Monday, July 14, 2008


DANCE FREE NYC! Today, from NY1:

City May End Cabaret Laws Against Dancing

City Hall is looking to eliminate the 82-year-old cabaret license so bar patrons can dance if so moved.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg said this morning that officials are talking with the Consumer Affairs Office, which issues the licenses, and the NYPD, which enforces the laws about making a change. The Prohibition-era regulation prohibits dancing at bars and clubs by three or more people unless the establishment has a cabaret license. There are only 181 licensed cabarets in New York -- meaning many bars are going without dancing or ignoring the law. A court last year upheld the city's right to hand out licenses because of the need to protect other residents from noise.

That's right, non-New York readers. It's still illegal to dance in most places in NYC but here's to hoping that'll change.

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