Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Co-DJ Jimmy was all about blowing up an inflatable pool and filling it with water for last Wednesday's midsummer Good Times at Eastern Bloc and having drink specials for boys in bathers. Then the torrential downpour started so we decided hold off on that one and just bring out the summer jams instead.

Miss Kyle came out from semi-retirement as a go-go slut to say hey and have a drink. He also managed to keep his clothes on and his hands off the stripper pole the entire night.

I hadn't seen Cameron in a hot minute so we caught up on everything from the Yaz concert to his adventures in three-way relationships, which always remind me of Rosanne Barr.

Charles (second from left, making the diva face) is a total godsend! At Monday's Twin Cheeks at the Cock, he turned to me and was like, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson just walked in and I was like, very funny. But they did! So he relayed my drink tickets to them and they danced till 4am.

I SMELL GINGER! I also find the skinny mini on the right quite foxy. Or maybe its just his cute peach fuzz.

Wouldn't it be horrible (yet funny) if he hit her on the back of the neck and her face stayed like that forever?

Gearing up for Folsom!

GOSSIP! New Jersey David (center) is no longer living in Jersey. He is officially Queen David from now on, until he becomes Brooklyn David in two years and Manhattan David five year after that.


Richard (left) and Steven were feeling my W.I.T. tracks, which are suddenly feeling retro chic. Bring back electroclash!

Carefully concealed man purse.

Sup dudes? Wet outside, huh?

A sweet jesus, posing next to Sweet Jesus.

Simon (left) scored tickets to that Karen O. side project performance in Brooklyn last Monday but I had to DJ and missed all the amazingness. Speaking of which, have we done a Yeah Yeah Yeahs party? I can't even remember anymore.

Designer stubble.

Sweet jesus on sweet jesus action.

Me and the art schoole grads known as Jarrod (right) and Garrett (left), with a lady friend whose name escapes me. Note to admirers: Garrett likes anything wearing a flat-brim cap.

Reminiscent of how the gays reacted at Twin Cheeks upon hearing Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were at the party. And now I'll shut up about it.

Kissy fit.

Andre (center) is back from San Fran for good! Though he only moved there five months ago, he came to his senses and realized the west coast just wasn't ready for a drag queen willing to do dirty dirty things on stage with a cucumber.

DANCE PARTY USA! I think the rain let up by 1 or 2am and everyone was once again dry enough to form some sweat puddles on the dance floor.

Colin (left) and Marlon, reveling in the sounds of the Ting Tings, which will be on blast for the next few weeks after having seen them perform in Brooklyn last Sunday.

Rob (right) has a magical way about him where he can hone in on the hottest men at a bar and engage them for hours. Methinks its the British accent. Oh, and he's NOT wearing a navy blue tee this week (they were all in the wash).

Maximiliano (left) and I are obsessed with retarded facebook status updates, i.e. getting the 5 o'clock ferry! Apparently we're both into big beefy dudes too.

Tastes like Korean barbecue. See you next Wednesday! Or Monday at the Cock. Or this Thursday at a new Annex party called Tricky. I DJ, Linda Simpson, Ernie and Michael T. host. Svedka gets you drunk on open bar.


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