Monday, January 14, 2008


Remember the war going on in Iraq? Me either. I mean, I read about it daily but as CNN recently reported, Iraq is almost completely absent from recent speeches delivered by most presidential hopefuls. That's why I'm glad a friend pointed me toward Now the war has a face, and those faces are hot, single military men looking to date.

Take Zach, for instance. Like many men on the site, Zach enjoys the simpler things in life:

Pumping iron.

Playing guitar.

And chillaxin. When asked why you should get to know me, Zach says "i dunno." But then again, Zach's perfect day is "not being in Iraq." Please don't die Zach. I'll do whatever it takes to bring you home so we can chillax together.

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Fancy Pants said...

Nice. Zach's probably strong enough to take us both on at the same time, don't you think? Talk about chillaxin.