Wednesday, October 27, 2010



My photos from the Meet the Breeds dog and cat pet exhibition in New York City two weekend ago, presented without comment except to say that I really got into the exhibitors as much as pets, as you'll see. Especially when it came to the Wizard of Oz's Toto breed and the ragamuffins.



Which fashion PR honcho took offense to an innocuous photo caption and attempted to censor it for fear of folks thinking he might be a "big bottom"?


Two weeks have passed since we cleansed the souls of ye olde East Village hooligans at our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. In that time, Kelvin kidnapped our trusty camera and I ventured off to England to play some sweaty parties in East London. Revisiting the photos from our purity party where Timmy guest DJed and many of us blacked out, let's see what can be remembered:

Oh yes. Early on, these three showed up and gave happy hour runway effects to the sounds of my newly minted 90s house CDs (think Jaydee Plastic Dreams). I was living.

I can't remember if Timmy (right, with Shawn L. in the purest of whites) had played at any previous Good Times parties but he's surely welcome back, as his Loleatta Holloway brought all the boys to the yard, beer tap and bathroom.

The Peanuts gang.

Well hello hello. Just the right number of buttons are loosened up and I can already hear that mustache crying out, "ride me!"

Wesley (right) and friend, showing you that leather and denim is the new leather and lace.

Andy and a friend who may or may not be advertising for the Apprentice in that tshirt. Speaking of which, we hear there was a Celebrity Apprentice contestant sighting at Madison Square Park yesterday in the form of LATOYA JACKSON! Methinks it might be time for another Toy Toy party.

Pure bear hugs.

Pure sexiness.

Purely Black Eddie (right) in argyle yuppie attire.

Nana (left) was on another level with my 90s house set. Later on the night, she said she was having major Sound Factory flashbacks and thanked me for the beats. Love you Nana!

Pure fashion icon in the form of Casey.

Pure boobies.

Seriously thought that was Perez Hilton in the tie-dye for a hot second. In fact, after a few more Jaeger shots, I probably would have gone up to this guy and started discussing how Sammi Sweetheart really is the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet.

Swooning for those cheek dimples right about now.

These frames and also be yours courtesy of Topshop and Topman.

Purely scarves for days.

My boys Kevvy (left) and Mikey, who are looking purely dazed and confused in this here pic.

Mastermind comedian and songwriter John Roberts (left) just sent out his latest dance hit which is sure to knock Lady Gaga on her ass. It's called Gayface and it goes, "who got the gay face? you got the gay face!" A true anthem.

One-Half Nelson, showing off his daywear half. If you missed his Glammy night blue-braided, blue rectangular lipstick look, just know that is was o.v.a.h.

More pure boobs courtesy of Brian (right).

Having a Salon Selectives moment on the right.

Purely headbutting for the sake of headbutting.

Ummmm, yeah. I think I enjoyed Timmy's set a little too much. Big news happened moments after this pic when Cameron (left) agreed to DJ a Gag Good Times on Thanksgiving Eve aka biggest party night of the year. GAGGING!

Pure love!

Andrew, Mel, Mel's hair color client, and Kevin (from left). Guaranteeing that nobody remembers this photo being taken except for maybe Mel's hair color client, who probably had hug bruises the following day.

French music video superstar Ludo (left, with Snoopy) conveniently passed through town for a visit to Hustlaball and Good Times in search of a little "aktion."

Purely rollin' with the homies.

TWIN ANDROGYNOUS LESBIAN GOOD TIMES REALNESS! Dying for these two and this photo.

Pure du-rag (hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife).

More frames! Seriously looking into buying a pair of these for Hanukkah.

Halloween came early in the form of this dude dressing up as Black Eddie! Wait till next Good Times, which is our ode to ghouls and all things freaky at Bloody Hairy Good Times, with Halloween superstar DJ Michael T.

Already spooked!


Hi Eugene! Also a reminder that I'll be DJing with Michael T. and an amazing roster of hosts on Halloween night this coming Sunday at Le Poisson Rouge. And it's Rocky Horror themed so you have an excuse to be naked if you come dressed as Rocky (aka in your underwear).

Thank you for the pure memories Timmy or lack thereof! Let's do it again soon.

Creatures of the night.

Thank you and goodnight.

No, seriously. Good night. See you next week at Bloody Hairy Good Times!