Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am very very very very very very very excited that Swedish electro-pop princess Robyn is performing in New York in short weeks. So excited that I decided to dedicate last night's Good Times set at Eastern Bloc to her. Konichiwa bitches!

Jason (left) swung by early (so he could be the first pic on the blog) and showed off his new beau Casey. Good luck Casey!

James (right) helped Pablo chug something like 24 red bulls in honor of Pablo's 24th birthday.

Thomas is baby love but gets a little bit pushy around cameras and DJs. The Louis Vuitton girl is Pablo's friend from Miami, obviously.

Did she streak her hair with red Kool Aid or am I just having an Evan Dando era flashback?

Alex (left) and Bipin and I all attended this small college near Philly where we were three out of nine gays on campus. Actually, Bipin wasn't gay back then but he was really into Lil Kim.

Dave, Jarrod and Scott (from left) toasted Scott windfall in wrangling his rent stabilized lease away from his racist landlord in Arizona, according to Scott.

Marc! Oh how we've missed you so. We are glad to have you back at the Bloc for more drunken Good Times.

Stephen is the only person who doesn't complain about having his picture taken week after week and never asks if he can see what he looks like afterwards. Maybe he isn't gay after all.

She's wants her vote to matter, he wants to know who designed her dress.

I hate when you get stuck at the bar and have to listen to someone else's rant for like, the whole night. And then when you finally sneak away, you run into him on the bathroom line and he's like, AS I WAS SAYING...

If this picture were hanging in a Chelsea gallery, I bet I could make a pretty penny off of it.

Someone exclaimed that Shane (right) has a vague resemblance to Justin Timberlake, which is all I can think about now when I see him.

Happy birthday Stephen! Stephen asked me to DJ his birthday party for like, six months leading up to it and then opted for something a little more low-key and less Ace of Base oriented.

Jimmy (right) and his best friend from Toronto helped me out on camera duties after I threw a hissy fit that no one was taking enough photos. I love you Jimmy! (even though you're in Aruba for the entire week.)

These two would make a cute couple if they're not dating already. They could share frames and stuff.

My feelings exactly.

EAST VILLAGE CELEBRITY SIGHTING! From left: Beauty Bar bartender Sam, sex party kingpin Daniel Nardicio, one of the Scissor Sisters and DJ Sammy Jo.

Ann Talley-ban (buh dum bum) and Jimmy's Canadian import stay warm in the middle of January even though its been quite temperate in New York this week.

Ludo (left) just earned tenure at his NYU laboratory. Congrats Lulu! And happy birthday again Pablo. You're not fooling us with that glass - I know you just poured your can of red bull in there.

The beauty of Scott Evans is as blinding to his eyes as it is to mine.

Some say you've made it when a Scissor Sister shows up to your party. I say you've made it when Justin Bond (right) shows up to your party and poses like this.

Plaid with suspenders? Now that's pushing it, but throwing in Eric (right) as an accessory some how makes the whole outfit okay.

Scott (right) and Steve talked football to guys hanging out at the bar till they realized that gay guys don't really "talk football."

Leaving so soon? I've only played the entire Robyn album twice so far. Stick around for her rendition of Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone.

The deer had babies! Who knew?

And photographic proof that the Goat Check goat's head has indeed been returned to the bar. Grace a dieu.

Patches (left) and James were engrossed in conversation for over an hour, though when I did finally talk to Patches, he told me he had seen a friend of mine the day before crossing the street in purple pants while doing the robot.

Lapo, the friend in questions who wore purple pants and crossed the street while doing the robot the day before.

Burly, buff, bald-headed men at Eastern Bloc, now available on Wednesday nights.

Nick (left) and Brian, reunited exactly two weeks after meeting at Good Times, where dreams do come true.

Cameron (left), Keenan and I uncovered our mutual love for rapper Riskay, Bartow Florida's finest.

Michael was like, "I don't photograph well," and I was all, "Hootenany! You just look stoned," and he was all, "I am."

Dancing to the oldies! Literally. I think Jimmy was playing Violent Femmes or something at this point, which I consider an oldie. Or a classic. Same diff.

Christian (left) and John Seminelli, whose last name is really fun to say. Imagine if his first name was Lye.

Lulu sheds a rare smile.

Mohawks are totally making a come back. In LA.

George (left) and Scott, getting their dance on to something like Janet Jackson or Beyonce, which is pretty much all I played from 230 - 330.

Late night love from my friend who always requests M.I.A. And I always oblige him too.

Valdez (right) and your truly, great in gray.

Chris wanted to make a request just for the sake of making a request, but in the end, he decided that he was enjoying the music just fine and moseyed on back to the bar. Thanks for coming!


I'm DJing Eastern Bloc again tonight (Thursday) and the Cock on Friday. And all night next Wednesday at Good Times. See you soon.


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Patches is a FOX. Josh I wish you'd write more!!!

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