Thursday, January 03, 2008


The second incarnation of drunken underage gay revelry spot, Boysroom, is now shuttered. Started on Avenue A and Houston nearly four years ago (or was it three?), the two-floor go-go shack moved up to corner of 13th and Avenue A and seemed to be a clever pit stop on the way to or from the Phoenix. Boosted by the short-lived Cock Tail bar across the street, Boysroom seemed like an obvious destination for East Village gays.

With parties called "Barely Legal" and dancers who always seemed slightly prepubescent, however, the new Boysroom quickly distinguished itself as more of a chicken hawk hangout than any semblance of a dance club or after hours spot. With Boysroom now closed, owner and manager Michael Formika Jones will hopefully have a backup plan to regroup his minions of suburban twinks. Then again, there's always Rush (a.k.a. Heaven) on the west side.

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