Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Jimmy and I wanted to make our Good Times party at Eastern Bloc extra gay in honor of gay pride week so Jimmy organized a 200 pair 2xist underwear giveaway and we called in drag superstar Linda Simpson to help distribute them.

Congrats to Mikey and all the teachers who made it through the school year. I expect two months of late night nonsense with no excuses about having to get up at 530 the next morning.

Josh (left) is looking extra happy because the weather is nice, the dudes are hot and Linda Simpson is in the hizz-ouse!

Buddy filled in for me at Twin Cheeks while I was in Berlin last week and has slowly started to weasel his way into other slots at the Cock as well. Be on the lookout.

In my wildest 90s dreams, he is wearing a lavender crystal on the end of that necklace.

Dude who frequented the bakery I used to work at and then would get really drunk at the Phoenix and yell, "YOURE THAT GUY FROM THE BAKERY! BAKERY GUY!"

Someone was very into taking portraits this past Wednesday but I'm posting them because just like the gay pride flag, fags come in all colors. Ginger included.

Once I dropped by Anthony's house unannounced and he had just finished baking two dozen sausage rolls. It was pretty much the best night of my life (apart from seeing Duran Duran live).

Doesn't it look like his trucker hat is about to levitate off his head at any given moment?

Very reminiscent of Carrot Top chic, a new trend in dressing like comedian Carrot Top that was recently seen on the runway at John Galliano's Paris show.

LADIES OF THE NIGHT! Canadian temptress and jewess Ladyfag (left) cuddled up to Miss Linda Simpson (right) in a seductive attempt to score some 2xist underoos.

This one is becoming my new favorite Good Times regular (sorry Armando! I still love you the most!). He's like the east coast's answer to Phoebe Price.

Scott (left) can get pushy sometimes, even when it comes to kissing. Take a step back Scott before you knock the poor boy down.

Juanjo (left) turned on that Spanish charm of his and probably sang a Shakira karaoke number into his friend's beer bottle. ESTOY AQUI!

Are you focusing on his tongue or her boob? A great way to determine your sexuality.

Suckin' down the $4 Svedka drinks all night long to the gay sounds of Whitney Houston's It's Not Right But It's Okay. Hex Hector club remix, natch.

Did I mention that it got really really crowded? The gays love their free underwear.

I love the guy on the left and was coyly trailing him around the bar till I realized he had a ginormous fist. Not that I'm into fists.

Adam (left) and Eric promptly left the bar and posted this pair underwear on eBay, along with this pic. You know that shit sold for like, sixty something dollars as well.

Gay pride means gays and lesbians coming together and singing Rozalla's Everybody's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, to feel good!

The orig Good Times posse (clockwise from top): Adam, Cameron, Gary and Richard, who also celebrated a birthday last week. Happy birthday Richard! You are the cutest!

Though Good Times lost out on the HX Award for best small-ish party to Ono at the Gansevoort (???), we have most definitely won in my mind since Nashom, Xander and Evans are now fixtures.

Happy birthday Richie Moo (left, with Jamal)! I tried to come to your birthday party on Friday night but I kind of showed up at 345am and I think you had vacated the premises by then.

Is that Magamet on the right with a ginger beard? Whoever it is, I ain't mad at it.

Good Times dance troupesters Eddie (left) and Jonathan, cutting a rug to Jimmy's Rick Astley baltimore remix. Jimmy loves him some Rick Astley.

Diego (right) and friend, looking like two comfortably numb goths who had just come from the Peter Murphy concert.

Sometimes when I see Makario, all I can think about is his most wonderful name. Makario makario makario.

Hot damn! Colin's freshly shaved head, along with that ruffneck scar and piggy tattoo, will soon be bringing all the boys to his yard if they haven't cum already.

Your loud and proud DJs for the evenings, me and Jimmy Im.

This picture reminds me that I haven't been to LIPS in ages. Remember that place?

Bartender Darren (left) and the lovely Linda go way back. To like, the 1800s. KIDDING! They are two of the most wonderful nightlife people I have ever met and make New York a joy to live in.

GAY! I mean, the pose says it all if you weren't already getting it from, oh, Kevin's shoes, shorts and shirt.

Posed and posted at the request of doorguy Scot, who recently sat down with our friends over at East Village Boys and did a quite revealing interview about his 20+ years at East Village bars. Read it here.

A bearded Brazilian known as Robson. Keep the beard Robson. It suits you.

Brewster (left) and Andrew rolled through in the later hours of the evening with a newly-blond Michael T., who is mysteriously absent from my entire picture roll.

We promised him free undies if he got up and danced on the pole.

He did not disappoint.

Wait. Is HE wearing a lavender crystal around his neck? My 90s dreams are coming true!

Bad ass NYU students are on the loose this summer! Just don't try explaining to them that the Palladium was a club before it became a dorm.

Shane needs to wear his hair down like this more often. Heartthrob city.

Chris Stone will start crying if I don't post a picture of him, so here it is. He is the picture of gay pride and still single to boot!



Unknown said...

chris stone is so foxy and makario is my bestest friend ever. i really need to show up and represent one day

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