolf Hitler tshirt, which I'm hoping Krys wears to our Rosh Hashana Good Times party too.

Patrick (right, with Krys), thinking 'omg he's totes wearing an Adolf Hitler tshirt."

Sweet dreams are made of this fantasy Raiders jacket, as worn by another favorite DJ of mine, Timmy.

Timmy (left) instantly makes me 100 times happier every time I see him. Not that Jesse (center) and Josh (right) don't have that same effect but nobody does injury club looks quite like Timmy.

James V. (right) swears that he will single-handedly bring back the popped collar and to that, we say good luck James V. May the force (and Niagra spray-on starch) be with you.

Alex (left) introduced Stephen to the wonders of Good Times, a far cry from his day job as a nephrologist with an interest in immunology.

Sie hat Holz ver der Hütte.

Frankie (left, with Mel) is New York's very own International Mr. Leather, not because he's so into the leather scene as much as he can wear that leather coat day and night and never get too hot.

Happy not only because Honey is playing Major Lazer's When You Hear the Bassline (did they sell that one to Beyonce too?) but because next week's guest is the queen bee of hip hop, Telfar!

Downtown "it" couple Wesley (left) and Ricky. Just remember to mop off your screen when you're done using this photo.

It worked! Bryan (left, with Davy) offered me a place in his luggage for IML. I'm just hoping I don't have to sleep in the slave cage their totally toting along to Chicago too.

Oh Mickey you're so fine.

It actually began to get more and more full as 2, 3 and 4am rolled around.

Love a dandy in a bowtie and a blazer with a colorful drink to match.


Jeremy and I both had our first Fire Island experiences of 2011 this past weekend (albeit separately) and while I can't speak for Jeremy, I can already tell that this summer is gonna be a good one.

Second sign of a good summer to come: when Thomas takes a really good photo! He's like Punxsutawney Phil--if he photographs well in the spring, an awesome summer is sure to follow.

Javier (left) says open your heart to me, baby, I hold the lock and you hold the keyyyyyyy.

One is such a lonely numberrrrrrrrrrr.

George, loving an impromptu dance party.

George, loving an impromptu pash party.

Stay queer of here.

And then the rainbow brightly colored hair crew rolled through...

...with green eyebrows to match. And we knew it was time to head home.

Thank you to Honey Dijon and everyone who braved the rain. See you next week when me and Telfar turn out the hip hop jams and Natasha gives you an encore performance of Wet and maybe more. xo