Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I didn't carry my camera around very much (read: at all) while partying in clubs and lounging at cafes in Berlin last week so I had to make do with my UK friends' photos to piece together the events that took place.

After a late night at Mobel Olfe on Thursday, we ventured out to the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, where we trampled the graves of 7000 Russian soldiers.

Stock photo of ginormous Russian soldier at other end of the monument, carrying a child and standing on broken swastika. Mid-20th century Soviet realness!

There's also an abandoned communist-era amusement park in Treptower, though its all gated up and overgrown in the summer. But you can still take shirtless pics in the old ticket booths, which we encouraged Alex K. to do.

Alex C. was a walking jukebox of UK pop tunes from the past 20 years. I encouraged him to sing S Club 7 as much as possible. This was on our walk back from Devil's Lake, an unsexy nudist bathing spot for elderly Germans. And us.

Leon at Alexanderplatz, looking exhausted after a late late night out at Berkheim/Panorama, the club du jour situated in a former power factory.

Traveling with eight friends from London (Jeff, Mark and Leon, from left) was a bit cumbersome but quite exciting as well.

Mark and his man Adrian (not pictured) opted for the more leisurely activities of beer drinking and dark rooming.

Jeremy (right) played group leader on our expedition Kreuzberg, leaving some group members in tears.

A fantastic vacation over all, especially because we spotted this baby portrait in photography studio's window. Dur dur d'etre bebe!


Anonymous said...

Cool, wusst ich garnicht!

Anonymous said...

FYI: the club´s correct name is Berghain.

Nice to see that you enjoyed your visit.

Greetings from Berlin.