Monday, October 23, 2006


This week's biggest gossip ever comes from my Saturday night DJ gig, which was a bit slow this week save for three Jersey girls who were sitting next to the booth. I had these girls jamming on some early 90s hip hop, especially the type made with a Roland 808 a la Ghosttown DJs' My Boo and INOJ's Love You Down.

So toward the end of the evening, this one girl is like, PLEASE PLAY MARIAH! WE'RE HER BIGGEST FANS! So me being a secret Mariah fan, I'm like, sure, why not. These girls go on to explain, "No, we really are her biggest fans. We waited outside for 27 hours just to meet her," so I'm thinking, that's dedication. Then they're like, "We paid $1400 for two front row tickets to see her at Madison Square Garden!!!" and I'm like, you win. You really are her biggest fans.

Oh, and this one girl was like, could you give me a shout out when you play that Mariah song and I was like, ummmmm, this is a small lounge. With no microphone. And like, 10 people here. Sorry.


diana said...

Look at you, always crushing dreams at your convenience. Just like you wouldn't give those cute little children cookies (or was it brownies?) at the bakery.

Sparber said...

Those kids were actually drug dealers.