Thursday, January 31, 2008


Blogger and jew-y bear chaser Eric Leven accused me of not linking to other blogs enough so I'm linking to his post on gay activism granddaddy Larry Kramer's election outlook.

I interviewed Larry for a POZ Magazine article back in the day and he was completely lived up to his cranky reputation. Mehthinks he needs to give up on the activism and start making waves in fashion world. That hat!


Manhunt photo realness. But is it supposed to be ironic?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last week's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc was downright strange. Jimmy said it was due to the full moon that was out that night. Despite the Mary J. Blige soundtrack we had going (how could I have forgotten about that Method Man duet for so long?), things were just all around kooky.

Mama Morton (right) and Oscar got their drink on early and were ready to dance by like, 1030pm while everyone else was still at home watching Project Runway. I hope Christian wins.

Jason, showing off his most well-known talent.

Bananas, in pajamas, are coming down the stairs. Bananas, in pajamas, are DJing Eastern Bloc in pairs!

Apparently whenever a VCR or DVD player breaks at Eastern Bloc, we hook up the Pac Man game to that particular TV. Then Eric (pictured above) gets all into it and forgets he's at bar with hot gay men.

Devin and Evans (from left) are ageless and timeless and completely last name-less in my book.

Ethan (right) used to rock a rat tail on the back of his hair, which was a major stumbling block in our friendship. Luckily, he has since snipped it off.

Josh (left, with Jacob) won the 2007 Eastern Bloc Halloween Costume Contest and hasn't let us forget it. He can also do Britney Spears dance moves better than Britney (whatever that means).

Whenever I see Magenta, I think about coming into the city in the 1990s and watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight with every other suburban dork in the tri-state area.

This gang was full of cute side profiles. Don't you hate when someone has the cutest side profile and then they turn to face you and they're totally butt?! Not that that happened here. I'm just sayin.

This one was totally feeling the hateration and holleration in this dancerie.

Now THIS is a side profile I could work with. Please sir (said in a weird Britney Spears fake British accent), please return next week.

"Did you see that BOTH DJs tonight are wearing tight yellow tights. How embarassing?!!"

There were a refreshing amount of people NOT wearing plaid, which was a breath of fresh air.

Stephen (right, with Eric) is my most favorite nutritionist ever. He also apparently gets into fried chicken and Cold Stone Creamery, which doesn't seem all that nutritious, but who am I to judge?

Joe (right) made a new friend named Mattias (left), who lives around the block from the Bloc and hails from France, just like every other foreigner in New York.

I asked Stuart (left, formerly of Mr. Black) for permission to photograph him with his friend, since he is total paparazzi shy. Hence the makeshift burka.

Robert is oh so precious and needs to come out on more week nights. He even offered me a Paul Smith luggage discount, which totally won me over and won him a drink ticket.

Tommy (right) showed up and quickly pinned his latest pursuit up against the wall like another piece of Eastern Bloc taxidermy.

Eric's infamous and amazing bald-eagle sweatshirt.

Ryan (right) and I partied for like, seven nights straight last week. On Wednesday, he brought out his tall, gay high school friend from Jersey, pictured here. And on Thursday, we attended the most amazing cross-dressers who like moms night at Nowhere Bar.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Doesn't Chris look remarkably like a young Al Pacino?

Bye Tommy! Have fun with your taxidermy!

Later that night, I played old B-52s and easy listening from the 90s a la Tom Petty and Tori Amos. Scot was secretly into it but had to act all Megadeath tough for the camera. Kisses to you too Scottie.


THIS WEDNESDAY = JIMMY'S BIRTHDAY BASH! Be there or be totally hexagonal.

And on Sunday, I'm DJing a special naughty post-Superbowl party at Rapture/Boysroom (see two entries below). See ya there.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I always of Toto's Africa as more of a melancholy break up song than the actual love song that it is. Something about the longing in the singer's voice and the distance he sings about makes me so much sadder than the actual love reunion he's looking forward to, which is why I used to close lots of my sets with it.

Luckily, the brilliance that is the South Rakkas Crew has given it a little more beat, a little more pep and stripped it of all its original emotion, for better or worse.

Mr. Easy (produced by South Rakkas Crew) - Africa


This Sunday! Email me for guest list.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Did you know that you can order FREE dvd rentals from any of the 80something New York City libraries and have them sent to your closest branch? Better than Netflix! Except yesterday, when one of my DVDs was missing and I couldn't use any of the eight computers that access the electronic card catalogue (and internet) because they were all in use. And one dude was playing internet billiards! Do you think he woke up and was like, how should I spend my day? I know! I'll reserve computer time at Tompkins Square Library to shoot pool! Dumb.


I try not to post the obvious here, like BOO HOO! HEATH LEDGER DIED! Surely its harder to not read about Heath right now than anything else. Which is while I'd like to take this opportunity to post about something else so obviously obvious. So painfully obvious. And yet so so pleasurable, it'll take your mind off of Heath for a minute.

David Beckham. He's hot. He's in Sierra Leone. He never wears a shirt. Discuss.

And of course, there's that obvious billboard that I never posted either.


I uploaded last week's Good Times pics on a Friday but only captioned them today, so scroll down to see the lot. Or click HERE.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Mike Jones' animated paradise speaks for itself.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Time magazine says so! Looks like I'm totally cool again after all.


Speaking of electroclash (see Fischerspooner in my last post), a new Miss Kittin promo recently arrived in my mailbox. Kittin rose to fame in the early aughts thanks to her icy, deadpan vocals and her successful collaborations with DJ/producer Felix da Housecat and the Hacker.

I saw Kittin DJ in New York City a while back, though I was never taken with her DJ sets in person or on cd. Her original work, however, always makes me smile and dance. So far, a track called Grace is my standout favorite on Beatbox, her newest effort, though I'm posting an old 12-inch single called the Beach for good measure because its that good.

Miss Kittin - Grace
Miss Kittin - The Beach


There are songs that I love and songs that I hate and then there are songs that literally changed my life. How, you ask? There's a longer story behind each one of these but here's the quick rundown:

1) Swing Out Sister - Breakout. I liked this song so much that I bought the full-length cd (which sucked). Notable because it was the first compact disc I ever purchased back in '87. Gay!

2) Louchie Lou & Michie One - Rich Girl. Hearing this on a friend's cassette while living in Providence made me a quick dancehall convert circa 1997.

3) 2 Live Crew - Me So Horny. My sister and I bought this cassette single at Tower Records and played it incessantly on my parent's car AND home stereo. Sadly, I was 9 and didn't know what horny meant.

4) Fischerspooner - Emerge. Club Turnmills. London. 2000. DJ Dave Clarke played this song in the months before electroclash blew up and I grew so obsessed that I emailed him and described the song I had heard in his set to find out who these wunderkinds were.

5) M.I.A. - Lady Killa (Diplo Mix). M.I.A's Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape, masterminded by DJ Diplo, solidified both his and her careers as well as a heavy rotation spot in my sets to this day.

Care to share the songs and stories that changed the path of your life?


Can't you picture some mom-to-be sitting down in the morning only to read this headline and totally freaking and spitting her coffee everywhere?

Read the full CNN article here.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Dawn Wiener carjacking amazingness.


Goldfrapp fans such as myself come in two forms: those who go ga-ga for the haunting and ethereal first album, Felt Mountain, and those who shake a tail feather to the later albums, which are more electro disco dance perfection. I most certainly fall into the latter, though the new album is much more the former. What's a boy to do? Luckily, I've been enjoying (and getting lots and lots of requests for) both the original and Hercules remix of the first single, A & E, which, when listened to back to back, should please everyone.

Goldfrapp - A & E
Goldfrapp - A & E (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)


Chess champion Bobby Fischer has allegedly died, although no cause of death has been given. In addition to being the greatest chess player to ever live, Bobby was also an amazing anti Semite (despite both his parents being jewish) who denied the holocaust and repeatedly told interviewers that jews control the world. Duh!

I'm sure this one isn't REALLY dead. He probably just faked his own death in Iceland so he could hang out at the Blue Lagoon without being bothered. That's what I would do.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Pebbles night at Good Times! As in, I played Pebbles' Girlfriend and Mercedes Boy a few times because nobody really feels Pebbles' later work, except for the trailblazing albums she produced for TLC before stealing all their money and bankrupting them. Oh, and a TLC night is coming soon. Don't you worry.

Chris and Ann thought they were soooooo funny by jotting down fake email names on my email clipboard. Actaully, it was just Chris, who said Ann's email is Ho mail. Get it?

Michael (left) is officially back to his party boy ways. As in, he can no remember his evening activities.

Marc (left) works for O Magazine and totally hangs out with Gayle every day now.

Scarves in bars is only acceptable when also wearing a winter coat just like this chico here. Scarves without coats = totally douchey.

EVA (left) and Marc could totally be Mercedes Boys, whatever that means.

Michael (left) and his Brown University alumni crew (not pictured) rolled through Eastern Bloc dressed like they had never left Providence.

Freddie Mercury black leather realness!

Even though Queerty editor Andrew Belonsky (in the gray) didn't say hey, I think we telepathically high-fived each other during Britney's Piece of Me, which dude on the bottom left is really feeling apparently.

We share hair irons.

Kevin (left) and a beautiful stranger coyly acted out the lyrics to Pebbles' Girlfriend under the goat check, where they thought nobody could see them.

Speaking of beautiful strangers, did I ever mention that Good Times at Eastern Bloc (Wednedsays!) reels in a lot of 'em? I'm just sayin.

James (right) has had the worst 2008 ever! Mugged, MRSAed and now unemployed! Please buy him a drink and offer him a job next time you see him.

Paul (right, with Eric) made a rare Good Times appearance. Paul has only been to Good Times a handful of times and yet tons of people somehow find him on my blog and ask me who that cutie is and how they can get a hold of him.

Blast from the past! Scott (left, with Amir) and I used to hang in San Fran back in 2000. He gave me my first and last ride on a motorcycle, which was especially terrifying on the hills of San Fran.

Pablo (right) drank his trademark Red Bull and so kindly gathered email addresses for the party as Ludo (left) downed his 1,721,588th beer.

Hurricane Jason (left) rolled through later than usual and posed for a picture with his sometimes boss Eric. Sadly, Jason has no recollection of this pic.

Cupcake Scott (left), named for his insatiable desire for cupcakes from the bakery where I used to work, made friends with Randy, a newbie at Good Times.

Dearest AJ, I don't know who you are or where you disappeared to but please to return to my party each and every week so I can propose to you. Besos, Josh

There are all sorts of amazingness going on in this photo...

...but mostly, why on earth is EVA wearing that shmata around his head?!

Jaime (pictured below) insisted on taking this picture of me and my Good Times regulars. He was like, YOU ALL LOOK LIKE LITTLE MONKEYS WITH THOSE BEARDS! From left: Lulu, James, me, Pablo and Eric.

Jaime and I and 20 other friends are going to see Robyn in concert in two weeks! It's going to be like Good Times west over at Highline Ballroom. Tickets are still available!

Is that Pete Wentz on the left?

Michael, Kevin and Willie (from left) all look so fancy and handsome in this picture. Willie and I share a special bond for Deee-Lite, which is all I think about every time I see him nowadays.

I am totally recruiting Jared (left) to host one of our big gay jew parties, especially since he boasts a jewish tattoo, which is a total oxymoron.

Back to black, just like the Amy Crackhouse album. (Or Back to Crack, if you've been watching that crackpipe video of her that's been going around.)

"BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! I'm looking for a boyfriend." That should be the soundtrack to every party at Eastern Bloc, even though no one is really looking for a boyfriend in New York City. Trust.

Pablo is my hero and savior. I owe you 20 Red Bulls, baby.

No idea who she is but she looks like she should be famous and friends with me (after she loses the red and black flannel).

Gregor celebrated his last Good Times on Wednesday and moved back to San Francisco to be with the love of his life. I'm headed out to SF though Feb 21 till the 27th, so I'll see him and anyone else that wants to hang out with me. Hell, I'll even DJ if you'd like. Email me.

Handsome happenings on line for the bathrooms.

James, Evans and Devin (from left) are quickly making Good Times the new Cock, if that's possible.

Thank you to whomever took and posed for this picture.

I swear that Ken (left) knows every single fag in America, including the handsome one they call Josh (right).

Pablo (left) and Eric totally hit it off last week and even left together. I told them it would never work but someone else chimed in that two bottoms make a top. Sadly, Pablo is 15 years and 50 lbs shy of Eric's man meat requirements.

Josh's boyfriend Rudolph (right) is quickly turning into my DJ apprentice while trying to pick up turntable skills (even though I haven't used turntables in forever).

Tommy (right) has magically combined the Palestinian scarf trend with the black and red plaid trend. Two trends and a top!

Handlebar moustache love, love Kevin and Devin.

These two beauties courted one another for literally three hours. I think they finally began to make out at 330am and were still lingering when we closed up at 4am.

The legendary Johnny Dynell stopped in with a friend and then proceeded to undress him.

The results were less than exciting.

Though some people promptly got on their cells to spread the news.

And if you left before 330am, you also missed the runway vogueing that went down during our last half hour. Next week, don't leave. See you then!