Thursday, October 19, 2006


Today I inteviewed at a temp agency for DJs. Well, not really, but its this place that places DJs in various corporate events around the city, like Marc Jacobs in-store events. Obviously I'm hoping to get some free clothes out of the deal, or at least some DJ recognition and money to pay for the new cd/dvd drive that broke THE MORNING OF MY DJ INTERVIEW. See, I had to bring a mix cd to the place so I was shit out of luck when my computer was like, ummmm, no. Luckily, good friend and youtube superstar Matt saved the day with his computer.

P.S. - The interview went well and I ate grilled corn at Cafe Habana afterwards, which made everything great again.


diana said...

oooh, that corn is amaazing. We should go there for a Hanukkah brunch when i'm in ny.

Sparber said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS. But only when the hot guy is working, which might be weekends.