Friday, October 27, 2006


As some of my readers may know, I was tapped to DJ for the mayor of New York City last year after one of his event planners heard my sweet rhythms spun at a bar. Last night, I completed my fifth event for Mikey Bloomberg, though my first inside his official residence, Gracie Mansion.

I got there pretty early to set up, which took maybe 20 minutes. This is the main event room where lots of sponsors and participants of next week's NYC Marathon would gather later on. One of the organizers kept yelling at all the workers because apparently you're not allowed to wheel ANYTHING over the carpet even though its way beat up and probably as old as

I gave myself a little tour because I had nothing else to do and didn't want to sit and read while everyone else was totally panicking over preparations. Gracie Mansion feels like a museum full of history and antiques that are hard to place when you feel like you're snooping around.

Once the party started, it filled up pretty quickly. I was given very strict instructions NOT to play rap music. So I didn't. Instead I played lots of 60s bubblegum pop that the crowd seemed to love.

Ummmm, hi. If you get invited to a party at Gracie Mansion, would think, oh, I'm going to bring my dog along with me? Does this dog not look like the most miserable animal alive at that moment? And I'm pretty sure Gracie has a No Dogs Allowed policy, considering I got yelled at when I leaned against the wall for one second.

These were the only kids at the party. I'm sure their daddykins is some bigwig marathon organizer or owns ING Direct, the Marathon sponsor. They were cute but I got all nervous that they were going to fuck with my mixers and accidentally play Lil Kim in the middle of my Tommy Roe set.

Finally the mayor came out and thanked everyone and made some jokes and gave his usual shout outs. One shout out went to this dude in attendance who was 105. Bloomberg was like, "I've been trying to set him up with my mother. She's 92 and likes older men." I thought that was funny. Then I closed it out with the Tom Tom Club's Genius of Love and everyone want bananas.

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