Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Who: Kim Jong Il, Great Leader of North Korea

: For hating on his own peeps and sending them off to gulags to die in sweatboxes if they're not into his hair and shit. I'm serious. I read this amazing book called The Aquariums of Pyongyang and it changed my life. I dressed up as Lil' Kim Jong three years ago for Halloween and no one had a clue who I was (sadly, no pictures were taken either). Now he's dropping bombs like he just ate Indian food so I might have to rock the costume yet again. Yay or nay?


diana said...

I say yes just so you can document the moment.

And a columnist for the Daily Northwestern this quarter might be your soul mate:

diana said...

I don't think the link went through. Just go to dailynorthwestern.com and search "kim jong"

matthew sandoval said...

yay on the halloween costume