Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've been longing to host a Prince protegé night for eons now, which finally happened last Wednesday at Good Times @ Eastern Bloc. All the Vanity 6 you could ever hope for with some Jill Scott and Carmen Electra mixed in for good measure.

Troy (right) surprised us with a snackage of strawberry ber-rays. The kind you find in a second hand store.

Christian (left) and Ashton partied out of bounds with me not only Wednesday night but at Sunday's Metro BBQ as well. Did you know they used to date? Like, back in the 80s.

Casey (left, with Jason and Nate) asked me not to post his pic if he came out looking wiggity whack. Luckily, his left half came out looking as adorable as ever.

Living the glamorous life a la Shiela E!

Why am I suddenly seeing this shirt everywhere I go? I half expected it to be on sale at the gift shop after the Murakami exhibit but I was shit out of luck and had to settle for rainbow-colored smiley face throw pillow.

The only makeout shot of the night? What's up with that?! Maybe photographer Kelvin's game was off or maybe no one was feeling Carmen Electra's Fantasia Erotica.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAKER! Matt the Baker (left) turns 35 years young this Saturday but will start celebrating at the next Good Times and won't stop till he turns 36.

Frat night outting! Sadly, there was no table for them to play beer pong.

Miss Buddy (left) and Evans, who always smells so fresh and so clean clean.

Michael (right) is all giddy because I took it there and played Vanity's unreleased track known as Vibrator right after I played Jill Jone's G-Spot.

Uh oh. Looks like Christian fell asleep in the sun out on Fire Island last weekend. No wonder why he called me pale.

Sex shooters! Shootin' love in your direction.

This is the I don't want to be photographed or appear on your blog look.

Geoffrey nearly brought Jill Jones out to the party because they're good friends or something! I know. I nearly died too. TU VUOLE LA MIA BOCCA!

Rowdy Saudis.

The adorableness that is Peter, waiting for me to step my game up and step out with Blue Limousine.

Jacob, Christian, lady friend and Scotty (from left), reminiscing about their days at the Mug back at Vassar.

Mikey (left, with Matt the Baker), who has lots of free time this summer to strut, pout and be puttin' out.

MY FAVORITES! I love nothing more than to see Simon, AJ and Michael (from left) any time, any where. Kind of like that Janet Jackson song.

Photographer Kelvin not only helps out with camera duties but he also bussed some glasses for Sammy, who was substitute bartending while Darren was "filming" in Berlin.

Wearing a Pink Floyd shirt to a bar is kind of like advertising that you're really really stoned to anyone who sees you or decides to take a pic of you making a stoner face.

Jimmy (right) and I just got interviewed for East Village Boys, though the interview has yet to be posted. CELEBRITIES!

Nice interior shot of the Eastern Bloc bathroom when not housing 10 people at once.

Matt, Justin and Antoine (from left), hoping someone will grace their sugar walls this evening.

Oooooh. Josh and Liz (on the right) made a drunken late night appearance after the bulk of the Apollonia album had already been played. And now they're on fashion tour or something so buy their tshirts if you see 'em.

They deserve a second picture for giving such orgasmic enthusiastic realness.

Joshua (right) and I always have a "Hi Joshua," "Well hello Joshua," exchange when we see one another, which is pretty much every week at one venue or another. CLUB KIDS 08'!

I am in love love love with Bill's Nike tee. I also tried to help him "sit on a secret" as Jaime (not pictured because he left early) would say but there were no takers.

They are ready for next week's Neneh Cherry party. Trust.

Mooka laka hiki! Come on you wanna lei me! Pass the poi, mahalo!

Dear Kyra, I hope you are having fun in LA. Last week was a little nuts (cue Vanity's Pretty Mess) so try to keep it slightly more tame on the West Coast. Love, Josh

Oooh. Tonight I really am living in a fantasy, my own little nasty world.

After six wild and crazy years in New York City's gay nightlife, James finally makes his debut in the back of this week's HX. Check him out.

Through the smoke and foggy smoke out front with Scotty (right), Mikey said farewell and jetted off to Europe for a month of fun and frolicking. If you'd like to party with him, let me know.

When two gay party photographers collide.

Drew G. (left) finished off the night with us and then headed to the nearest diner because we're both from Long Island and that's what you late at night. Disco fries galore!

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