Saturday, November 29, 2008


A month after reopening at the club space known as Rebel, gay dance den Mr. Black is alive and well and awaiting your visit. I attended the Addict/Gary 49 Friday night party last night and recounted my take on the various spaces it has occupied.

Mr. Black I - I liked this Broadway and Bleeker space because it was conveniently located. It's also the only Mr. Black space I have DJed in so far (HI STUART! CALL ME!) so I think back on it fondly, though truth be told, it was always too empty or too crowded and the DJ booth smelled like sewage.

Mr. Black 1.5 - This was when Mr. Black floated around from club to club, temporarily sharing a space with Shelter down in Tribeca. I only made it here once and it was after 4am so the door lady was like, ITS NOT MR. BLACK AFTER 4AM. SORRY! and I left.

Mr. Black II - My favorite Mr. Black space so far, mostly because the upstairs party took on a life of its own and was all dancefloor. This space also nailed down the current (and perfect) DJ lineups as well personable guest hosts, including yours truly.

Mr. Black III - Now at Rebel (30th and 8th ave.), I have to travel a little further west to hear Gant and Nita and Telfar and Michael and Ezra on a Saturday but its all good. The front room is a little less conducive to dancing but now its way easier to flow from one room to the other.

Friday night's most rewarding moment was W. Jeremy of House of Stank in the front room, who introduced me to the new word for the amazing electro house he plays, known as "fidget." Me likey. And me and Timmy host again Saturday, December 20. Expect outfits.


If you haven't picked up this week's issue of NYC gay rag HX yet, grab it when you see it. It features a slew of New York nightlife folk, including yours truly repping for "generation otter." I'm so proud to be in the same spread as fellow jewbag Ladyfag and the glamour that is Epiphany, who I met out of drag last week en route to Veniero's with her dad.

Head to HX online to see all 10 photo spreads.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


...we give thanks for all things La Toya.

...we give thanks for all things La Toya.


Freestyle par-tay! For no particular reason, we broke out the Cover Girls and Sweet Sensation jams at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last week and begged our crowd to take it while it's hot.

Freestyle queen Erik K. (left), in the loving arms of Ken who was housesitting on the Lower East Side last week. Erik lovvvvvvvvvvves emailing me suggested freestyle playlists that include Linear and TKA. One way love indeed!

Everyone is all about keeping their boo warm this cold cold NYC winter.

Lookout Weekend started early for these four.

I love a man in a suit, especially one with shiny lapels and a snazzy tie to match.


Vague Tina Fey lookaline (in my dreams), aghast that I played Johnny O.and Cynthia's Dreamboy Dreamgirl three times throughout the night. Best song ever.

Gary (center, with Michael and Doug) sent me the sweetest thank you note after our Cover Girls party for playing freestyle at a gay bar. Doug, meanwhile, organized a petition for Britney Spears requests.

A covert advertisement for Twin Cheeks, my Monday at party at the Cock where well drinks are just $4 before 1am. And we're doing an underwear party in two weeks with Daniel Nardicio and Sammy Jo which is sure to be an extravaganza.

Rock and roll fag bar! Tommy Hotpants (left) and Richie, wishing that I was playing more Bikini Kill than Debbie Deb.

Adam, Richard and Steven are sincerely yours.

Mikey (left) and a frenchman named Charles, who might just love bbm-ing (Blackberry messaging) just as much as Mikey does, if that's possible.


More warm winter cuddliness. I secretly hope he is hiding a nest of dreadlocks up in that knit cap.

Trent (right) and friend, who camoflauged quite well with the Eastern Bloc red and black wall paper.

The hotness that is Jonathon (right) didn't remember hanging out together at a house party on Halloween for like, two hours.

The Good Times posse, taking Casey (center) to the point of no return.

Ryan (left) and friend, feeling the Giggles track in the background and thinking of sending a facebook Love Letter.

Maverick (bottom right) and crew, who happily refers to patrons of Good Times as the Bearded Mafia, which I so want to use as the name for a new weekend one-off party. Any takers?

Yes please. These two are inspiring all sorts of Pajama Parties and I'm not just talking about the Daphne Rubin-Vega freestyle trio.

Master of ceremonies, with his bitches Doug (left) and Jeroen.

Daniel (left) and friend, "scarfing" down all the $4 Svedka and Killians they can drink before 4am. And its $2 vodka and rolling rocks before 11!

Willie (left), with Kevin and a lady friend who looks like she could be a Diamond Girl if she can feel what I am feeling.

My three first and foremost loves, Sean, Charles and Evans (from left). These three are absolutely flawless.

A martini? Really?


James (right) and Jaime, who is the biggest freestyle queen I have ever met ever ever ever! And I'm from Long Island, so that's saying something.

Chris (center, with David and lady friend) was like, "OOOOOOH, this lady friend of mine is a real, bonafide STRIPPER! Play Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and she will LOSE IT!"

Spring Love (in the winter time).

This crew could totally be a Long Island City freestyle gang, armed with Aqua Net and Lee Press-ons.

Don't mess with us or we'll pole dance you into oblivion!

Telfar says, "Goodnight! Sleep tight! And come get stuffed at next week's Thanksgiving Eve blow out."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I DJed a party in the Bahamas this weekend which was glamorous and trashy all rolled into one.

View from hotel room at the Sheraton, which was actually kind of decent, especially when they took longer than 30 minutes to deliver room service, which made it F.R.E.E. Food in the Bahamas is SOOOO EXPENSIVE!

One of many Bahamaian casinos, where I played the penny slots to my hearts content (a.k.a. five minutes, after which point I was like, this sucks).

Walk-through aquarium with sleeping shark at the uber-tacky (or is it uber-glam?) Atlantis resort on Paradise Island.

The weather was all sunny but too windy to don swim trunks for the Mayan waterslide at Atlantis, which tunnels through a shark pool and is pretty damn cool. Next time.


I also walked through downtown Nassau, where a big black woman in the Straw Market said, "hey baby, want me to shave your legs?" Another man made the same offer literally five minutes later. What's up with Bahamians hating on hairy legs?


Former Family space has gone Asylum, courtesy of Sugarland's Ernie Cote. And according to Bianca Del Rio, it's more fun than doing lines off a dead hooker! Come watch me do the entire Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) dance behind the DJ booth this coming Saturday.


The Cock is gearing up for a big pre-Christmas week blowout week December 9th - 14th, including a special Monday Twin Cheeks turned Tiger Beat Underwear Party! Me, Daniel Nadicio and Sammy Jo. The perfect trifecta.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



All hail queen Sylvester! We cleared our vocal chords and belted our highest falsettos last Wednesday at Good Times at Eastern Bloc in honor of the late and great Cockette-turned-disco-queen, Sylvester.

Sylvester protegé Mona, pictured here out of costume as his alter ego Andrew, has been jobless since returning from his summer job up in P-Town and begging to let Mona rule the roost at an upcoming Good Times.

Photographer Kelvin failed to tell us that he'd be on a date for most of the night, resulting in a series of lackluster photographs where subjects were just down right sad about the absence of our big-bootied Puerto Rican friend.

Scottish tourist, checking out the Menergy in Eastern Bloc.

And hello to the fellow on the right, who is looking a little lost and needs a guiding hand to lead him behind the DJ booth.

If squint hard enough, it kind of looks like M.I.A. and James Gandolfini were in attendance.

All smiles because we now serve $2 vodkas and rolling rocks every Wednesday between 10 and 11pm (and then its $4 svedka vodka and killian drafts all night). GIVING PHOENIX A RUN FOR ITS MONEY, YO!

Joshua Appelbottom is my only friend who actually uses that new Loopt program on his iPhone so I can stalk him all day and all night.

Though hurricane season has come to a close, Hurricane Jason season has just started up.

Pailo was simaltaenously trying to deflect a photo while showing off his lovely pits, which are looking freshly trimmed and pleasantly ripe.

A sleepwalking Coleen in the foreground, as Nate appears to be rubbing one out to the tune of Sylvester's Sex behind her and Jason.

I am still waiting for Ryan (left, with friend) to invite me to a fantabulous party at his 3500 sq ft. Soho loft, which he says is still undecorated despite his career as an interior decorator.

Loving those snuggly gray sneaker boot thingamajigs.

Delvin (left) and Baby C were both making me feel mighty real, especially thanks to Baby C's hunter green crushed velvet blazer. Yes, please.

Ladies of leather Coleen and Joe, who I plan to invite to an upcoming party only to make him wait outside for an hour as the door person tells him we're "overcapacity" inside.

Mikey and a lady fan of his in the background. Mikey is trying to formally become a Michael, but since there are too many Michaels in my phone already, I am sticking to calling him Michael. Or Damion.

Ray and random satin dress girl dance party spontaneity! Don't stop, don't stop, you're moving me!

David (left) and Baby C, showing us how mouth babies are made.

Remember when I was all down on American Apparel deep-V's? My opinion has officially changed.

Hello boys. Don't let me disturb your conversation about tanning salons in NYC. Just wanted to say hey.

Keenin (on the right, not the right spelling because his mom googles him constantly) sent me the most AMAZING Sylvester remix I have ever heard ever ever ever. It's called Sooner or Later and you can download it here. Seven minutes and seven seconds of pure gospel disco bliss.

Discussing the who what where's of plaid.

I spy a cut-out thumbholes, which makes me hope I was playing Courtney Love or something equally 90s appropriate for this shy young lad.

Lovin is really his game.

Steve (left) and friend, who apparently is not into that whole 'you scratch my back I scratch yours' type of thing.

He was feeling the new Beyonce just as much as me, which you can look forward to hearing lots more in the next few weeks since it is way way better than the new Britney. Just sayin.

OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAID. Well, I don't know how well Jeff is paid but he certainly seems to be working morning, noon and night. Keep it up, baby!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!!!! Gary, Ryan and Anddy (left) came out specifically to hear Madonna's Waiting off of her Erotica album, an underrated song that makes Gary go ga-ga.

Boys who wanna funk with me.

This picture reminds me that we are a long ways away from the next backyard cookout at Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn :( On a brighter note, I'M DJING THE BAHAMAS THIS WEEKEND!

Was that knit cap halfway on the head look pioneered by the Hills? Or is it a Kurt Cobain holdover? Still trying to decide.

Michael (left) came out in support of his favorite DJ Jimmy and again on Saturday to Mr. Black (where I was hosting) in support of his second favorite DJ, Kingdom. I am vying for number three.

Wiccan ladies, still partying two weeks after Halloween.

James and Gary say let's sneak out and see what Buddy is up to at the Cock. See you next week!