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This is an interview I did for Dalston Superstore in London for my gig there last week. Then their website stopped working and it couldn't get posted in time so they sent it to me with an apology. I mostly talked about why I love New York (food, DJs, music, Xander) so have a read if you wanna know why I'm real excited to be back home and DJing at 11:11 later tonight.

What makes NYC such a magical place for you personally?

I find NYC magical for so many reasons, including the fact that I can have food delivered to my apartment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! But I also find that the people who come to live in New York are magical. New York is not the easiest city to live in in terms of price, weather and apartment size. You really have to want to be in New York in order to survive in it, so I find the drive that New Yorkers bring to all things they create to be magical.

Who are your New York nightlife muses?

I draw inspiration from both the DJs and club kids that come out at night in New York City. My top club kid muses would include Xander, Slanty, De Se, Gugu and The House of Ladosha's Antonio and Adam. The DJs would include Will, Nita, Dicap and the always incredible Michael Magnan.

How good are you at the sax? Are their any '80s sax solos that you can bust out that we might know?

I traded in my sax for an acoustic guitar at some point in the '90s and then took up DJing afterwards but I'm sure I can strum out any Hole song off of Live Through This for you. As far as sax solos go, I'd have to practice a bit before I could play you Lil Louis & The World - I Called U (The Conversation).

If you were writing a love letter to your fair city, what would you include and why?

In a love letter to New York, I'd thank her for all the worldly cuisine options that are available with such ease. I'd also thank her for the beauty of Central Park and Fire Island.

What makes the NYC gay scene so vibrant? And what other cities do you think hold a candle to it?

In New York, you can pretty much go out any night of the week and find something happening with good club music, or pop music if that's your thing. There's multiple gay scenes in varying neighborhoods so I like to think that in New York, there's a little something for everyone. I couldn't say the same is true for many other cities, but I do live for the nightlife in London, Berlin, Sao Paulo and San Francisco too.

Explain "The look goes as follows" to those that don't know...

New York nightlife icon Xander recorded a track with Johnny McGovern and Adam Joseph a few years back called The Look which I created a fan video for on youtube. I believe the song was edited together from a studio session where Xander described how elements a wardrobe can be put together to both express oneself and create and inspire others. It has since turned into a social media hashtag (#thelookgoesasfollows) for all of Xander's clothing creations and still continues to inspire me.

It would seem that your eclectic taste has lent itself to being an acclaim wedding DJ. Have you ever had a wedding DJ booth request you couldn't fulfil?

Tons. People hire me to bring an element of my nightlife experience to their events and weddings and guests sometimes don't understand why I can't fulfil their request to play the Isley Brothers' Shout (tired) or why an NWA song might not be the most appropriate song to play at the moment (grandma is still on the dance floor).

Talk us through the best time you've ever had at Good Times... one special moment that will always stay with you...

The time that Fred Schneider of the B-52's rolled through Good Times when me and my good friend Lina were DJing, got on the mic and sang along to Rock Lobster is a moment that I will never forget. I grew up worshipping the B-52's  and to have Fred spontaneous singing live (and then closing down the party with us at 4am) was a special moment for me.

You've had loads of London DJs guest for you- who's been a standout, for whatever reason?

It's hard to pick just one guest from my London family who stood out since they all did an amazing job, though I will say that one time, Horse Meat Disco's Severino guested and played a late-night hip-hop / R&B set with Aaliyah and Missy Elliott tracks that really made everyone go wild. It stands out in my mind because Sevvy is known for his house and disco sounds but can really make anyone go mental with any style of music.

If anything was ever about to convince you to stay here in London with us, what would it be?

It would be Mother Nature changing her attitude and sharing a little more sunshine on a daily basis.

Obviously this is a hard question to pose to someone who has an eclectic taste, but can you pinpoint one track (or artist if it's too hard to narrow down) that's shaped your music taste today?

Recently I re-listened to Fischerspooner's Emerge, and was transported back to one of my first clubbing experience, which happened in London in late 2000. Dave Clarke was DJing and the song was a complete revelation for me in terms of both electronic dance music and clubbing. I went back to Camden afterwards (where I was living at the time) and emailed Dave to find out what the track was. To my surprise, he responded and I went back to NYC and found the CD at Other Music before it was released on a major label.

From a promoter's point of view, where would you hold your dream party (anywhere- any country, any era, defunct club or current), who would be on the bill (dead or alive) and where would you place YOURSELF on that bill?

My dream party would be beneath present day Istanbul in the Basilica Cistern. The lineup would be me and my favorite New York DJs (Michael Magnan, The Carry Nation, Wrecked, Mister Saturday Night, David Mancuso) and we'd party underground amongst the Roman ruins for the entire weekend, Berghain-style. If we started Saturday night, I'd take a Sunday evening slot and have Ron Like Hell or David Mancuso or maybe even DJ Harvey play out till Monday morning.

What's one bit of advice you'd give your 18 year old self?

I'd tell my 18-year-old self that my University choice and college major isn't of much consequence. Back then, I really thought I had to make some major decisions about how I was going to live the rest of my life but nowadays, I'm much better at enjoying everything one day at a time.

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...babies! #notajoke

Check out the full article over at Gothamist.

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A nice audio snippet with our grand ol' granny, Glamamore. Listen HERE.

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It's been a great summer. I ended my weekly Wednesday Good Times party of 6.5 years on a high note (pun intended!), DJed fantastic parties out in San Francisco, Toronto, Provincetown and Chicago, made it out to Fire Island thrice, DJed a bunch of well-paid gigs here at home in New York City and turned it out at last week's 11:11 and last night's JIZZ. Also, the word twerking has reached the point where my mom is messaging me about Time Out magazine twerk headlines.

Next stop after a gig out in Long Island City on Sunday is Madrid and Ibiza this coming week (never been. We're coming for you Hot Creations!) before arriving in Berlin August 29th for DONKEY's European debut at About:Blank for the DESSERT party on August 31st. Then we come home for a major studio moment in September and October as well as some NYC gigs. Stay tuned.



Can't wait to attend the upcoming Mike Kelley exhibit at PS1.

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Last week was the first of a two-part finale for our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. And since disco, Donna Summer and Michael T. have all been integral parts to our little party that could, what better way to say sayonara than with one more Last Dance with Michael T.

Lots of friends who couldn't come to our closing party on June 26th showed face at last week's Good Times, including my favorite gummy sour peach fiend Jorge (left) and the most bi-continental man we've ever met, Martyn (right).

Our little Lumix point-and-shoot camera has really weathered some injuries over the years (including a two-month stint in Brooklyn when Kelvin left it in someone's car) but is still somehow going with a magical new melting cyborg setting, as seen on Jorge and Martyn.

Alon (left) is back in a New York state of mind after a brief stint in Israel, while Andre (center) is still masterminding a way to make his twerking videos go viral and Denise is still making that same Madonna Die Another Day request SIX YEARS LATER. Love you guys!

Cyborg twerk team.

Eastern Bloc neighbor and sometimes coatchecker John rolled through to pay his respects while perpetrating one of DJ Lina's major shirts. We can't wait to see (and sport) a new one this season.

Cyborg John (and Lina).

Back in years one two and three of Good Times, Frank (right) and Patrick were part of the core Good Times team who always got extra giddy when we did a 90s throwback night a la Courtney Love or managed to sneak a Tori Amos remix into our set. So nice to see them again and reminisce about the Good Times good times.

 So totally cyborg Patrick and Frank.

Shout out to our Canadian brother Scooter for not only having us up to Toronto to DJ his Cub Camp party on July 12th but for bringing his party back to New York City (and Eastern Bloc) for pride weekend.  Get it gurl.

Melting the night away with Scott.

So glad its summer again because Scott (left) has come out of hiding and will even be joining me up in Provincetown when I DJ Fagbash on August 14th. For all my future DJ dates, check out, my site where I try to keep things updated as often as possible. 

There's only one thing we love more than a Brazilian and that's a Brazilian couple, which is why we were thrilled when Jefferson (left) introduced us to his boyfriend Bruno (right). Hoping to see more of these two and set up some parties down in Sao Paulo in January / February. Stay tuned.

Ryan, Charles and Buddy (from left). Not the best photo of my wifee Steph Stone (aka Charles) but Ryan urged me to keep it since he's looking real cute in this one.

Michael T. arrived right on time and started doing shows right on time as well. 

My DONKEY DJ and production partner Mikey Fuentes (left) is doing a solo set at last final Good Times on June 26th starting at 10pm before we take to the decks as DONKEY around midnight and my own solo closing set. Don't miss this rising star.

One-time host and perennial Good Times guest Quinn wouldn't miss a Last Dance with Michael T. for the world, though truth be told, Michael and I have already started talking about our Endless Donna Summer party for 2014 because we love doing the Donna party.

DOSHA DEVASTATION IN THE HOUSE! (And after a performance the night before to boot.) 


So much love for these two, who have both taught more than I ever could have asked for about DJing, nightlife and rock 'n' roll.

Even cyborg Jon Jon (left) came out to say farewell! Thank you again to Michael T. and everyone who came out and danced with us ever. Get into the last Good Times hurrah next Wednesday, June 26th, when we say sayonara for now and party till we get on the plane for San Francisco Thursday morning. xo Sparber

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We're in the final homestretch of our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc (we end June 26th) and so we've really been trying to make every moment / song / guest DJ a stunner. Last week, we brought in our good friend DJ Dicap to open right before our guest headliner Rizzla, who absolutely killed it with his infectious blend of dancehall and soca.

Even though Dicap, Rizzla and I all ended up using our computers, both Dicap and I have recently gone back to using CDJs—either with USBs or straight-up CDs—while an increasing number of DJs have been seen around NYC experimenting with...get ready for it...iPad DJing.

As I mentioned last week, our good ol' Good Times digicam seems to be breaking slash sad that the party is ending slash really into alien-looking, Butt Magazine–tinted snapshots such as this gorgeous shot of Buddha's secret cyborg face.

Happy birthday Charlie Q! It seems like only yesterday that you were working at the Strand and we were drinking unlimited drinks at the Hole's Big Gulp every friggin' Thursday.

More cyborg love from Luis (left) and Steven, two of my Good Times favorites who have transitioned JIZZ favorites, the monthly hip hop-flavored party Dicap and I do at Metropolitan every third Friday. We're doing one this Friday, June 21st , and then headed to SF together next Thursday.

Cyborg Mike (left, with Kevin) has been reclaiming his spot in New York nightlife after a 2.5 year hiatus in India. He is also learning that after 2.5 years, New York nightlife now extends into the early morning, which is why we're glad he still doesn't have to be anywhere at 9am yet.

DOUBLE CUTENESS OVERLOAD, courtesy of Nick (left) and Buddha.

Dicap on the right seems to be going in for a boob grab while simultaneously Vining, Facebooking and Instagramming the entire moemnt. #multitalented

Rizza gives me life. His mixes, productions and live sets (including last Wednesday's) are so unlike anything I've ever heard before in such a good way that I'm ready to follow him around the world as soon as he gets even bigger, which is due to happen at any moment.

Are they speaking again or are they fighting again. Come to the second to last Good Times on Wednesday, June 19th and find out. It'll be our Last Dance Donna Summer party with Michael T. which you know can only mean one thing: SHOWS. (PS - shout out to Rizzla's bf holding it down in the DJ booth in the background during Rizzla's epic set.)

Cyborg Darren, refueling his robot muscle body with whatever robots use for fuel.

And then this happened.

Someone actually fixed the camera for a hot minute so we could snap this loveliness for you. Darren has mentioned that our barman / coat checker / resident porn hunk Marcus Issacs might resume DJing on Wednesday nights after June. We're also hoping to still book some of our out-of-town DJ friends into Eastern Bloc after Good Times finishes for the summer.


A little late night lap dancing next to a backpack that might as well have a sign pinned to it that says STEAL ME!

Take a look at my hips, bitch.

GOOD TIMES TWERK TEAM REPRESENT! Thank you again to Dicap and the incredible DJ Rizzla and to everyone who came out to twerk with us last Wednesday. See you next week for a Last Dance with Michael T. and the second to last weekly Wednesday Good Times at Eastern Bloc. xo, Sparber

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Just grabbed FK Club's latest single called The Strange Art earlier this week without knowing much about them or the majority of remixers on the release and hot damn was I surprised. This thing is GOOD.