Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Monday (Christmas eve, the Cock): Dear Diary, tonight Tobell Von Cartier (right) hung out in the booth all night and yelled CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE! at Chase the bartender. Then I played her 2002 electroclash song Useless and now we are best friends. Love, Josh

Tuesday (Christmas Day): Dear Diary, Today I downloaded the new Janet Jackson song, "Feedback." My swag is serious, something heavy like a first day period. Gross. Love, Josh

Wednesday (Good Times, Eastern Bloc): Dear Diary, How on earth did my Kylie Minogue Fever cd get scratched?!! And at celebration of the fabulous Minogue sisters to boot. Oh well. At least there's always The One. Love, Josh

Thursday (Rentboy.com party, the Cock): Dear Diary, Scott and Dave showed up around 230am when the party was jumping in the basement. Then Scott knocked the cd player power cord out while hugging me hello and the room went quiet for 20 seconds. Oops. Love, Josh

Friday (Eastern Bloc): Dear Diary, A bar patron told me, "I have a weird request. My boyfriend wants to hear Hannah Montana." I didn't play it. Love, Josh

Saturday (Eastern Bloc): Dear Diary, Everyone was mysteriously from LA tonight, including this black tranny who kept requesting Soulja Boy and offered to show me her driver's license to prove she was from LA. I declined. Love, Josh

Sunday: Dear Diary, My ears are ringing. Love, Josh

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