Friday, February 26, 2010


Very tempted to check out Saturday's disco party at the Center with DJ Bobby Viteritti, who rose to disco prominence as the resident at San Francisco's Trocadero Transfer. He used to have these amazing DJ mixes on his website too and his tastes are beyond.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sammy Jo rolled through with a well-teased Robert Smith wig for last Wednesday's Boys Don't Cry at Good Times party, where we had The Cure on blast all night long and lots of love cats abound.

10:15 on a Wednesday Night. And the (beer) tap drips drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip.

Walking like a drunk Egyptian.

Frank, Delvin and Phil (from right), shortly before Phil's equally as handsome boyfriend appeared, swatting off our resident papparazzo. Phil and Mel O., separated at birth?

They don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too. In fact, Wednesday was gray, cold and wet but there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that light serves free vodka drinks from 11 - 1130.

That hair is EVERYTHING. East Village's answer to Jedward.

Getting a leg up over the competition.

Tylor doesn't actually ever move from this spot at the bar. Ever. He just phones a friend to bring him a change of clothes and then goes about his business whether the bar is open or closed.

David L. (right), giving a bit of hair worship to his friend when he's not busy giving muscle worship.


Black is definitely the new black at any self-respecting Boys Dont Cry party.

Kelvin's impromptu Good Times advertorial didn't come out as well I think he thought it would. But at least we all know the name of my party now.

SAMMY JO IS A GOD! And his Cure set was also something fieeeeeerce.

I can't decide if the good times are up above or down below.

Bradley (left) and a visiting Brit, getting on our groovy train and riding it to the very last stop and then some.

Oh Shaquanda, what we'd give to have you perform at next week's Ma-Ryan Carey festivities, aka a night of Mariah Carey for Ryan McNally's birthday as interpreted by guest DJ Gant Johnson and powerhouse performance artist Keisha Aviance.

Fash-on. The fashion week tents are down now but we still live for inspiring looks and reward them handsomely with drink tickets.

Daniel Nardicio giving you Robert Smith on rollercoaster.

Frank, giving you Robert Smith moves to Oregon.

Fashion week never really ends for Xander and that is why we love him.

Unidentified Robert Smith in an overdose state of mind.

Robert Smith goes plaid.

Robert Smith needs your coat check tip money!

Robert Smith will bounce your ass out the door if you don't have valid ID.

Robert Smith - get down on all fours and squeal like a pig!

Robert Smith will turn you out with his music whether you're in New York, Barcelona or Argentina.

Robert Smith likes cock!

Robert Smith possessed my body and apparently some frat dude with a backwards fitted cap possessed Adrian's.

Eddie is back and he loved Berlin! Can we say destination wedding?!!

Parker (on the left) opted for anti-fashion end to fashion week instead of giving his usual bow-tied adorable look.

Is that a chick? Or he is making out with a very sleepy Keisha?


I must have been playing Kelis' Blindfold Me at this point.

Donkey-punched Kelvin (with bartender and Butt Mag pinup Darren) in the now incredibly unhygenic Robert Smith wig. See you next week at a very MaRyan Carey Good Times!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010




If only I had this jam back when I DJed at Meow Mix. Menya get props for a) calling this song Hottest Lesbo in the Club and b) having a cute gay boy on board (above). Quickly on their way to becoming the Gravy Train!!!! of 2010.

Menya - Hottest Lesbo in the Club

Sunday, February 21, 2010


of living by myself.
of finding a rent-stabilized one bedroom in the east village.
of marrying into a rent-controlled situation.

Email me any and all tips.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I had NO idea. I pretty much thought sissy rap was Cazwell and Qboy and queer hip hop whities like that but apparently, there is a boomin' New Orleans gay hip hop thing unfolding in some kind of Miss Tony meets House of Ladosha kind of way. Here's the history. And here's the all stars:

Katey Red! GORGEOUSNESS INCARNATE. And listen to her Bugaboo-samplin' Ugly Buggin' Me track here. Is that Tobell screaming in the background?

Sissy Nobby! Spin it like a spinning top. If anyone has more must-hear music like this, do share.


Look who's on Butt Magazine's website spilling his soul about his hunky boyfriend and life behind the bar at Eastern Bloc. No comment on Anderson though, which has become something of an employee policy at the Bloc.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When the entire New York City school system announces a snow day 24 hours in advance, you know we're in for some massive snow. That's what happened last Wednesday (no school Thursday), which meant more extra curricular activity for educators et al at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc.

Someone's hot for teacher.

My former Sugarland coworkers! Brian (left) has since relocated to the East Village and will hopefully continue to turn me out every Wednesday with pants like these. I live. PS - I'm DJing Sugarland this Friday, 1-4am.

Given the snow, it was more of a family affair at last Wednesday's Good Times than anything else, which is why I was glad to have my Good Times brothers Kevin, Stephen and friends (from left) to keep things cozy.

Kelvin and Sammy, fly like paper and high like planes.

Continuing last week's tradition of yoga after dark.

Marco Maria (left) is man about town this week, as I spied him at that Butt Magazine Valentine's Day party too though he was too shy to say hi. Or too busy during the phenomenal House of Ladosha set.

If only Madonna waltzed through though doors during the blizzard, grabbed the mic and started singing express yourself don't repress yourself.

Queens are not ready for next week's Good Times, where world famous DJ superstar Sammy Jo (right) will be turning out the Cure and beyond. Expect some Siouxsie, Joy Division and maybe even John Hughes' soundtrack songs. It's gonna be just like heaven!

Berlin is not ready for the blizzard known as Matt the Baker (left), who is prepping for some hearty partying in Deutschland for NINE DAYS in March.

Waiting for Scott Aviance to Walk 4 Me.

Mikey (right), celebrating Charles' birthyear on his shirt as Charles refuses to get an ID and disclose his age to ANYONE.

Timecheck: 1am and they're still at.

Things were seeming all quiet till this little fireball walked in and rocked my world. How do you say deee-gorgeous again?

Jason (right), off to Rio in a short while and man are we jaloux.

Maverick just loves to "accidentally" show everyone his naked self-portrait on his iPhone when scrolling through images of him and his bestie Ally Hilfiger cooking dinner together.

These four and their pole-dancing antics were the highlight of my evening. Long live fashion week and the kids who love a good after party!

She was turning it out on the right with her mega-dance moves, even when Jimmy played his Don't Stop Believing/Creedance Clearwater megamix.

Open for business.

Doorman Scot AND bartender Darren both called out sick in the snowstorm, which meant...

...SHAQUANDA COCO MULATTA GUEST BARTENDED! (right.) Putting Shaquanda behind the bar is tantamount to letting Kelvin run rabid with a camera. Oh wait, I guess we already do that.

Next is the E.

Nightmares for days!

Alls I have to say is BELLY SHIRT! See you at next week's Good Times where Sammy Jo gives you The Cure. And don't forget to come out to Gumbo at Galapagos this Thursday (8-2am) and Sugarland this Friday (1-4am). I DJ both! xo