Monday, October 16, 2006


So two, maybe three weeks ago, I attended a DJ showcase at Irving Plaza. Afterwards, I headed over to a cozy little bar called Kabin where my friend Christine was DJing. Sounds seemed a bit out of whack, but that's because I had just had my eardrums blown away by two dance music DJs.

Fast forward to right now and my hearing is still a bit off. Now being the neurotic hypochondriac that I am, I'm thinking my hearing will never be the same again. Then I'm like, maybe its sinuses. Maybe its the weather. Maybe things really are ringing all the time (disclosure: I didn't really hearing ringing till tonight). Or maybe I just need a little more time and it will go away. Pray for me.


diana said...

Dear G-d,

Please give "Simon" the patience to accept the ringing in his ears, which might possibly be the ticket to his perfect career: being on disability.
xo, d

Sparber said...

You totally want me to become a disability queen! My friend Craig suggested that maybe people are talking about me all the time. That would be the best cause now wouldnt it.