Thursday, January 17, 2008


Pebbles night at Good Times! As in, I played Pebbles' Girlfriend and Mercedes Boy a few times because nobody really feels Pebbles' later work, except for the trailblazing albums she produced for TLC before stealing all their money and bankrupting them. Oh, and a TLC night is coming soon. Don't you worry.

Chris and Ann thought they were soooooo funny by jotting down fake email names on my email clipboard. Actaully, it was just Chris, who said Ann's email is Ho mail. Get it?

Michael (left) is officially back to his party boy ways. As in, he can no remember his evening activities.

Marc (left) works for O Magazine and totally hangs out with Gayle every day now.

Scarves in bars is only acceptable when also wearing a winter coat just like this chico here. Scarves without coats = totally douchey.

EVA (left) and Marc could totally be Mercedes Boys, whatever that means.

Michael (left) and his Brown University alumni crew (not pictured) rolled through Eastern Bloc dressed like they had never left Providence.

Freddie Mercury black leather realness!

Even though Queerty editor Andrew Belonsky (in the gray) didn't say hey, I think we telepathically high-fived each other during Britney's Piece of Me, which dude on the bottom left is really feeling apparently.

We share hair irons.

Kevin (left) and a beautiful stranger coyly acted out the lyrics to Pebbles' Girlfriend under the goat check, where they thought nobody could see them.

Speaking of beautiful strangers, did I ever mention that Good Times at Eastern Bloc (Wednedsays!) reels in a lot of 'em? I'm just sayin.

James (right) has had the worst 2008 ever! Mugged, MRSAed and now unemployed! Please buy him a drink and offer him a job next time you see him.

Paul (right, with Eric) made a rare Good Times appearance. Paul has only been to Good Times a handful of times and yet tons of people somehow find him on my blog and ask me who that cutie is and how they can get a hold of him.

Blast from the past! Scott (left, with Amir) and I used to hang in San Fran back in 2000. He gave me my first and last ride on a motorcycle, which was especially terrifying on the hills of San Fran.

Pablo (right) drank his trademark Red Bull and so kindly gathered email addresses for the party as Ludo (left) downed his 1,721,588th beer.

Hurricane Jason (left) rolled through later than usual and posed for a picture with his sometimes boss Eric. Sadly, Jason has no recollection of this pic.

Cupcake Scott (left), named for his insatiable desire for cupcakes from the bakery where I used to work, made friends with Randy, a newbie at Good Times.

Dearest AJ, I don't know who you are or where you disappeared to but please to return to my party each and every week so I can propose to you. Besos, Josh

There are all sorts of amazingness going on in this photo...

...but mostly, why on earth is EVA wearing that shmata around his head?!

Jaime (pictured below) insisted on taking this picture of me and my Good Times regulars. He was like, YOU ALL LOOK LIKE LITTLE MONKEYS WITH THOSE BEARDS! From left: Lulu, James, me, Pablo and Eric.

Jaime and I and 20 other friends are going to see Robyn in concert in two weeks! It's going to be like Good Times west over at Highline Ballroom. Tickets are still available!

Is that Pete Wentz on the left?

Michael, Kevin and Willie (from left) all look so fancy and handsome in this picture. Willie and I share a special bond for Deee-Lite, which is all I think about every time I see him nowadays.

I am totally recruiting Jared (left) to host one of our big gay jew parties, especially since he boasts a jewish tattoo, which is a total oxymoron.

Back to black, just like the Amy Crackhouse album. (Or Back to Crack, if you've been watching that crackpipe video of her that's been going around.)

"BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! I'm looking for a boyfriend." That should be the soundtrack to every party at Eastern Bloc, even though no one is really looking for a boyfriend in New York City. Trust.

Pablo is my hero and savior. I owe you 20 Red Bulls, baby.

No idea who she is but she looks like she should be famous and friends with me (after she loses the red and black flannel).

Gregor celebrated his last Good Times on Wednesday and moved back to San Francisco to be with the love of his life. I'm headed out to SF though Feb 21 till the 27th, so I'll see him and anyone else that wants to hang out with me. Hell, I'll even DJ if you'd like. Email me.

Handsome happenings on line for the bathrooms.

James, Evans and Devin (from left) are quickly making Good Times the new Cock, if that's possible.

Thank you to whomever took and posed for this picture.

I swear that Ken (left) knows every single fag in America, including the handsome one they call Josh (right).

Pablo (left) and Eric totally hit it off last week and even left together. I told them it would never work but someone else chimed in that two bottoms make a top. Sadly, Pablo is 15 years and 50 lbs shy of Eric's man meat requirements.

Josh's boyfriend Rudolph (right) is quickly turning into my DJ apprentice while trying to pick up turntable skills (even though I haven't used turntables in forever).

Tommy (right) has magically combined the Palestinian scarf trend with the black and red plaid trend. Two trends and a top!

Handlebar moustache love, love Kevin and Devin.

These two beauties courted one another for literally three hours. I think they finally began to make out at 330am and were still lingering when we closed up at 4am.

The legendary Johnny Dynell stopped in with a friend and then proceeded to undress him.

The results were less than exciting.

Though some people promptly got on their cells to spread the news.

And if you left before 330am, you also missed the runway vogueing that went down during our last half hour. Next week, don't leave. See you then!

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