Friday, September 30, 2011


No tracklist for the time being as I'm still traveling the world but lots of obscure goodies from Dean Johnson, Consolidated and even Larry Tee's first band. Grab it here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Looks like there will be a little less shade outside of Eastern Bloc. Literal shade, that is, as the tree outside of good ol' EB is down. Major frowny face :(

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From my friend Juan Pablo Echeverri, who was in Mexico City filming this the same time I was there in April. Sadly, I didn't make a cameo.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When we caught wind that our favorite hometown high heeler, Ms. Erickatoure Aviance (known for her hit single, My Pumps, most recently featured on last week's episode of Dance Moms!) had a remix album coming out, we jumped at the opportunity to book guest DJ Nita (who put the album together) as well as Ms. Katoure herself, who gave good face, great wig and a riveting performance at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc.

We're never quite sure if Andrew (center) is living in New York City or back in Arizona or traveling the world or suddenly married or divorced or what have you, but we were excited to hear he was at our party last week with mom! Unless he met those two ladies next door at Sidewalk Cafe.

If anyone is casting for Gay Sex and the City, these four hooligans should cast straight away. Oh, and that was a play on Sex and the City, not an advert for gay sex workers since these four would never stoop to such measures.

GAYLEBRITY SIGHTING! Paul (left) and his coworker are practically gods now that they control the flow of ice cream coming out of the Big Gay Ice Cream truck and shop, conveniently located about a block from the Bloc.

And speaking of close proximity, last Wednesday I learned that Peter (in the black tee) lives a few doors down from my on my own East Village block. Not quite the gaylebrity that my next door neighbor, Connie Girl, is but its always fun to find out who your gay neighbors are and not in a Grindr kind of way.

Good Times or an outtake from the Hole video for Violet? We're really really really really really looking forward to our upcoming Night of 1000 Courtneys, this year with guest DJ and MAJOR Courtney Love enthusiast Formika! October 12th. Touch this Celebrity Skin, dawwwwwwling.

Just a handsome bro in a baseball tee drinkin' a brewski. And what?

We've heard about Paul's elusive best friend Zach (right), for about four years but never had the pleasure of meeting him until last Wednesday. Hopefully it won't be another four until he returns to Good Times.

Zach (right) and Jessica played good cop / bad cop with me about my decision to attend next year's Burning Man festival. Zach was all, "it'll change your life!" and Jessica was all, "(teenage suicide,) DON'T DO IT!"

Not only did Nita (center) and I celebrate Rob Zombie, bicycle shorts and the release of his Erickatoure remix album, Ericka reWorked!, we ALSO celebrated the birthday of Natasha (right), who told us she was turning 29 THAT VERY NIGHT.

Yes to the Ari Gold hipsterization of tzitzit, the white tassles you see here most often worn by ultra orthodox jews. Wear 'em to our annual Jew Year's Eve Rosh Hashana Good Times party on October 5th! aka the welome home from Greece Sparber, you're a little late with this Rosh Hashana party but we won't hold it against you! party.

A sea of purple people eaters.

Andreas and four folks who had absolutely no idea I was snapping this photo.

Casey couldn't be happier as a proud pageant dad and we felt just as jubilant after seeing his boo Devin Stone all dolled up at this year's Miss Fire Island pageant a few days earlier.

Is it St. Partrick's Day yet?

Getting peeps to pose when it's really effing crowd at Good Times can be quite the challenge.

Ms. Nita, turning the beat around and letting the crowd have it with his remixes and other on that Ericka reWorked album. Goddamn Nita. How you gonna out do yourself after that one?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA!!!!! It feels like only yesterday you were going by Kris Rayan Artis and maybe even Purple K and before that Natashanista and Everybody's Gurl and a million other monikers. We heart you no matter what you call yourself.

Major Michael P. side eye to James, who is about to give him the trademarked James D. bear hug.

Speaking of hugs, I'm always in need of a fantastic hug from Mr. Tomac. In fact, if Stephen had a yelp review page for his hugs, he'd get the highest possible rating from me. Just sayin'.

WORK ME GODDAMMIT! Nothing like a surprise visit from my number one baby for gravy, Solie!

William (left) was deep in the throes of fashion week (if you couldn't tell from the non-porn pearl necklace he's wearing) but found time to drop off a present sent with him all the way from Greece, a Tolis swimsuit which I'll be wearing all over the Mediterranean for the next two weeks. Thank you William and Tolis.

Andrew (right) was like, thanks for making me pose with a stranger! not knowning that pairing up strangers is what we do best on Wednesdays at Eastern Bloc.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEWLUKESANDOVAL! We were going to sing you a birthday song in our own birthday suit and post it on youtube but we ran out of time. Next year!

Is this a United Colors of Benetton ad for like, their black collection?

GOOD TIMES GUN SHOW! Step right up and get your tickets.

We usually don't make it out to the sidewalk during our own party so we had no idea it was such the happening place to be. Or maybe it was just too damn crowded inside cuz Erickatoure was getting ready to perform.

Peter, showing off the amazing new Tolis swimsuit packaging, which he someone thought I had gifted to him and got all sad face when I told him he couldn't have it. But you can buy a pair at

Scotty, telling me how much he misses his excursion to Amsterdam. We think its high time (pun intended) he made a return visit.

These dudes on the left and right of Shawn Paul seriously responded to my picture request by saying, "Why? So you can go and jerk off it in the bathroom after you take it." To which I responded, ummmm, yeah. And then I went into the bathroom and jerked off right after I took it.

Ericka, Charles and three dollar bills sittin' on the bar. What you don't see is the six shots of whiskey Ericka and Charles just pounded to get Ericka pumped for her performance.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: WORK ERICKAAAAAAA!

Ericka performed the Nita vs. Princess Tiny and the Meats remix of My Pumps and turned the crowd out in the process.

They seriously couldn't get enough of Ericka. But then again, who can?

Yummy chesticles.

Festive-yet-creepy masks that evoke an Eyes-Wide-Shut-meets-the-Knife kind of moment. And we're all for anything that evokes the Knife.

We had to twist Ryan's arm to get him to show a little skin but yes, it was totally worth it as usual.

The category is FACE and Israel (center, with Jamil and Brian) giving snatching that trophy, hunty.

I'm guessing Colby (right) probably hit something close to 30 parties for fashion week given her superhuman party hopping capabilities.

An advertisement for the iPhone 5 that screams: we're gay and we want it now. Side note from Greece: the iPhone is truly the universal, pan-global gay phone of choice.

Kiss kiss, ching ching dahhhling.

Lezzies who chatted everyone up around the DJ both while very slyly plugging in their iPhones to recharge. Apparently iPhones are the pan-global gay AND lesbian phone of choice.

Go ahead and click "like" on this photo 127 times. It doesn't mean Darren will sleep with you but it does help boost his ego and you might get a little more liquor in your next round of drinks.

For the record, Marc's shirt says God Hates FAQs. Get it? Frequently Asked Questions? I bet the question god gets asked most frequently is something like, where should I go out in NYC if I'm in NYC on a Wednesday. And clearly, god says, "Townhouse!"

Did I promise shows?

Ask and ye shall receive, courtesey of Jamil and Mother Celso.

After I broke the news to Natasha that she couldn't perform on her birthday unless she did an Erickatoure Aviance track, she got all grumpy and passed the eff out in the corner. Hey - it's her party and she's sleep if she wants to!

The incredible producer behind Ericka's original Work Ericka EP, Adam Joseph, who tells us he's prepping his own original material for an upcoming release. We can't WAIT!

Clayton (left) and his flight attendant friends swore up and down that if I brought chocolate to the flight attendants on my flight to Greece, they would totally hook me up with anything and everything I needed (which was mostly a route to first class).

I did not bring chocolate to the flight attendants this time around. But something tells me that maybe Clayton brought a little chocolate home for himself?

She's awake, she's done an outfit change and it somehow doesn't include a purple wig this time around.

Panos (left) and Jorge, photographed without an alcoholic beverage for the first time this year! So far in Greece, I have met zero Panos', three Yiannis and 27 Georges.

This one asked me what he gets if he lets me snap his pic. I said extra credit for your FIT courses?

A note about wearing You Can't Touch This tshirts: everyone immediately feels that they have the right to touch you when you wear a shirt with said slogan.

Everyone also feels that they have the right to touch you when you wear neon bicycle shorts. But I wasn't mad at it.

Yay to fashion week! And yay to the end of fashion week too and that ridiculous Fashion Night Out event. Can we end that nonsense already?

All sorts of cuteness hanging out behind that Joan Collins stool.

Rob (right), wondering where oh where does Jermaine come from every Wednesday at 3am when he stops by the bar for the tail end of our Good Times party.

Danilo (left) and friends, thugging it out for last call, y'all.

We love a late night "wrestling move," if that's what the kids are calling it these days. Thanks again to Nita and Erickatoure and everyone that came out. See you next Wednesday! JK. I'll be in Greece, but you'll see Timmy and Shawn who are holding it down for me at Good Times. Go give them noogies! xo, Sparber