Monday, October 30, 2006


Weekend gossip from my dj spot: when I got there, these two big dudes were hanging out looking very sleazy. So my first thought was Halloween costumes, cuz these guys were dressed like A Night at the Roxbury. But I think they might have been for real. Anyway, one passes me a $5 bill and requests Barry White. So I'm like, duh. That's easy. So after one song he's like, play another one. And then another.

Ten minutes later, the other one comes over and is like, "you didn't play my fourth Barry White request. Here" and tosses me ANOTHER fiver. So I'm like, ummmm, no. This isn't the Barry White request hour and tossed his $5 back at him.

Later on, this group of 15 women came in wearing veils and headbands and I was like, ugh, those are the worst costumes ever! But then I figured out that they weren't really dressed up at all. It was a bachelorette party. Oops.


diana said...
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diana said...

Just so everyone's clear, Barry White is DEAD. May he RIP.

Sparber said...

No way! I heard he performed at this year's World AIDS Conference.

diana said...

p.s. I think anyone who reads both of our blogs are bigger losers than we are.